BYD s Solar business is still under pressure

Polaris solar PV net news: BYD’s solar energy business remains under pressure. According to BYD 2016 annual results disclosed this information in the letters. Recalling BYD’s previous annual reports for three consecutive years, and its solar business is losing money.

BYD's Solar business is still under pressure

BYD company limited (hereinafter “the company”) without an accounting firm audits released letters show the performance of 2016, the reporting period, BYD 2016-gross revenue to 1039. 7.4 billion yuan, an increase of 29. 95%, operating profit was 60. 600 million Yuan, an increase of 89. 11%, belonging to the shareholders of listed companies ‘ net profits of 50. 4.3 billion yuan, an increase of 78. 63%.

Reports also show that BYD’s new energy cars and SUV models in 2016, there was continued selling of the group, mobile phone parts metal parts for assembly operations business also continued to grow rapidly.

According to the data released by the company, in 2016, car sales totaled 48. 90,000 vehicles, an increase of 11%. Among them, new vehicle sales to total sales of 20% energy, new energy booster +SUV product sales growth. According to the plan, BYD in 2017 to put paragraph 7 deals SUV, MPV and car products.

However, with rapid development of new energy vehicles and SUV business is different, as BYD’s Solar business of the first dream, still let under operating pressure. BYD is stated in the report, “solar energy business, under the influence of falling product prices and sluggish market demand at home and abroad, three since the last quarter of the year of the solar business is still under pressure. ”

Combs BYD 3 years annual report found that disclosure of information about the solar business for losses.

2013-report says “Group continued to increase marketing efforts and accelerate existing projects, and take advantage of cost control measures, losses continued to shrink. ”

2014 report says, “are subject to fierce market competition and the impact of declining prices, the Group’s Solar business during the reporting period is still a big loss. ”

2015 report, BYD is giving a positive signal, but still lost money, “multiple solar projects in the United States, Germany, Britain and other countries to operate successfully. Due to the continuing market development, expanding sales, Sun is losing business to continue to narrow. ”

It is understood that BYD panorama network interaction platform says, in the short term, the company’s Solar business may have some loss, but in line with strategic direction. However, in the long run, will be from non-renewable energy supply and serious pollution of fossil energy transition to renewable, pollution-free, clean energy, solar energy is one of the most efficient renewable and clean energy, and may be the core of the future global energy supply and development direction.

Original title: BYD’s solar energy business remains under pressure last year’s net earnings of 5 billion yuan

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