Hebei published 2017 distributed PV adjusted price standard non roof roof 1

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Hebei provincial departments issued price pipe “2017” 4th policy document on the 2017 distributed PV-adjusted pricing standards. Paper, full Internet access of distributed solar power projects, accepting applications after January 1, 2017, or 2017 before accepting the application but have not been completed prior to June 30, 2017-grid, project for implementation of the 2017 full Internet pricing. Full Internet access on the roof 1.05 Yuan/kWh, non-roofed 0.85 Yuan per kilowatt hour, plus VAT.

In addition, in 2016, incorporation of the Internet project is in full implementation of the roof 1.18 Yuan/kWh, not roof 0.98 Yuan/kWh, 2015 already grid-connected the Internet project is in full implementation of the original roof of 1.2 Yuan per kilowatt hour, non-roof 1 Yuan/kWh. As follows:

Hebei published 2017 distributed PV-adjusted price standard: non-roof roof 1.05 Yuan/kWh for full Internet 0.85 Yuan/kWh

Original title: Hebei Publishing distributed PV electricity price standards for 2017: full grid-connected roof 1.05 Yuan/kWh, not roof 0.85 Yuan/kWh

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