A variety of products and higher raw material prices and solar thermal demonstration

Arctic star solar PV network news: according to reporter multi understand, near paragraph time yilai, except melt salt products outside (see this network previously reported: melt salt price rose near 30% to model project procurement cost big increased), construction light hot power station by needed of steel, and super white glass, and thermal conductivity oil, variety products and raw materials of market are appeared has different range of rose, is expected to will light hot model project of construction cost brings larger pressure.

Solar thermal power plant, the main raw material of steel, particularly in part of the island, collector bracket manufacturing need to consume large quantities of steel. As far as the relevant parties in 2016, domestic steel prices rose sharply, from 2017 to date, frame with steel (steel S235) market prices have risen more than 350 Yuan, or more than 10%. Tube type 321 steels used in the manufacture of much higher, around 20%.

It is reported that the primary reason for the rise in steel prices is caused by rising raw material prices, result in increased production costs. According to commodities information service information monitoring data show 2016 domestic Coke price rose from 600 Yuan/ton up to 2120 Yuan/ton, rising by more than 200%, port for iron ore price hikes of about 98%.

Secondly, the supply side reforms, productivity and environmental factors to boost steel prices. Domestic product in 2016 exceeded the country’s 45 million tons to capacity task, the Government launched an inspection of medium frequency induction furnace steel-making in the second half, to a large extent affected the supply of steel market is expected, at the crucial stage of steel prices formed an obvious support.

In addition, 2016 currency continued to lose ground on the cost of commodities become more obvious support. Financial properties shows domestic steel products, steel rose is one of the factors that affect the spot market is very important.

Analysis predicts that in 2017 the domestic steel price steel price still has a better upside based on prices for the year showed a trend of elevation at the bottom. But the China iron and steel Association has said in a report, in 2017, China’s steel demand is expected to remain stable, but because of the more complex market environment at home and abroad, the steel industry is still in a turnaround phase of transformation, the overall market will not happens big changes, steel prices to surge.

Meanwhile, the island and the other core devices mirror glass sheet prices have also increased. Asahi Glass (Dalian), Yang Jihong, Deputy General Manager, said, “due to higher raw materials cost of soda ash and oil, prices of raw glass about 20%. Of course, with different production and processing technology of enterprise, the degree of fluctuations in commodity prices or big or small differences exist. ”

As key components of the mirrors cost, original mirrors the total cost of production of about 1/4~1/3.

Same product prices due to rising raw material costs the trough solar thermal power system heat transfer medium oil. It is learnt that the price of the product was about 20% years ago, years later, also have the possibility of further gains.

A variety of rising raw material prices at the same time, is to a large extent, increased the plant’s upfront investment costs, thereby affecting the project rate of return.

“For companies that have bid but has not been stocked, this will greatly lower their profit margins; items may be found not yet begin the procurement process, the actual procurement spending will likely far beyond the project investment budget. For purchase costs specific to each project what impact also depends on the specific circumstances of specific projects. Nevertheless, rising purchasing costs on construction of demonstration projects is detrimental. “People in the industry said.

Original title: multiple product and raw material prices and rising pressure on solar thermal demonstration project

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