List five key global energy Internet technologies

Polaris solar PV net news: global energy development cooperation 22nd in Beijing issued the global energy white paper on Internet development strategy of the transnational and TRANS-Zhou power network interconnection technology and prospect of the global energy development and prospect of Internet (2017), outlined the coming decades global energy development path of the Internet, made clear a list of key technology for the first time.

Global energy development cooperation organization President Liu Zhenya said the current, build global energy of the Internet resource, technical, economic and political conditions have been met, such as resources, developed only five out of 10,000 global clean energy resources to meet global energy demand; technically, UHV, smart grid and other key technology matures.

But in 5 main areas, there are still many difficulties to overcome. Clearly on the white paper,

In special high pressure field: main conquer ± 1.1 million v above special high pressure DC lost variable electric technology, speed up equipment development and engineering application; breakthrough special high pressure DC Harbour cable technology, solution across sea transmission problem; speed up development very cold, and very hot, special environment Xia special high pressure core equipment manufacturing and the application technology; breakthrough ± 800,000 volts high pressure multi-flexible DC, and super high pressure/special high pressure flexible DC, and high pressure DC circuit breaker device, technology, and can control series fill, and can control parallel reactor device, special high pressure flexible exchange transmission technology.

Smart grid: the main conquer cover power generation, power transmission, power, power distribution, power, scheduling all aspects of intelligent technologies, adapt to various types of flexible access clean energy; research grid and cloud computing, big data, Internet, mobile Internet technology depth of integration of new technologies and new equipment.

In the field of clean energy: the main capture parameters of large capacity, high fan, low cost and high efficiency photoelectric conversion, large marine power and other clean energy technologies, breaking wind, solar and other clean power virtual synchronous technology, improve the economics of clean energy generation, stability, and security.

In the field of energy: improving energy density energy storage devices, research and development capacity, long life, low cost, high security new energy storage technologies, and power system for large-scale energy storage needs.

In the field of power grid operation control: main conquered large AC and DC hybrid power system safe and stable operation mechanism and characteristics analysis technology, construction of simulation platform for next-generation power grid, improve the efficiency and accuracy of breakthrough network technologies such as automatic fault diagnosis, recovery, and reconstruction, upgrade of cascading failure, extreme weather or external damage under the condition of network defenses.

Original title: global energy Internet key technology list released

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