December results PV markets Q4 temperature the factory camps harvests long drop

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan solar energy related vendor revenue performance in December 2016, compared with November of the same year under different temperature conditions. Overall, the battery factory, there is a clear growth, but wafer plant each fall. The whole year, 2016 ‘s revenue for the first half of the year revenue impact is high.

December results: PV markets Q4 temperature the factory camps harvests long drop

Silicon wafer factory: China and Crystal the only growth

Silicon wafer factory, China and Crystal December revenue and consolidated sales showed a positive growth throughout the year. China and Crystal December 2016 for official acquisition of SunEdison Semiconductor, resulting in consolidated revenues of NT $ (GSD) 4.72 billion yuan, breaking the highest since the company was founded, and month 71%, increased at an annual rate of up to 102%.

Wafer prices in the third quarter, new energy technology choices to reduce outsourcing contract, its capacity utilization rate remains around 90%, and selectivity shipments to reduce low price order. Its December consolidated sales of 758 million Yuan, month 23.4% and 2016 year consolidated sales of 15.3 billion yuan in 2015, representing small-1%.

Danone December revenue was 64.77 million yuan in November, representing a increase of 15.53%, for the highest revenues in the second half but reducing revenues for the year are still 12.96%, fell to 1.371 billion yuan.

Shuo Wo and compulsory licence came after a single impact revenues, annual revenues of 14.88 billion yuan, is the first year the recession, reduced 6%. December monthly revenue only 935 million Yuan, reducing 45%. Results, as can be seen from the company, revenues began to plunge since July last year. However, on January 23, Shuo Wo Gai Ming Chan, Chairman noted that optimistic about the Chinese market demand, silver paste shipment is expected in 2017 will be in 2016, more than 580 tons to 600 tons, and the mainland market share in China this year towards 70%.

Fluctuations in market conditions, battery factory impact

First half of 2016, hot waves of installing in the County market, and thus drive the overall price growth of the industry chain, most of the benefit. Entering the third quarter demand a rapid downturn, most plants are also directly affected until October, began with the market conditions pick up. Dramatic ups and downs, 2016 surplus of the revenues throughout the year in the first half of the key.

Hi Crystal December combined revenues of 1.293 billion yuan, month by 45.3% for the biggest percentage monthly growth of battery factory, but compared to December 2015 is still 21.1% recession. Fourth quarter revenue growth in the third quarter of 38.7%, came to 3.005 billion yuan, but still 32% years. Throughout the impact camp accept market conditions, reduced 6.7%, to 14.679 billion yuan. Crystal Yu said Thailand plant expansion to expand production, plus mainland China needs a strong, revenues in the first half of the year to look forward to.

New Sun December consolidated sales of 1.166 billion, up 29.81% from the previous month, thanks to shipments of components increases. But because of poor first half of 2016, too late tide; and relocation of production line adjustments, utilization rates began to stabilize in the third quarter, revenue for the year only 16.576 billion yuan in 2015 and decline 25.38% compared to 22.215 billion yuan in the same period. Looking to the future, new light is expected first quarter of 2017 will be warming.

Youngking December combined revenues of small 1.8% increase to 622 million Yuan, 2016-full year revenues came to 7.747 billion yuan, increased 8.6%. Youngking has also continued to expand capacity, in addition to efficient PERC battery capacity will be added to a total capacity of about 30% proportions, also is planning construction of a large assembly plant in Taiwan.

Motech December reduced consolidated sales month 0.2% dropped to 1.93 billion yuan, with annual revenue, and 2015, compared with the combined revenues of 28.962 billion yuan, an increase of 17%.

Original title: December results: Q4 recovery in market conditions, the plant business harvests long drop

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