Developing new energy cannot throw away

Polaris solar PV net news: in recent years, China’s wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy has made remarkable achievements at the same time receiving more and more attention, “abandoned the wind” “abandoned” the phenomenon exists also to the development of new energy industry casts a shadow.

National Energy Board data show that in 2016, up more wind areas in Gansu, Xinjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, abandon wind respectively, 30%, 43%, and 21%. PV is also not immune, in 2016, the abandon rate reached an average of 20% in the Western region.

Construction on a large scale, production of electricity but not to dissolve, there have been some question the sound of new energy. But you want to see, in the context of energy revolution, continued to vigorously promote the development of new, clean energy, energy shift, is a “topic”. In the development of new energy to dissolve the problem is experiencing temporary difficulties, we cannot “throw away”.

“Thirteen-Five” is an important opportunity speed up the transformation and development of the power industry. To ensure complete the building of a well-off society in China’s electricity demand, the electric power development “Thirteen-Five” programme is expected to 2020 will reach 6.8 trillion to 7.2 trillion kWh electricity consumption of the whole society, average annual growth of 3.6% to 4.8%, the national power generation capacity will reach 2 billion-kilowatt, average annual growth of 5.5%.

Meanwhile, China has made a commitment to the international community, non-fossil energy consumption in 2020 and 2030 respectively at 15% and 20%. According to this requirement, by 2020 about non-fossil fuel generation capacity to reach 770 million kWh in 2015, an increase of 250 million kilowatts, compared to about 39%. In 2016, the proportion of non-fossil fuel generation capacity of only 36.1%, there is a small gap. Therefore, in order to accomplish this goal, it is imperative to accelerate new energy capacity.

Of course, not the blind pursuit of development of new energy capacity, only solve the problem of absorptive is conducive to sustained and healthy development of the industry.

First, to optimize the layout of new energy development and peak capacity-building. According to focus on the development and decentralized development simultaneously, the nearest elimination on principles of optimized wind farm layouts, and manpower development and the market is satisfied, the orderly development of wind power. Photovoltaics, to encourage development of distributed PV, promoting residential rooftop PV power station wind to speed up overcoming technical bottlenecks, promoting cost reductions far from load centers of the “three North” areas to the Central and Eastern “mountains to sea”. Except for layout adjustment, but also need to enhance the flexibility of the system, improvement of power system peak capacity increase pumped peak, single cycle gas turbine peaking units, such as construction.

Secondly, from the power grid construction strengthened in the new energy acceptance and dissolve. At present, the new energy development and power grid planning line spanned across the province, channel construction, which are caused by “discarding wind up” important reasons. The next step, to take advantage of the existing planning and construction of the transmission channels, focus on efforts to increase delivery of new energy power generation using West to East power transmission channels new energy delivery capabilities and seize the new required delivery channel. Meanwhile, increase the intensity of reform in distribution network building, further improve intelligence level, new energy distributing, micro-grid system in the form of the nearest to dissolve.

Finally, to solve the problem of absorptive, must establish the value of different kinds of energy identity and benefit distribution between energy enterprises recognized ruler and return the commodity nature of energy. To this end, the load should strengthen energy alternatives, and research advance of peak-Valley electricity price policy to implement full security system, promoting a variety of ancillary services markets, ensure the healthy and orderly development of new energy.

Original title: new energy development should not “throw away”

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