New energy sector during the Spring Festival vacation to take as many limit

Polaris solar PV net news: January 10 Department put in Shandong province during the Spring Festival “limit the wind limit light” after the relevant notification, Zhangjiakou City development and Reform Commission has also announced that, during the Spring Festival for some wind power, photovoltaic power generation limited or stopped management. “In fact, in addition to these two (Shandong, Zhangjiakou), there are a lot of places will increase during the Chinese new year on wind power and PV limit. Looking to the country, during the Spring Festival (about 5 days) will be abandoned air rate, abandoned rate was a high point for the year. “Industry person who declined to be named told reporters.

According to press reports, although this means people during the Spring Festival period is difficult to clean, but taking into account “during the Spring Festival peak load dropped significantly (trade),” “ensuring safety during the Spring Festival” and “ensure that heat” and other industry parties to “temporary wind limit during the Spring Festival” expressed understanding of the measures.

New energy sector during the Spring Festival

Shandong province, Spring Festival

First limit PV

On January 10, 2017, via letter, the national energy administration, Shandong province, Shandong Office of Shandong electric power dispatching control center jointly issued a circular on notification of Spring Festival in 2017 new energy peak. According to the circular, Shandong province during the Spring Festival peak load will drop substantially, conventional methods can not meet peak requirements, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grids, management at different times during the Spring Festival of photovoltaic, wind turbine operation gives the requirements.

Among them, from January 19 to February 12, Shandong electric power dispatching control center for distributed wind power for daily generation scheduling and notifying dispatch implementation period, dispatch informed implementation by wind farms. The output of wind farms should be controlled strictly according to the schedule, shall not be higher than the planned curve operation.

In addition, from January 27 to February 2, each outage peak PV power station in Shandong province from January 20 to January 26, February 3 to February 11, Shandong electric power dispatching control center will be based on power running, power adjustment means exhausted, according to “abandon the wind and dumped” notice around the principle of photovoltaic power station.

In this connection, electricity stakeholders in Shandong province told reporters in an interview, he describes, “during the Spring Festival peak load after whether it is day or night, will drop a lot, almost always about half. But overall, in Shandong province, photovoltaic, wind turbine impact on the power grid is not very big, the Spring Festival ‘ limit wind limit ‘ main objective is to ensure that heat, because most in thermal power plant is a cogeneration, assumed the task of heating to residents “.

“However, we are not in this for a few days ‘ leave wind up ‘, but wind power, photovoltaic power that the enterprises in accordance with the plans, although they do not think how far these days, but we will plan generation as much as possible to them. ”

It is understood that the previous, Shandong province, will be the first time the Spring Festival this year “limit”, and at the time of last year’s Spring Festival, Shandong province only for wind power limited.

“This is the result of PV installed capacity increased significantly. “One industry insider described to reporters,” since 2015, Shandong has become the focus of PV power plant investors nuggets provinces. In the context of installing surge, photovoltaic power plant, Shandong province installed capacity increased, output of photovoltaic power plant in the province during the Spring Festival in 2016, only 200,000-kilowatt-300,000-kilowatt, but by 2017 solar maximum output has reached 2.35 million-kilowatt. ”

“Abandoning wind up”

Troubling new energy industry

Immediately after Shandong province, County, Zhangjiakou City, national development and Reform Commission issued the new energy power equipment safety and security work during the Spring Festival notice. Notification pointed out that, according to national grid North power company requirements, for Festival during electricity load declined, for ensure Festival during grid security run, will on part wind electric, and PV power Enterprise for limited sent or stopped electricity, requirements the County District sent modified Council, and new energy do notification area Enterprise do Festival during power equipment guarantees maintenance work, avoid new energy power equipment caused damaged, ensure equipment security.

Despite the temporary during the Spring Festival “limit the wind limit” measures, Parties expressed their understanding of the industry, but nationwide, “abandon wind up” has become one of the most vexing thing new energy industry, especially in Northwest China.

According to data issued by the National Energy Board energy regulation in the Northwest, in China in 2016 five Northwestern provinces (districts) up wind power 26.225 billion kWh, abandoned the wind was 33.34%. Among them, abandoned in Gansu and Xinjiang wind up to 43.11% and 38.37%, respectively. Five Northwestern provinces (districts) abandon the electro-optical 7.042 billion kWh, abandon rates 19.81%. Among them, Xinjiang, Gansu, photovoltaic power generation operation more difficult, leaving light 32.23% and 30.45%, respectively.

In the view of the industry, in Northwest China, “abandon the wind up”, and cannot be blamed entirely absorbed into the grid capacity lags behind. From the perspective of market supply and demand, in recent years, the fastest growth of new energy capacity in Northwest region, local social demand slowdown exacerbated the situation of excess electricity. For example, in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, 2016 total electricity consumption peak load 11.52 million-kilowatt, and local renewable energy installed capacity has reached 13.375 million kilowatts. In total electricity consumption peak load 13.391 million kW in Gansu province, and new energy installed capacity up to 19.574 million kilowatts. It boils down to eliminate the problem of the contradiction between the two.

Also because of this, to ease the PV to dissolve contradictions, relevant departments have started to adjust the direction, encouraging the development of distributed power plant, expanding the “PV +” comprehensive utilization project, on the light resource advantages of accelerating the construction of powerful network support in the Northwest, increase output capacity, avoid cleaning the waste of energy.

The solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” plan specifically requested to abandon power places, strictly control the centralized PV power plant construction, speeding up the abandoned power that have emerged, taking local absorptive and expanded delivery methods, improve the utilization of centralized PV power plant built and reduce abandon optical power ratio. Meanwhile, in “three North” area of the existing and planned the construction of UHV power delivery channels, in accordance with the principle of preferred stock, optimization of incremental, ordered construction of solar power plants, increasing the proportion of renewable energy in power delivery channel, effectively expanding the “three North” area range solar power to dissolve.

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