Multisectoral PV series full implementation of competition in the new deal proposed

Polaris solar PV net news: 16th from the development of PV industry in 2016 recalls Outlook seminar about the situation with 2017 2017 China’s PV market will be tight after the first song, new installed capacity 20-30GW is expected. National Energy Board, Ministry and other departments will introduce technical innovation, industrial systems and other aspects of the new deal, is one of the most critical will be the full implementation of competitive projects, giving priority to support distributed.

China PV industry association data show that in 2016, polysilicon production in our country about 194,000 tons, an increase of 17.6%, annual solar grade polysilicon about 136,000 tonnes were imported (including ingots); part of the cost has dropped to 70 Yuan/kg; new 5000-ton electronic grade polysilicon plants, high-quality products have been applied in the field of semiconductor bulk. Wafer, production in 2016 than 63GW, an increase of more than 11%, each processing costs to drop below 1.4. Photovoltaic capacity reached 34.54GW, for 4 consecutive years ranked first in the world, ground power station 30.3GW, distributed power plant 4.24GW.

The “PV market layout, double conversion took place. Market structure converted from gradually to the East and other regions in the Northwest: 2016 installed 9.74GW in Northwest China, accounted for 28% of the 9 provinces in Eastern new installed capacity in broken 1GW. Market structure from the ground station to tilt distributed: distributed PV new installed capacity up 200% from 2015, after August 2016, distributed grid per month is around 50% per cent. “Analysis of China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua said 2016 is the PV business in recent years one of the most profitable years.

China PV industry association forecast, 2017 global PV market still will keep growth momentum, which China market started will rendering first tight Hou pine situation, Qian three quarter tight, four quarter more pine, in general project (12.6GW), and lead technology base (5.5GW), and PV poverty (4.81GW), and added index (10GW above), and distributed PV, more factors drive Xia, added capacity about for 20-30GW. And hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute researcher Qin Xiao is expected in 2017, added size over the first half of 10GW.

In response, Deputy researcher Xing Yiteng of the National Energy Board’s new Energy Division noted that the scale indicator is not required special attention and sensitivity, “Thirteen-Five” 105 million kW of installed capacity in the planning target is not a binding target, and instead should be a lower limit. 2017 and the entire “Thirteen-Five” period PV the main task is to promote technological progress, reduce costs and expand diversified applications.

Under this approach, 2017 keyword is fully competitive and first distributed in photovoltaic industry.

According to reports, the 2016 bidding model of eight leaders base open tenders, each new benchmark projects than the local photovoltaic prices fell 2 cents, is expected to save subsidies of 1.5 billion yuan. As well as show the PV’s competitiveness, technological progress, put an end to forced selling and many other positive. “Competitive bidding is necessary. “Xing Yiteng, 2017 will be full implementation of competition in the allocation of items, building evaluation system of standards.

Ministry of industry and information technology, electronics and information Division Chief Wang Weiwei also revealed that the next step will carry out spot checks on photovoltaic manufacturers and see whether they meet the entry requirements. Meanwhile, intelligent manufacturing effort in the photovoltaic industry, through a number of projects to support technological research and development. In addition, to promote photovoltaic applications in the Park, and new industrialization demonstration base requires non-renewable energy consumption of water of not less than 1%.

Under such situation, Wang Bohua believes that price declines will be the main theme, recent large enterprises have been sold for 2.9 Yuan per watt. Costs will fall quickly, companies this year is expected to drop below $0.3/watt, key + black diamond wire cutting silicon wafers silicon etching can scale application.

Another important guide was the priority of the policy of supporting the development of distributed especially roof distributed. Xing Yiteng said only preliminary consideration construction land in the distributed project roof is truly distributed, also distributed voltage levels, regulate the volume level on the roof, electricity market reform drive roof distributed transactions. In addition, the leader support base, develop photovoltaic projects, priority support to 300KW of village-level power stations.

This idea is also reflected in the financial policy. Review Bureau Director Liu Hongbo introduced from China Development Bank, the Bank 2017 financial support for the key areas of distributed PV and “PV +”, leader in PV demonstration base and PV poverty alleviation, photovoltaic power going out, the Department of energy micro-grid, with complementary.

Original title: multisectoral PV series full implementation of competition in the new deal proposed allocation of items

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