European Commission through the PV 18 month extension of anti dumping to China

Polaris solar PV net news: first Vice President of the European Commission dimomansi 8th, the day the European Commission adopted a proposal for EU anti-dumping measures against China PV product proposed to be extended by 18 months, and phase-out of such measures in the future.

Dimomansi said at a news conference, solar energy for essential environmental and climate goals of the European Union, taking into account the views of Member States and the interests of different groups within the European Union, the European Commission proposed to extend term of anti-dumping measures.

Dimomansi also said the phase-out of anti-dumping measures are intended to ensure that the EU PV product manufacturers have time to adapt to the new situation, elimination, needs to be further discussion with Member States.

EU Member States are required for the proposal to the vote.

December 2013, the Commission of the European Union on imports of Chinese products is imposed by the Supreme 64.9% of the anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties of up to 11.5%, for a period of two years, and was extended by the end of 2015.

In January of this year, the European Commission will propose “double reverse” measures to extend for 24 months. Members voted to continue to levy countervailing duties, but 18 members voted against the anti-dumping measures will be extended to 24 months.

Original title: the European Commission proposed to extend the anti-dumping measures against China PV 18 months

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