EU PV producers prepare to take legal action to protect its right to future

Polaris solar PV net news: professional legal media reported Mlex2 the 9th. If the European Commission decides to photovoltaic product double-extension of the implementation of countermeasures against China 18 months, SolarWorld and other EU PV product manufacturers will put the European Commission to the European Court. The European Commission may be trying to ensure that the measures be extended to 18 months after the termination, however, SolarWorld said, will take action to protect its right to apply for the sunset review. SolarWorld Vice President nizixike said that as long as the European Commission on the future of the sunset make any discriminatory decision, it will be immediately appealed to the European Commission the European Court. Nizixike’s comment is mainly directed against the European Commission the Commission meeting yesterday decided to double countermeasures of PV products to China extended by 18 months, instead of the proposed two-year period. Dimomansi European Commission Vice-President said yesterday, PV countervailing measures will gradually be abolished, but it did not identify the specific meaning and how to phase out. To avoid future legal proceedings could turn to the European Commission according to “EU interests test” clause to cancel the measure, considered taking measures to protect the interests of the European Commission is less than the result of taxes to the importer losses and the impact of EU gas and renewable energy target policy measures have been cancelled. Ambassador to the permanent missions of States members of the European Union or similar-level officials next week to discuss the European Commission’s new proposals and vote on new proposals to the European Commission to make a final decision.

Original title: EU PV producers prepare to take legal action to protect its right to future PV Application sunset review

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