National Energy Board in 2017 energy issued guidance continuation of PV leader

Polaris solar PV net news: National Energy Board issued the notice on 2017 energy issued guidance, (hereinafter referred to as the notice), the requirements of the notice, to develop solar energy. Continued implementation of the photovoltaic power generation “leaders”, give full play to the market mechanism, push the cost down. Adjusting the PV power plant development, strict control of abandoned places added scale, over 5% province to abandon light suspension arrangements new photovoltaic power. Steadily advancing the first solar thermal power generation demonstration project.

Planning arrangements for the construction scale of 20 million-kilowatt during the year, new installed capacity 18 million-kilowatt. Orderly part of project work, project 20 million-kilowatt.


2017 energy guidance

2017 is the full implementation of the “Thirteen-Five plan” an important year, is structural reform of the supply side for years. To in-depth implement party of 18 big and 18 session three in the, and four in the, and v, and six in the plenary spirit, firm set and implementation “innovation, and coordination, and green, and open, and shared” of new development concept, followed “four a revolution, and a cooperation” of energy development strategy thought, implementation central economic workshop strategy deployment, to advance energy supply side structural reform for mainline, to improve supply quality and benefits for Center, to resolve and prevention excess capacity, to advance energy clean utilization, to fill Shang energy development short Board, For economic and social development to provide stronger energy security, meet the party’s 19 major success with honors.

, The main development goals

(A) energy consumption

Total national energy consumption control at around 4.4 billion tons of standard coal. Raise the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption to about 14.3%, about natural gas consumption increased to 6.8%, coal consumption drop to around 60%.

(B) the energy supply

About 3.67 billion tons of the total national energy production. Coal production of 3.65 billion tons, crude oil production of about 200 million tons, natural gas output of about 170 billion cubic meters (about shale gas production of 10 billion cubic meters).

(C) energy efficiency

Energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by more than 5%. Average coal-fired power plant coal consumption for power supply of 314 grams of standard coal per kilowatt hour, dropping 1 gram. Complete scale of coal, electricity and energy-saving 60 million-kilowatt.

Second, priorities

(A) resolve to prevent excess capacity

Steadfast implementation of annual capacity plans, accelerating the Elimination of backward production capacity, steadily developing the advanced productivity, improve capacity utilization efficiency, promote production capacity to match the actual output.

Continue to resolve the coal of excess capacity. Use marketing, legal means to resolve the overcapacity, scientific capacity annual objectives defined, strictly implement the public notice, stop closures, cancellation of certificates, inspection and acceptance procedures. To further improve the safety, environmental protection, technical standards, eliminating a number of disasters, depletion of resources, technology and equipment behind, do not meet the safety requirements, do not meet the coal mines of industrial policy, strives to shut down backward coal mine 500 or more for the year, quit a production capacity of 50 million tons. In accordance with the reduction principle of replacement, and orderly development of advanced productivity. Specification for construction of mine production order, increase not of first built, power irregularities such as production management. Improving coal mine production registration system will notice range extends from the production of coal mine construction in coal mine, realize the capacity announcements in full aperture.

Effectively prevent and resolve the excess risk of coal production capacity. According to the clear violations, and strictly control the principle of incremental and backward, to implement the “steady, accurate, and relentless” measures, coal power installed capacity by 2020 total control within 1.1 billion-kilowatt. Resolutely sort out illegal projects, approved by the building, illegal but not nuclear construction will stop illegal construction projects. Continued implementation of the planning and construction of coal-fired electricity risk early warning mechanism, strict control measures such as implementation of controlled nuclear, postponed. According to the electricity market in the end demand, construction of orderly trans-regional power transmission channels, on-demand synchronization have coal-electricity base projects under construction. Actively promote the development of electricity plans to guide investment expectations. Continue to step up elimination of outdated coal-fired power units, and focus out after transformation, still does not meet the requirements of the energy efficiency and environmental protection unit in 2017 is expected to eliminate scale 4 million-kilowatt above.

Advancing oil quality upgrades. January 1, 2017, the national comprehensive supplier of five standard automobile gasoline (includes E10 ethanol-gasoline), diesel (with B5 biodiesel). July 1, 2017, the national comprehensive supply of ordinary diesel sulfur content is not more than 50ppm. January 1, 2018, a comprehensive national supply diesel preparations for the sulphur content shall not exceed 10ppm. Upgrading special supervision and inspection of product quality, clean oil market supply. According to automotive gasoline, automotive diesel six standards, speed up the introduction of the new version of motor ethanol gasoline and biodiesel standard, upgrade. A modest expansion of bioethanol production and consumption areas.

(B) promoting the development of non-fossil energy scale

Around the realization of the “Thirteen-Five” plan targets, abandoned, abandoning the wind is solved prominent problems such as light, water, and promote power construction and eliminate out of coordination, improving the quality of clean, low-carbon energy development and efficiency.

Positive development of hydropower. Speeding up the construction of jinsha, Yalong, dadu and other large hydropower base. Strengthen the Southwest water delivery in South China, central China and East China regional transmission channel, such as construction, and manpower to promote Shenzhen Golden, Northwestern Yunnan and Sichuan third channel of delivery projects. Building water use monitoring system, timely analysis and early warning water use and disposal of water. Establishing and perfecting benefit sharing mechanism of hydropower development, implement the hydropower project construction in minority nationality regions of land acquisition and resettlement plan design requirements.

Steady development of wind power. Optimizing the construction of wind power development, added the scale focus to Eastern and southern areas. Strict control of abandoned serious area new grid-connected wind power project, and publish in 2017-wind warning information, to abandon wind over 20% province to suspend arrangements new wind turbine size. Order drive around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the jinsha River Valley and the Yalong River Valley scenery complementary water wind power base, such as the planning and construction work. Speed up offshore wind energy development and utilization.

Safe development of nuclear power. Actively promote the construction of qualified nuclear power projects, organized by program approved to start. Ordered to start subsequent coastal nuclear power project approval and construction preparation, promoting nuclear power plant protection and demonstration. Continued implementation of major science and technology projects in nuclear power, promote the construction of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration project. Secure early small demonstration projects, and actively explore the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy.

Developing solar energy. Continued implementation of the photovoltaic power generation “leaders”, give full play to the market mechanism, push the cost down. Adjusting the PV power plant development, strict control of abandoned places added scale, over 5% province to abandon light suspension arrangements new photovoltaic power. Steadily advancing the first solar thermal power generation demonstration project.

Actively develop biomass energy and geothermal energy. Promoting the industrialization of bio-gas model, grasp the Heilongjiang reclamation area, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Xinjiang production and construction Corps, such as demonstration projects, positive developments in energy, agriculture and environmental protection, “the Trinity” bio natural gas cycling economy in the County. Speed up standard system construction, promoting the commercialization of bio-gas and organic fertilizer industrialization. Development introduction rural Lin Sheng substances generating a comprehensive shift towards cogeneration industrial policy, improve the efficiency of utilization of biomass resources. Layout planning and monitoring system of building biomass power generation project, new projects into provincial planning and management. Promotion of geothermal energy heating, refrigeration, play geothermal energy to replace coal, promoting the role of air pollution prevention and control.

(C) to promote clean fossil energy utilization

Promotion of advanced and applicable technologies, speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional energy industries, investing in innovation in energy production and consumption patterns, fossil energy development as a solid foundation to enhance energy security.

Promote green and efficient utilization of coal. Promotion of filling, water mining, coal and gas exploitation of green mining technology and promoting comprehensive treatment of mining subsidence area. Promotion of advanced technology and equipment to enhance mine mechanization and Informationization, the intellectualized “three” levels. Implementation of comprehensive control of dust, reducing coal-dust emission. To develop coal washing and processing, improve product quality, improving raw coal selected rate to 70%. Implementation of reformation of coal electric ultra low emission and energy-saving reform, conditions in the eastern end of 2017 unit complete with ultra low emission and energy-saving.

Improve support capability. Full implementation of the oil and gas major science and technology projects “Thirteen-Five” planning, especially land and deep ocean deepwater significant theoretical innovation and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development. Strengthening coordination with the sea to further promote offshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation. Promoting the new capacity-building of State-level demonstration zone of shale gas, and strive to create a new capacity of 3.5 billion cubic meters. Speed up the interconnection trunk natural gas pipelines construction, natural gas supply capacity. Exploration and development of coalbed methane in promoting major projects, accelerating the qinshui basin, Ordos basin margin, Guizhou Bi Shuixing coal bed gas industrialization base construction. Speeding up coal bed gas (mine gas) construction of transportation facilities, according to local conditions to develop coal-bed methane compressed and liquefied, promote low density gas to generate electricity. Promoting the construction of national oil reserve bases, order State reserve purchases of crude oil, enhance national oil reserve capacity.

Expansion of natural gas use. Implementation of the views on accelerating the utilization of natural gas, gas, gas-fired power generation, industrial urbanization fuels, large-scale use in key areas such as transportation fuel. Promote the development of natural gas and renewable energy integration, natural gas in Sichuan, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other areas integrated development demonstration projects. Advancing key areas of air pollution control in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei coal gasification projects. Promoting natural gas instead of fuel for ships in Yangtze River Delta, and drive vehicles with natural gas and sea transport pilot. Actively promote the user of natural gas supply. Vigorously promoting the development of natural gas distributed energy.

(D) reinforcing energy system boards

Inadequate load capacity, operating efficiency is not high, weak infrastructure, such as bottlenecks, optimizing energy systems and strive to perfect the relevant policies and measures and strengthen coordination and flexibility, improve the energy efficiency of the system.

Strengthen capacity-building peak. Complete flexibility of coal turbine retrofit pilot and further expand the scope. Introduction of coal-fired power units participating peaking incentive mechanism, establish and perfect the auxiliary services (market) compensation mechanism. Solid advance planning in the construction of pumped-storage power station, adjusted pump storage of peak-Valley electricity price mechanism. Pumped in some provinces point planning, optimizing development layout. Speed up the load set, natural gas supply natural gas peak power station construction. Vigorously promoting the construction of natural gas peak-shaving gas storage. Developed and implemented for the promotion of energy technology and the healthy development of the industry guidance, building integrated energy storage systems research and development, test and engineering validation platform, key energy storage technology experiments and demonstrations.

Strengthening the construction of energy transmission channel. According to the end-market demand, considering construction progress, with peak power capacity and power market reform and other relevant factors, and research construction across the province, trans-regional power transmission channel. Promoted Russian East line and the Shaanxi-Beijing natural gas pipeline in four lines, coal gas transmission pipeline construction in Xinjiang, Sichuan to East second and West Inner Mongolia coal gas transmission pipeline project. Accelerate the gasification rate and lower oil and gas pipeline construction in key areas. Promote shale gas and other unconventional gas supporting transmission pipeline construction.

Promoting the construction of the smart grid. Developed and implemented the opinions on promoting the efficient smart power systems construction, supporting the development of provincial (district, municipal) specific work programmes. Study on the development of the smart grid 2030 Strategy, development strategy of promoting the establishment of smart grid system. To implement the management of micro-grid, promote new energy micro-grid, urban micro grid, micro-grid construction in remote areas and Islands.

(E) strengthening production safety management

Adhere to the “people-oriented” development philosophy, adhere to the basic principles of prevention and control with, perfect “State surveillance, local regulation, enterprises are responsible for” work, firmly hold the safety in the line.

Strengthening safety supervision. Issued in implementation of the opinions on promoting the development of electric power security sector reform, revision of the electric power supervision and management of production safety. Key regions, key chain, key part of troubleshooting, management and major hazard detection, assessment and monitoring, hold the bottom line personal, equipment, dams, and other basic safety, resolutely curb major accidents. Strengthen the network security risk analysis and early warning, and strengthen important transmission channels, critical facility safety. Strengthening network security supervision, enhance network ability to deal with serious faults. Enhance network and information security, ensuring that critical information infrastructure and critical information systems safe and reliable operation. And strengthening the construction of electric power engineering construction engineering quality supervision, amendments to improve the electric power supervision and management of building engineering construction. Establishing and perfecting the blackout emergency preparedness system, perfect production and management emergency preparedness system, large urban comprehensive emergency exercise of power. Important periods such as during the party’s 19. Perfect electric power safety supervision mechanism, enhancing law enforcement capacity-building.

Strengthening the safety management of oil and gas storage facilities. Strengthening the safety management of national oil reserve bases. Establishing a safety management system, improve safety and risk prevention and control system. Establishing reserve base emergency reporting system. Strengthening construction of State grain reserve base of project security management to study and formulate a system standard. Promoting the protection of oil and gas pipelines. The drafting of pipeline protection guidance, study on the development of oil and gas pipeline integrity management evaluation assessment methods, promoting the establishment of long distance oil and gas pipeline protection works. Promoting the construction of pipeline safety emergency system, do well the periodic evaluation of geological hazards.

Enhance the level of safety. 3 billion yuan in the central budget, to support building of coal mine safety reform, major disaster management demonstration project. Serious and organized the disaster areas prone to accidents experts “consultation”, research governance work programme. Promote the work of Xinjiang coalfield fire areas, strengthen the big lake in Urumqi, toksun Uzun Braque and miquan three dams and other key fire management, fire protection of coal resources in the region, the consolidation of fire-fighting work.

Ensure the construction and operation safety of nuclear power. Organization of “nuclear safety management year” activities, the implementation of a year-long safety campaign action, troubleshoot vulnerabilities, eliminate security risks. Strengthening nuclear emergency, fire and manipulate the personnel assessment and management, strengthening of nuclear power plant construction and operation experience feedback, improving nuclear emergency management and response capacities, and ensuring building safety in transit can be controlled. Strengthening of nuclear science.

(Vi) advanced energy technologies and equipment upgrades

Increase science and technology innovation policy support, strengthening energy scientific and technological research and the application of advanced technical equipment, promote breakthroughs achieved, to strengthen industry’s core competitiveness.

Strengthen the key technology research. In nuclear power, new energy and shale gas and coal-bed gas, high temperature materials, gas turbines and offshore oil and gas exploration and other fields, promote independent core technology breakthrough. In solar thermal utilization, distributed energy system for large-capacity storage areas, promote the industrialization of technology promotion. Focus on renewable energy, advanced nuclear power and sustainable development of key materials and high-end equipment, setting up national energy research and development institutions, establish and perfect the management mechanism.

Deepen the innovation of energy equipment development. Full implementation of the implementation programme for the 2025-energy equipment made in China, investing in energy supply security, non-fossil energy and clean fossil energy efficient equipment in key areas such as manufacturing. Implement on promoting the application of energy equipment research and demonstration support policy. Develop implementation relies on energy projects to promote innovation and development of gas turbine several opinions. Continue to promote offshore gas turbines, ultra-high voltage transmission casing, ultra-supercritical thermal power generating units key equipment, compressor of natural gas transmission pipelines, nuclear power a key valve and instrument, coal deep processing of large scale air separation equipment, experiments and demonstrations. Featured directory of independent innovation of preparation of energy equipment.

Strengthen standard system construction. Revised regular diesel, ethanol gasoline blending component for standard oil and bio-diesel. Follow-up with the release of the “Hualong first” model project implementation programme on Standardization of State projects. Implement the hydropower project construction in minority nationality regions of land acquisition and resettlement plan design standard. To promote “Internet +” smart energy, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, solar power, gas power generation, energy storage and energy safety related standards (repair) work. Promoting natural gas measurement methods in line with international standards. Promoting the construction of mandatory energy efficiency standards such as leading, advanced systems. Promoting the deepening the reform of standardization-related work in the energy field.

(G) strengthen the energy sector management

Transforming Government functions, strengthening the rule of law in energy construction, deepen reforms in key areas such as power, oil and gas, to eliminate institutional obstacles, increase effective supply, and strive to create a favorable environment for development.

Promote the construction of energy-the rule of law. Actively promote the Energy Act, the electricity Act (Amendment) Ordinance draft amending the nuclear management work. Accelerating the national oil reserve Bill, the regulation on energy legislation. The oil and gas Act the renewable energy law (revision) and the coal Act (Amendment), legislative research. Industrial associations and large corporations advantages, promote the energy sources industry legal literacy and managing enterprises according to law.

Deepening reforms in key areas. Organizing the implementation of the electricity basic rules for medium-and long-term transactions (interim), actively push forward power market trading, an orderly expansion of direct power-purchase deal. Promote orderly running of regional power market construction and power trading institutions, such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei electric power market pilot work. Order increases distribution business, encourage the participation of social capital investment. Perfect power ancillary services market regulations, continue to push Northeast China, East China and Shanxi, Fujian and other power ancillary services market pilot project. Elaboration of introduction of the energy saving measures on low-carbon power, spanned, strengthened across the province, optimal operation. Study on the implementation of the quota system for renewable power and green power certification system, to explore the establishment of green power certificate issuance and trading system. Speed up the reform of the oil and gas, promote the introduction of the opinions on deepening reform of the petroleum and natural gas. Develop pipeline vertical separation, and other supporting files and project implementation. Promoting the construction of Shanghai, Chongqing and other oil and gas exchange. Quicken Xinjiang energy reform, lessons learned and recommend.

Promoting the “pipe service” reform. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Council, continue to do administrative approval cancelled, delegation of work in the field of energy, promoting energy negative list of investment projects management. Administrative examination and approval mechanism innovation of research to promote energy investment projects, setting up in a competitive way to establish new mechanisms for project owners. In accordance with the relevant requirements, list of published trial of the National Energy Board powers and responsibilities. Standardization of administrative licensing, preparation of the publication guide to standardization of the National Energy Board for administrative licensing work. Continuing to promote “two randomized, open” regulatory reform and implementation check complete coverage, pushing the Sun approval. Stability policy and market expectations, actively promoting oil and gas exploration in the mining, oil and gas pipelines, distribution networks and other areas open to private capital.

Strengthen market supervision. Formulation of implementation measures for the implementation of the electricity market surveillance (provisional). Strengthening electric power trading and market regulation, promoting energy-saving low carbon scheduling, grid equal access, specification and information public. Strengthening the price of electricity costs and typical power project investment effectiveness of supervision, promote interprovincial transmission pricing cost supervision and examination of prices and price review. Power supply monitoring, initiatives to enhance service levels. Enhanced oil and gas pipeline facilities open and fair regulation and promote oil and gas pipelines and liquefied natural gas facilities to third parties a fair and open. Improving the market supervision mechanism of administrative enforcement. Strengthen 12398 energy regulatory hotline management. Change the installation (repairing, testing) power facilities licensing regulations, strict installation (repairing, testing) market access barrier of electric power facilities. Establishing and perfecting the credit information platform in the energy sector, implementation of joint incentive and disciplinary mechanism, advance the credit system construction in the energy sector.

(H) develop international cooperation

Adhere to the “going out” and “bring in” combined efforts to create internationally competitive energy equipment brands, efforts to enhance energy security in open conditions, efforts to strengthen infrastructure interconnection, all-round expansion of international cooperation.

Deepening international cooperation in oil and gas. Advance in Central Asia-Russia, Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific construction of five large oil and gas cooperation in the area of development, increase the intensity of development of oil and gas cooperation with key countries. Perfect Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and offshore four oil and gas transportation corridors, security risk management, enhance the ability to channel the safe and secure transportation. Yet prudently push forward the construction of the Centre for Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, oil and gas operations, positive development of trade, processing, storage and transport as one of the offshore oil and gas operation mode.

Electricity interconnection with neighboring countries. Actively planning the Southwest network, steadily explored the Northeast network. Strengthening the study on interconnection between neighbouring countries, deepen the dock with the strategies of the countries concerned, developing countries and other neighbouring countries in the greater Mekong power network planning, regional power grid upgrading in cooperation, promoting the construction of cross-border interconnection project at the right time. Regional power market construction on promoting cooperation.

Promoting nuclear power “go out”. Promoting the construction of Pakistan’s Karachi project, do a follow-up cooperation work. Britain’s nuclear power projects, promoting the “Dragon of China first,” General design review. Integrated and coordinated do I participate in the French AREVA reorganization. Strengthening the nuclear technical cooperation with Russia, the United States and other countries. Steady progress in Argentina, Turkey, Romania and other countries for nuclear power projects.

Expand international energy cooperation. Develop implementation guidance from the international cooperation capacity of energy equipment, improving intergovernmental cooperation mechanisms. “Along the way” focus on countries and regions, actively explore in Africa, South America and Europe and developed markets, encouraging enterprises involved in coal, coal, electricity, energy, coal chemicals, power transmission and other foreign construction projects to advance energy technologies, equipment, services, and standards “go”. Promote the establishment of overseas equipment research and development, production and service system.

Actively participate in global energy governance. To deepen bilateral energy cooperation with key countries, actively participate in multilateral energy cooperation under the framework. With the International Energy Agency, the International Energy Forum, the international renewable energy agency, Energy Charter and international energy organization cooperation, promote the exchange of information, human resources, international energy policy. Promote capacity-building for implementation of the ASEAN-China clean energy plans, promote the establishment of China-Arab League and China clean energy training center-Central and Eastern Europe (16+1) Center for dialogue and cooperation on energy projects. Negotiations on the WTO agreement on government procurement-related work.

(I) to improve the well-being of energy

Around the general interest of the people of winter heating, air pollution, solar issues such as poverty alleviation, increase policy support and supply efforts, strengthen the construction of key energy infrastructure in the area, actively promoting clean energy consumption patterns, promote energy development better benefit the livelihood of the people.

Promoting clean heating in winter in the North. According to enterprises, Governments, residents affordable approach, suitable for gas is gas, and electric power, as much as possible the use of clean energy and speed up increase the proportion of clean heat. Preparation of the implementation of the northern winter cleaning heating planning (2017-2020). Efforts to increase gas supply security to strengthen the key pipeline engineering and construction of gas storage projects, ensuring that heating natural gas security of supply security. Positive development of electric heat, promote electric heating film, warm heat pump heating and other new models. Continue to develop back-pressure thermal power and heat cogeneration. Strengthening the construction of gas distribution lines, accelerate the construction of wider and more powerful end of the pipeline network, promoting “the last mile” such as clean heating problems.

Advancing the power grids upgrades. Continue to implement a new round of upgrading of rural power network, complete the town center village power grids to achieve plain pump powered on complete coverage, poor village general supply. Implementation of 200 Xiaokang demonstration County construction. Launch hundreds of County power network upgrading and electrification projects in the Tibetan areas, hundreds of rural schools in Tibetan areas implementation of cleaner heating model construction. Accelerate the implementation of border troops of hundreds of power grid construction, promoting the electrification of the camp. Optimization of municipalities, provincial capitals and cities with municipal layout of urban distribution network, promote demonstration zone of high reliability and the demonstration area of new town.

Precise implementation of PV projects for poverty alleviation. Summary the first photovoltaic engineering experience on poverty reduction, organizing the implementation of the second batch of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation. Further optimize the layout of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, priority supporting village-level poverty alleviation power station construction, with funding and grid access conditions of village-level power stations, capacity is not restricted. Strengthening the grid to dissolve, costs such as coordinated work, ensure that the construction and operation of the project in place.

Air pollution prevention and control work of energy security. Completion of 12 key transmission channel of air pollution prevention and control, increase output power supply in key areas. Advancing the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and its surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta areas energy alternative to further increase the proportion of electricity consumption. Increasing the supply of natural gas in key areas, actively promote “coal gas” “oil replaced by gas” alternatives such as engineering. Bulk coal governance-related work.

Promote energy alternatives. Promote improving peak-Valley electricity price mechanism, users are encouraged to use in troughs of power energy storage heat. Explore the establishment of surplus electric power energy alternative user deals directly with the wind power and other power generation companies mechanisms, expand the scale of trade directly. Support for the construction of port facilities in Hong Kong, and study the establishment of shore power supply mechanism. Establishment of charging income distribution mechanism, increased community capacity, accelerate the construction of promoting the neighborhood post. Quicken the construction of public buildings and public places recharging facilities. Improve the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other key regional networks of intercity highways fast. Promoting the construction of charging infrastructure interoperability demonstration project. Upgrading public charging facilities for the new national standard in 2017, all new public charging facilities for the implementation of new national standards. Charging facilities for developing the exchange of experience.

Three major projects, energy

(A) the adjustment of energy structure engineering

Water and electricity. Push has started construction of hydropower projects, seedlings of Lancang River plans to build this year, dadu River hydropower station dam, monkey rocks, new installed capacity 10 million-kilowatt. Promote conditions of approved construction projects, plans to start the construction this year baihetan of jinsha River, Batang, playing Wow, Lancang River hydropower stations such as Toba, new scale to reach a 30 million-kilowatt.

Nuclear power. Push has started construction of nuclear power projects this year plans to build three unit 1th, Fuqing, 4th unit, Yangjiang, 4th unit, Haiyang unit 1th, Taishan, 1th units, such as projects, new installed capacity 6.41 million-kilowatt. Actively promote the construction of equipped to project approval, project start 8 units for the year. Push the three 3 units, 4th, unit 5, 6th in Ningde, unit 1, 2nd in Zhangzhou, Huizhou project work at unit 1, 2nd, project 9.86 million-kilowatt.

Wind power. Steadily promoting the construction of wind power projects, planning arrangements for the construction scale of 25 million-kilowatt during the year, new installed capacity 20 million-kilowatt. Parts of promoting wind power project, project 25 million-kilowatt.

Solar power. Actively promote the construction of photovoltaic and solar thermal power projects, and planning arrangements for the construction scale of 20 million-kilowatt during the year, new installed capacity 18 million-kilowatt. Orderly part of project work, project 20 million-kilowatt.

(B) efficient utilization of clean coal project

Reformation of coal electric ultra low emission and energy-saving. Further promotion of reform work, scheduled to be completed during the year with ultra low emission improvement scale 80 million-kilowatt, complete energy-saving size 60 million-kilowatt.

Coal processing. Solid progress has started construction of demonstration projects, and plans to complete the building of God huaning coal indirect liquefaction of coal during the year (4 million tons/year), Lu ‘ an mining integrated clean use of high-sulfur coal, a project (1 million tons/year), such as demonstration projects. Construction of orderly conditions of project approval, plans to start the construction this year and the Soviet Union’s new energy and coal gasification, Inner Mongolia yitai coal indirect liquefaction and other demonstration projects. Yili, yitai coal indirect liquefaction, yufu in bijie of Guizhou province (na Yong) indirect Coal Liquefaction project preliminary work.

(C) make energy systems engineering

Reform of coal electric participate in peak. Expansion of coal-fired electricity participation in peak improvement in scope, planning the reconstruction scale 20 million-kilowatt above, plans to increase the peak capacity of 4 million-kilowatt.

Peak-use natural gas power plants. And natural gas source in the load set a secure area and building natural gas peak power plant, plans to add capacity during the year 1 million-kilowatt.

Pumped-storage power station. Actively promote the building project, plan put into operation during the year, Jiangsu liyang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Hainan, Hainan medium pumped, new installed capacity 2 million-kilowatt. Promote conditions of approved construction projects, ninghai, Zhejiang, plans to start the construction this year, Hunan pingjiang, Inner Mongolia pumped storage projects such as Swiss cheese, launching of new scale to reach a 10 million-kilowatt.

Energy storage. Actively promote the building project this year plans to build Suzhou Phaeton, Nyima, Tibet, Dalian branch (part), BYD Park in Changsha, Shanxi sunshine, in bijie of Guizhou province and other energy projects. Promote narada Zhenjiang energy Internet, Takakage technology, Suzhou Suzhou jinxiang, Suzhou Industrial Park, narada, Sun power, sunlight, Samsung and Trina, zhongtian technology, Dalian branch (part) projects in such conditions. Erenhot, lion technology, GCL integrated energy storage power station project preliminary work.

Natural gas peak shaving facilities. Actively promote the jintan salt cave, double 6, xiangguo Temple have been put into operation, such as gas expansion capacity, promoting the construction of underground gas storage in the original 23 this year plans to start the construction of the original 23, HuaBei and Dagang natural gas storage capacity expansion and reform, all new work for more than 300 million cubic metres of gas.

Across the province, trans-regional power transmission channel. Actively promote the building project, plans to add more than 500,000 volts and power capacity during the year (converter capacity) 136.001 million VA released 14,700 kilometers of transmission lines. Promote conditions of approved construction projects.

Oil and gas pipeline network. Actively promote the building project, plans to build second Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline during the year, four in Shaanxi-Beijing line. Promote conditions of approved construction projects, plans to start the construction of Sino-Russian Eastern gas pipeline during the year (control project has been started), the coal gas transmission pipeline in qianjiang-Shaoguan, Xinjiang.

(D) the project of creation of energy consumption patterns

Energy alternatives. Shore power in coal-fired boilers, kilns, ports and other key areas of alternative, implemented a number of energy substitution works planned alternative energy 90 billion-kilowatt, all year round.

Natural gas instead. In Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei “no coal” and coal quality control area, on the premise of implementing gas source, the implementation of civil, industrial “coal gas” project. Promotional travel automobile industry “oil replaced by gas” project.

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Actively promote the construction of post, plans to post this year to 900,000. Which public post 100,000 private post 800,000.

(E) energy benefiting people project

Upgrade to upgrade rural power grids. Plans to start the construction project of the year 1400, the scale of investment of 41 billion yuan, with investment of 9 billion yuan in the central budget. Plan project built 1900, 63 billion yuan investment, investment of 8.5 billion yuan in the central budget, special building Fund 4.9 billion yuan.

PV for poverty alleviation. Year plan PV scale 8 million-kilowatt on poverty reduction, benefit 640,000 file state poor. Among them, the village-level power station 2 million-kilowatt, benefiting about 400,000 files state card poor; centralized power station 6 million-kilowatt, benefit 240,000 file state poor.

Provincial (district, municipal) energy authorities, energy companies, to conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on energy policies, on steady growth and promoting reform, adjusting structure and improve people’s livelihood, risk and other key areas of work, active, pay close attention to tasks. All sectors of the National Energy Board, to refine the formulation of work programmes and specific timetable and roadmap for further strengthening coherence, coordination and supervision, together formed an industry-wide work force, to prepare for the year of energy work to create a good environment for development.

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