Henan Yanshi on accelerating the construction of photovoltaic power generation

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For further implementation Central, and province, and Luoyang poverty storming workshop spirit, speed up advance city poverty storming work, promote poverty population stable increase, according to Luoyang development and Reform Committee, and poverty development office, and land resources Council, and agricultural Council, and forestry Council on forward < henan province development and reform committee, and henan province poverty development office, and henan province land resources office, and henan province agricultural office, and henan province forestry office on organization implementation pv power poverty work of guide views > of notification (luofa modified energy ( 2016), 25th) spirit, combining city actual now, speeding implementation of photovoltaic power generation project construction made the following comments:

A scale, photovoltaic power generation model for poverty alleviation and capacity

Photovoltaic power generation project mainly village-level poverty alleviation model of small PV power station. Yanshi city, State-owned asset management Corporation is responsible for the funding required for the project, and as the subject of photovoltaic power generation project construction and operation. 187.24 million yuan of total investment, planned construction of village PV power plant 278, which distributed generation project 194 5-250KW roof (volume size 6.665MW), 15-300KW of small PV power station 84 (volume size 16.74MW), total size 23.405MW.

Second, photovoltaic power plant planning and site selection

Photovoltaic power plant planning and site selection for poverty alleviation: roof conditions are relatively good village committees, schools, group clinics, and (keep) homes and other public buildings; factories residue piling yard, landfill waste; nature of unused land of barren hills, waste land, wasteland and other; non-farmland idle land within the village, small Heath. Complementary projects implemented by means of elevated bracket light, not included in the PV power generation projects.

Three objects of the ATD, photovoltaic power generation

In accordance with the relevant State policies and regulations, photovoltaic power generation project in our city without collective economic income or economic weakness, lack of resources, poor villages, involving Fu Dian, goushi town, large town, mountain town, the town of mangling and shouyangshan town such as Office (Office) 135 villages. Cover up for file card, no ability to work or home weak labor and no stable source of income for the poor.

Four, project management and device access

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the countries bidding, identified possess the required qualifications and extensive experience in the company as the construction, operation, maintenance and technical services enterprises, which take care of photovoltaic power generation project implementation. Establishment of a sound, and tubes, combined with mechanisms for long-term operation and maintenance services, ensure that the photovoltaic project in accordance with the relevant requirements for stable operation. In project implementation process in the, Yanshi State-owned assets business group to strictly according to national related legal regulations, implementation engineering security quality accountability, and project supervision acceptance business, ensure PV power poverty engineering by with equipment must meet PV manufacturing industry specification conditions (2015 this) (industrial and information Department announcement 2015 23rd,) provides of products technology index requirements, avoid low effect, and inferior equipment into PV power poverty project.

Five, responsibility

(A) Municipal Office for poverty alleviation led coordination of photovoltaic power generation projects for poverty alleviation work.

(B) the municipal development and Reform Commission is responsible for coordination of PV projects in the major issues, organizational planning, strengthen photovoltaic power stations for poverty alleviation project quality supervision, the coordination of grid and so on.

(C) municipal Bureau of the Municipal Office for poverty alleviation, responsible for photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation the Government funding and supervision, additional renewable electricity price subsidies applied for and allocated, and so on.

(D) the municipal environmental protection Bureau is responsible for promoting photovoltaic power generation project review services for poverty alleviation.

(E) municipal Bureau of land and resources, the Forestry Bureau is responsible for photovoltaic power generation project land use reform policies and preferential policies for land compensation fees.

(F) Municipal Education Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau is responsible for coordinating their respective schools, and (keep) homes, actively supported the project, and make a safety education and preventive work.

(G) the municipal power supply company responsible for photovoltaic power generation project power line construction and grid services. In accordance with the requirements of distributed power grid, actively open up the “green channel” to ensure that supporting transmission project and the construction of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, electricity generated by a full Internet access and to give priority to the settlement.

Six, job security

(A) strengthen organizational leadership. Established Yanshi PV power poverty project led group, by municipal government competent Deputy Mayor any leader, municipal government emergency do Deputy Director, and city development reform Board Director, and agricultural Council Secretary any deputy leader, city development reform Board, and finance, and Bureau, and Civil Affairs Bureau, and EPA, and industrial and information Council, and municipal government financial do, and Planning Council, and forestry Council, and audit Council, and WCB, and land resources Council, and power company, and public resources trading center, and agricultural development Bank Yanshi branch, and House shop town, and Mang Niu Jiao Ling town, and Gou’s town, and big mouth town, and mountain of town, and Shouyangshan Office of deputy members.

(B) strengthen the policy advocacy. Full use of Yanshi city, television, radio, Yanshi and other media and banners, layout, promotional materials and other forms, wide publicity of the photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction policies, building dynamic, project performance, typical cases, guide the vast numbers of the poor and the community to actively support and participate in the photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction, to promote photovoltaic power generation project together to create a good atmosphere.

(C) to strengthen the supervision and assessment. Municipal finance, auditing and supervisory departments should strengthen photovoltaic poverty alleviation special funds for supervision and inspection and audit, inspection, increase solar power generation project construction and supervision of policy implementation. PV breach violation problem arising in the poverty alleviation project, the Municipal Government will resolutely strictly investigated and dealt with, not appeasement.

The January 12, 2017

Original title: Yanshi City Government on accelerating the construction of photovoltaic power generation project in our city

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