National Energy Board s first multiple complementary optimization demonstration

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According to national development reform Board National Energy Council on advance more can complementary integrated optimization model engineering construction of implementation views (sent modified energy (2016) 1430th,, following referred to implementation views), and national energy Council integrated Division on declared more can complementary integrated optimization model engineering about matters of notification (country can fully planning (2016) No. 480,, following referred to notification), about requirements, National Energy Council organization carried out has more can complementary integrated optimization model engineering audit finds work, Verified by an expert evaluation, on-site and online publicity work procedures, established one of the first demonstration projects. Related matters are hereby notified as follows:

, The first batch of many complementary integrated optimization model projects a total of 23 projects, of which terminals integrated energy supply system 17 6, wind-hydro energy storage can complement system (see annex).

Second, project implementation unit to the scientific preparation of the implementation programme, choosing mode of operation, strict compliance with project infrastructure procedures, demonstration projects to advance work to ensure that demonstration projects on implementation of quality and progress. The first demonstration project began in principle should be made before end of June 2017, completed and put into operation before the end of 2018.

Third, the relevant provincial (district, municipal) Administrative Department of energy demonstration project in the region of organization and coordination and supervision, proper pace of energy-related projects, specific projects should be in line with relevant regulations of the State. Complementary optimization demonstration projects involved in wind power, photovoltaic power generation project, “three North” areas should be strictly Digest stock, other regions should be based on the preferred stock of digestive, and incremental. Local energy authorities to track the progress of the project, take the initiative to solve problems in the implementation of the project, implementation report and recommendations to the relevant authorities in a timely manner, ensure that demonstration projects construction progress, quality and demonstration effects.

Four, the grid, gas networks, heating pipe network to do a demonstration project supporting project planning, related projects carried out in a timely manner to develop demonstration projects on-grid operation scheme, providing timely, convenient and barrier-free access to the Internet and emergency services, implement fair scheduling.

Five, the demonstration project implementation “could be out” mechanism. Project that has been included in one of the first demonstration projects, such as major changes in model requirements are not met, or failed to start before the end of June 2017, will be cancelled. Provincial (district, municipal) Department of energy national model projects in the region can be, as a secondary item reported to the National Energy Board, the National Energy Board will discuss the follow-up examination and determination of the demonstration project. Provincial (district, municipal) Energy Authority may, in accordance with the implementation and the notice requirement, combined with the circumstances around launched with local characteristics, the scale of reasonable and balance to dissolve on the spot demonstration projects, and related policies.

Six, after the project is completed, project implementation units should be timely completion application to provincial energy departments, provincial energy departments, in conjunction with the national energy administration agency after acceptance by, and organizations to develop projects and inspection reports, and reported to the National Energy Board. The National Energy Board will organize experts to assess the project, subject to a number of complementary engineering requirements of integrated optimization model for executing the example extension, does not meet, no longer as a demonstration project.

Seven, local Office of the national energy Administration should strengthen the complementary integrated demonstration project construction and operation supervision, promote complementary effective implementation of integrated demonstration project.

Annex: first complementary optimization demonstration projects list

National Energy Board's first multiple complementary optimization demonstration projects list

Original title: National Energy Board announced the first complementary integrated demonstration project notice

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