Department of energy solar thermal demonstration project programme has clearly

Polaris solar PV net news: on February 13, the National Energy Board to Qinghai province, Gansu province, Hebei province, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources issued the notice submitted to the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects (hereinafter referred to as notice) and provincial (district) were collected by local solar thermal demonstration project progress.

Notification requirements by February 15 will follow notice issued by the progress in the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects after completion of form submitted to the National Energy Board new energy and renewable energy Division and the water board General Hospital, at the end of each quarter thereafter submitted to the construction progress of the project.

Despite reported progress in the construction of demonstration projects for requirements, but caused extensive discussion of the industry is that the notification requirement in article.

Has clear programme of pilot projects cannot be allowed to change

Notice a clear, if the demonstration projects of enterprises, technical routes and sources and systems integration enterprise, and other important content and the National Energy Board issued a notice (of a country new to 2016 “223”) is definitely different (see table) to be highlighted in the report. Participating in the demonstration project is clear when we compare the competitive enterprises and key technology of equipment Integrator partnership cannot be allowed to change.

Specification for the notification shall be the National Energy Board for demonstration projects, ensuring the achievement of demonstration projects and issued regulatory guidance documents. September 2015 National Energy Board issued the notice on the Organization construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration project (national new energy (2015), No. 355) a clear demonstration objectives for this round of demonstration projects, formation of domestic solar thermal equipment manufacturing industry chain. Meanwhile, cultivating some system integrators with comprehensive construction capability in order to meet the need of subsequent development on solar thermal power.

According to reporters from the water board Institute informed, this provision was made, one important objective is to pilot project “fostering several system integrators with comprehensive construction capability,” corresponds to the goal of building.

Part of the implementation of the demonstration projects, or contrary to the spirit of the circular

In national energy Council September 30, 2015 released model project construction notification Hou, November 10, the model project declared party that concentrated completed has declared material of submitted, in so short of time within, except owned technology project as in the control delingha 50MW power station and first energy-saving Dunhuang 100MW melt salt Tower power station zhiwai, simple to power station investment for purpose of model project as guohua power Yumen 100MW melt salt Tower project, and in the energy-saving Gansu wuwei Gulang 50MW slot type project, and Northwest China investigation and Design Institute Republican 50MW molten salt solar thermal power Tower project (mainly of State-owned enterprises for investment projects) were chose flight energy, Dragon solar, in control of solar energy as a source of technology and systems integration business.

But in the practical execution since September 2016 model project list issued, started gradually advance the demonstration projects on track, finalists of the demonstration project owners began to review its project development programme a more pragmatic, part demonstration project nominated for even the feasibility study of the project was reworked and revised, to reassess and determine its sources of technology and systems integration partner. More for part of the project when the project is declared on the project’s feasibility study on deep enough, so after further assessments, for the project to have better implementation, achieve higher investment yields and changes the heat long, or even change technology.

So, part demonstration project participants desire by changing technology, change key technology equipment integration partners to further ensure the success of projects construction, higher investment profit of practices and this notice must not be “changing” contrary to this provision.

Changed and unchanged: the Government project of choice

Analysis think, from Government angle view, if the model project party unauthorized change project investment enterprise, and technology route, and technology source and system integrated enterprise, is and had selection model project of guidelines phase against, he Shi, 109 a declared model project participation first model project compete for, project of technology route, and technology source and system integrated enterprise, are for project review of important reference, this based above determine has 20 a model project list, if at change, is he Shi of review meaning is? Demonstration project in the review of the project’s technology and technology considering the sources and integrating enterprise, in different technology, different sources of technology and system integration level for this model, in order to achieve the above demonstration objectives, such as further changes may be contrary to the achievement of this objective.

In addition, some unsuccessful demonstration projects also had reservations about this. Stakeholders expressed, “if anything can be changed, that does not mean that put in a new project? Why did for project appraisal? ”

From the perspective of some demonstration projects, proceeding from reality, for solar-thermal power generation projects are extremely complex, technical solutions identified, partners in identifying possible non-demonstration project within a month can be completely determined the optimal choice, in order to ensure that demonstration projects, also has become truth.

In ensuring that the construction of the demonstration project is successful on this point, the Government and the project owner’s objectives are consistent, but it is clear that Government is on a “big dish” point of consideration, they wish to each demonstration project is successful and that demonstration projects under the integrated and in their success. If all the Tower power station were changed to Tower of molten salt technology, you probably will not considered in the model project list issued for so many items, if the efforts of technical sources and systems integration businesses change and focus into the hands of one or two companies, is not conducive to achieve the goal of cultivating a number of systems integrators.

Notification issue affect the geometry? Further observations

This notice on February 13 by the National Energy Board is assigned to model projects province (district), energy systems, but as of press time noon February 14, part demonstration project has not received this notification.

Reporters inform consult some of the demonstration projects of different owners have different comments on this notice, generally fall into three categories, 1, support, believes the notice will regulate the order of construction of demonstration projects; 2, oppose, think that the Government should not interfere with the project implementation, the owner is responsible for investment, not Government; 3, does not matter.

This notice issued for changes in technology, technology that was changed from demonstration projects and system integration enterprise is likely to have an immediate impact, it will have to note changes to the National Energy Board. But the notice does not specify, if you insist on change, what will happen? Unable to enjoy may dismiss your model number model price? Government may have not reached a consensus on this issue. After the description changes, Government will make any feedback? Perhaps different demonstration projects will have different results.

From technical sources and systems integration enterprise point of view, this notice issued to control solar, the first energy saving, solar or Dragon will produce some good, 20 demonstration projects, these three companies are the three demonstration projects technical sources and systems integration.

In addition, from the perspective of investment enterprises of the project requirements, this notification or reselling flagging avoid demonstrating items happen.

20 demonstration projects, State-owned enterprise for investment development projects amounted to 9, to private enterprises to invest in the development of the project a total of 11, State-owned enterprise development project’s goal is to invest power plants, power stations and electricity sales profits, and private enterprise development project’s goal is to foster their own systems integration capabilities.

This notice issued is expected to private enterprises and State-owned enterprise-led project will have a certain impact, but have significantly different in terms of the effect. Private enterprises are short of money, the project most enterprise level are more or less subject to change, and most of the State-owned enterprises only pure investors, technology source and system integration enterprise level will determine best partners through public bidding.

In fact, Government power demonstration projects had been provided. Issued under the National Energy Board in October 2016 national power demonstration project management procedures clear, demonstration programme project is not implemented or violations in the construction process, should be disqualified from demonstration projects and make an announcement. In May 2012, issued by the National Energy Board the national energy management of major science and technology demonstration project also points out that, demonstration projects in the construction process has any of the following circumstances, cancelled their demonstration project eligibility shall be published and incorporated into the model engineering applicant files. A model programme, and is not implemented; second, in violation of the construction process.

But for solar-thermal power generation demonstration project should strictly follow the requirements, notice of this announcement does not specify, it also is not clear if not implemented strictly according to the demonstration project programme, what are the consequences.

At present, the first 20 demonstration projects is accelerating, in April of this year is expected to usher in a centralized building boom. This notice issued on the demonstration project construction will affect, remains to be seen.

Annex: list of solar thermal power generation demonstration project details

Department of energy: solar thermal demonstration project programme has clearly cannot be allowed to change

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Original title: the National Energy Board issued a notice: has clear programme of pilot projects cannot be allowed to change

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