Global solar thermal market growth of different Chinese performances

Polaris solar PV net news: according to CSPPLAZA Research Center, the latest statistics in 2016, solar-thermal power total installed capacity up to 5017MW in transit, from 2015 4940MW total installed capacity increased by only 76.86MW, representing an increase of about 1.56%.

This reporter has learned, though 2016 traditional solar thermal market Spain no new capacity of solar thermal power station, United States markets new installed capacity increased by only 2MW, but along with China, South Africa, and Morocco, such as rapid development of emerging markets, is expected in the next two years built the global solar thermal power generation capacity will have increased significantly.

Strong Chinese markets performances

In 2016, photothermal benchmark pricing approval, technical requirements, completion date, clearly, being settled in several matters of concern in the industry, which greatly stimulated the development of the kinetic energy. According to statistics, 2016 solar thermal market in China doing quite well, installed a total of 10.2MW, including the December 26 first grid-connected power generation energy-saving Tower power station 10MW in Dunhuang molten salt, Gansu province, on October 12 and grid-connected operation 200kW access 800 m trough model loop of molten salt. Built that makes solar-thermal power in China’s total installed capacity up to 28.3MW.

Currently, domestic building of light hot project including CAs 863 project slot type light hot power technology research and model project, small test project, and China strong trillion Yang Zhangjiakou 15MWe improved Fresnel light hot model project, and Lanzhou big into Dunhuang 10MW Fresnel melt salt power station, test sex model project, and in the wide nuclear delingha 50MW slot type power station, and first energy-saving Dunhuang 100MW Tower type power station, and in the control solar delingha 50MW power station, commercial model project.

Besides 2016 new benchmark light price floor, recently issued by the National Energy Board energy technology innovation “Thirteen-Five” planning of solar-thermal power generation was also highlighted. The document highlighted the “Thirteen-Five” during the energy technology innovation priorities, States that the focused into five major energy technology topical, each technology application, model tests for task classification group, focused research group. Which test categories total 48, 20th referred to research and demonstration of key technologies of large-scale solar thermal power generation. With the advancement of the light and heat of good policy, coupled with the heat of rising China in 2018 is expected to usher in a machine built for massive growth.

Besides China, 2016 solar thermal market remains strong there in South Africa, and Morocco and other emerging markets.

Growth in traditional markets is different

So far, traditional solar thermal markets Spain the total installed capacity of 2362MW built, still the world’s total installed capacity ranks first in the nation built. However, as Spain renewable cooling, 2016 solar-thermal power stations without added capacity.

From the total installed capacity built, United States ranks second among the States, now built a total installed capacity of 1832MW. In 2016, the United States installed to 2MW. On March 29, 2016, is located in United States, Nevada’s first geothermal and photovoltaic thermal hybrid power station that runs two and solar power systems Stillwater official incorporation operation of hybrid power station, which the trough solar thermal system installed is configured to 2MWe. According to the forecast, the future United States solar thermal installed capacity market is expected to continue to grow.

In 2016, Australia added two solar thermal project, installed capacity of about 13MWe, installed for operation 1.1MWe modular Vastsolar built Tower-type solar thermal power plant model Sun farms and 36MWth projects.

July 2016, the world’s first sand as a medium of Tower-type solar thermal power plant in Italy Sicily unveiled the power station installed capacity 2MWth, 786 heliostat, Tower secondary reflections concentrating solar technologies. The project is the core technology of STEM, namely SolarThermoElectricMagaldi, air/sand fluidized bed based on solar-powered steam technology, the project is the first STEM in the MW-scale technology demonstration plant. The conversion efficiency of electric power 0.66MWe 33% rough translations of the item. Makes the project Italy new solar thermal installed capacity reached 2MWth in 2016.

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