2017 solar thermal market Outlook

Polaris solar PV net news: large scale solar thermal power plants and steam power plant development is relatively slow. Still, Bloomberg new energy finance to see the development of highlights.

Solar thermal installed capacity of historical and forecast data:

2017 solar thermal market Outlook

Solar thermal development of most worthy of attention is 5GW goals set in China in the year 2020, and to provide 1.3GW capacity $170/MWh subsidy price. But according to specified objectives, which must be served at the beginning before 2019. If so, the likelihood that the target is also doubtful.

In addition, Morocco, Israel and South Africa and other countries have begun to build solar thermal power plants. GlassPoint Power Company is building a $600 million worth of Oman greenhouse building complexes, aims to enhance oil recovery and the production of steam. Once the success of the project, you can copy the pattern in other parts.

Compared with PV, solar thermal power station’s main selling point is that such a facility can provide distribution and baseload electricity. However, in the case of storing 4 hours, photovoltaic generating units match the battery’s design seems to be more competitive, the combination of electricity costs only about $185/MWh and is expected to continue to fall. Compared with real base load power plants, lower cost of solar thermal power stations, but in order to get peak power capacity, many countries are still willing to pay higher prices.

Here are a few groups of data:


At present, the scale of solar thermal power generation


We predict that by 2020, solar-thermal power generation capacity


So far, STEG power plants the lowest price possible

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