Green certificate charge is no longer subsidized the enthusiasm of what

Arctic star solar PV network news: 3rd, national NDRC, and Treasury, and national energy Council released on pilot can renewable energy green power certificate issued and the voluntary subscription trading system of notification (Xia said notification), requirements green power certificate since this year July 1 up carried out subscription work, subscription price according to not above certificate corresponds to power of can renewable energy electric price additional funds subsidies amount, by buyers and sellers itself consultations or through bidding determine subscription price.

Voluntary deals this year next year, forcing

Notification displayed, green power certificate “(Xia said” certificate “) is refers to national can renewable energy information management Center (Xia said” information center “) according to national energy Council related management provides, according to can renewable energy Internet power through national energy Council can renewable energy power project information management platform (Xia said” information platform “) to meet qualification of can renewable energy power Enterprise issued of has only code identifies of electronic voucher.

Can obtain a certificate of project including onshore wind power, photovoltaic power plant, distributed PV, biomass and offshore wind is not.

Information Centre is responsible for the review of compliance of enterprise project and monthly closing charge, in accordance with 1 certificate corresponds to 1MWh (MWh, 1000-kilowatt) settlement level, issuing certificates to enterprises. By auditing enterprises may apply for subscription account on the platform, sold the certificates.

The notice clearly according to hang, from 2018 initiate renewable energy quota assessment and green power certificate mandatory constraint deals.

North China electric power University School of management Professor Yuan Jiahai told the CBN that 2017 would be purely voluntary transactions, new energy volunteers, all kinds of people to voluntarily purchase, price caps for all types of subsidies for renewable energy effectively. According to the implementation of the 2017, 2018 could put green card combines water and non-renewable energy mandatory quotas, so the enthusiasm of the demand and supply sides can really mobilized.

Circular economy of China renewable energy professional Committee policy research association director Peng Peng believes that 2018 will be made mandatory assessment, there are two ways of thinking: evaluation grid, by grid quota assessment grid trying to sell green electricity; checking power.

In his view, select what kind of idea, want to see reform of the electricity market.

Green Card power no longer enjoy subsidies, the enthusiasm of what?

Noteworthy is that wind power, photovoltaic power generation enterprises to sell renewable green power certificates, the corresponding charge additional funds no longer qualify for the national renewable electricity price subsidies.

Peng Peng argued that subsidies and sell certificates of money alternative. The ceiling price of the certificate is the strength of green power subsidies. He gave examples: wind turbine 0.61 Yuan benchmark price, the local thermal power pole 0.35 Yuan, the highest certificate of wind power price of 0.61-0.35=0.26 Yuan, sold certificates can only be lower than this cannot be higher than this. In that case, PV is not competitive, if local benchmark price of PV is 0.9, then PV project certificate is 0.9-0.35=0.55, the same certificate, much more expensive than wind power certificates.

Circumstances without the subsidy, the enterprise will be active?

North China electric power University energy and power Economic Research Center Director Zeng ming told reporters that more users to subscribe on the international, domestic end-user subscription environment, conditions are not met, user is temporarily not to actively subscribe to awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, it needs to be nurtured slowly, gradually forming.

Yuan Jiahai believes that there are a number of green-oriented enterprises to actively participate in, the key is to see if we can drive more participation–strong demand in order to cultivate the market as soon as possible.

Yuan Jiahai judgment, in the current context of subsidies issued is not in place and time, new energy for green energy to subscribe should be active. “The policy gives the actual subsidy standard as a price ceiling and get a green card income electricity without subsidies, I believe it will lead more reasonable price. ”

Yuan Jiahai analysis with user-side, buying green power is a manifestation of social responsibility, is bound to increase the cost of electricity. Practice does not specifically renewable electricity must be purchased directly from the power grid, or new energy companies buy direct.

As regards monitoring, the green certificate issued by the National Energy Board is responsible for supervision and the voluntary subscription activities, regulatory matters including the green certificate issued by the fairness of the process, subscribe for the authenticity and integrity of the record, the subscription platform reliability, the timeliness of response to subscribe participants ‘ consultation, complaints and so on.

Voluntary subscription activities will focus on monitoring subscription platform disrupts market order the subscription behavior, such as “frequent withdrawal of subscription”, “malicious listed a large number of small” and so on.

Assistant Wang Yingge Le Yeguang Fu, Executive Director of science and technology said in an interview, green power certificate policy is an attempt to, policy-driven form a green certificate market. For enterprises with renewable energy projects, increases trading channels for trimming the power group, with completing non-renewable water index of more choices–not necessarily to be taken into mode; for, such as Government, utilities, businesses, or by buying green certificates social responsibility.

Original title: starting in July starting this year the voluntary renewable energy green certificate trading next year to force

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