Hebei on 2016 issued the first village of grid connected PV power station for

Polaris solar PV net news: the municipal development and Reform Commission and the poverty alleviation Office, State grid electric power company in Hebei province and State grid power company in North Hebei province:

According to national on issued first batch PV poverty project of notification (country can new can (2016) No. 280,) and I province on organization declared village level PV poverty power station project of notification (Ji Fa modified energy (2016) 1343th,) requirements, now will 2016 first batch village level PV poverty power station project grid plans (see annex) be issued, and on about matters notification following:

, Organization size

Arranged grid-connected photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation projects at the village level to 929, 268,900 kW total, involved in 1066 the village, helping the poor: 54197 households.

Second, the principle of arrangement

On meet on active advance village level PV poverty power station (containing households with) construction of guide views (Ji Fa modified energy (2016) 1201th,) about requirements, by the city development reform Board, and poverty do joint declared, and to County for units prepared has implementation programme, clear has village level power station construction locations, and construction shipped dimension enterprise and each households corresponds to 5-kilowatt, annual not below 3000 Yuan, and continuous 20 years poverty standard of project, early issued first batch grid plans.

Third, the requirement

Is the relevant municipal development and Reform Commission, the Office for poverty alleviation to make photovoltaic project management mechanism established and perfected, a really good job of village-level power stations construction management work, supervise the project unit project record-keeping procedures in time towards the early start, early production, played poor benefit as soon as possible.

Second, the county governments concerned according to the implementation plan implementation funding, and ensure that Government-funded Fund in full and on time, and actively coordinate land, forestry, environmental protection and other relevant departments, with the project to implement the relevant construction conditions.

Third engineering construction projects to be carried out in accordance with the implementation plan to seize, organize work such as engineering design, procurement of equipment and construction, strict construction quality, ensuring reliable operation after the project is completed, and to give priority to protection of photovoltaic poor income distribution.

Four power companies to implement village-level power grid access conditions for poverty alleviation, priority will be on power grid construction and transformation into upgrade investment plan to upgrade rural power grids.

Grasp of the municipal development and Reform Committee urged counties to implement the construction of the first without the approval conditions, complement related materials, by January 6, 2017, reported the revised implementation plan. To determine the implementation of village-level solar power station for poverty alleviation construction or is unable to complete the assigned tasks of poor counties, issued jointly by the County development and reform, poverty reduction departments step by step instructions explain reasons, building indicators, integrated and balanced, this involved, the city can’t do it, City reported to the provincial energy Board in a province-wide integrated. The task but not active counties for poverty alleviation, reducing, where appropriate, support for other PV projects in the County.

Annexes: 1. 2016 the first village-level photovoltaic grid-connected power station projects for poverty alleviation plan summary

Hebei on 2016 issued the first village of grid-connected PV power station for poverty alleviation plan notice

2. 2016 first schedule of village-level photovoltaic grid-connected power station project on poverty reduction plan (City)

Original title: 2016 issued the first village of grid-connected PV power station for poverty alleviation plan notice

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