New energy subsidies widening gap green card could be a boost

Polaris solar PV net news: on February 3, the State Council issued on trial basis renewable sources of energy-green power certificates issued and notice of voluntary subscription system (hereinafter referred to as the notice). New energy power generation gap has been subsidies, payment of subsidies appear less bothered by the situation or change. Recently, this reporter interviewed and hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Vice President Yi Yue chun, in his view, with the promotion of policy has intensified, society as a “green certificate” recognition step by step, China’s “green certificate” voluntary subscription will be very broad market prospects.

“Green certificates” setting range is objective and pragmatic move

“Green power certificate” (following referred to “green card”) is national on power Enterprise each MW Shi non-water can renewable energy Internet power issued of has only code identifies of electronic voucher, by national can renewable energy information management Center (following referred to “information center”) according to national energy Council related management provides, through national energy Council can renewable energy power project information management platform (following referred to “information platform”) to meet qualification of can renewable energy power Enterprise issued. Any enterprise and the public can voluntarily purchase “green certificate” as proof that consumption of green electricity, supports the development of green power.

In the case of new energy power generation subsidy gap has been widening, the “green card” makes a lot of sense of new energy power generation enterprises is an injection of “boost” sell “green card” timely withdrawal of funds or will become the new choice for many new energy power generation enterprises.

“Green card” in the scope only covers included in the list of State subsidies of onshore wind power and photovoltaic power generation (not distributed). The reason is, is because of risk prevention and control concerns. Easy jump Spring said: sea wind electric initial investment big, and construction cycle long, and investment risk high, implementation “green card” trading may to project returns brings must fluctuations risk; light hot power just started, also not into scale development stage, electric price policy also in exploration stage; distributed PV power in regulatory and power measurement Shang has must difficulty, and may on early of “green card” trading caused must impact; biological quality power technology type more, and the technology type electric price policy not same, environmental regulatory difficulty also larger. Therefore, these items were not considered for inclusion in the “green certificate” issued by the object.

And land wind electric and PV power project, technology more mature, project scale in China non-water can renewable energy in the of share high, need national large subsidies support, early let these project participation “green card” trading helps promote industry sustainable development, so, the policy consider first will included national can renewable energy electric price additional grants directory within of land wind electric and PV power project (not containing distributed) as “green card” issued object is objective pragmatic of. Along with industrial development and technological progress in the future, consider distributed solar power, offshore wind energy and solar thermal power generation, biomass power generation projects issued by the progressive integration object.

Sale of “green card” is a powerful supplement subsidy

By the end of 2016, the cumulative subsidy funding gap had reached some 60 billion yuan, according to the existing subsidies, subsidies until 2020 the gap will expand to more than 300 billion yuan, the “green card” appears to better bridge the funding gap.

Jump spring explained that China’s national conditions, China’s “green card” is still considered to be market based pricing, but not higher than the corresponding standards of State subsidies. In terms of subsidies, to purchase “green certificate” means the number to offset the subsidy margin, namely power plants to sell “green certificate” of the corresponding charge additional funds no longer qualify for the national renewable electricity price subsidies.

Visible, the “green card” was not intended to replace State subsidies, but rather a means to increase the subsidies for new energy sources, it will, to a certain extent reduce pressure on State subsidies, especially to alleviate the current subsidy arrears situation, significantly reducing the financial cost. Meanwhile, new energy power generation enterprises also need to improve overall conversion efficiency through technological progress, through large scale management and competitive selection, cost reduction, so as to gradually reduce subsidies for new energy power needs.

“Green card” policy will evolve gradually improved

“Green certificate” voluntary subscription is to explore “green card” mechanism “pioneer” is the next step to implement “green card” mandatory Foundation deals save experience. “Green certificate” issued by the scope, duration, number of transactions restrictions, quota checking object key policy design needs to be considered, such as the new energy industry developments and existing price mechanisms to develop, and with industry developments, technology advances and electricity market reform constantly adjust and improve.

For the current “green card” only once during the term of the provisions is determined based on the premise of fostering voluntary market. Easy jump spring explained said, consider to “green card” in voluntary subscription stage, main is as enterprise and personal participation green energy consumption, and governance air pollution, and upgrade its social image and social responsibility of main credentials, not need again trading, while for avoid “green card” trading early may exists of market hype behavior, the policy provides has “green card” by subscription Hou shall not again trading. The future of “green card” compulsory trades can be taken into account when allowing multiple transactions.

See all over the world, the “green card” and mandatory quotas are at stake. Internationally, the “green card” system is usually renewable energy sources quota system policy, for example in the UK, Australia and other countries and some States in the United States, companies need to comply with quotas for renewable electricity sales provisions, in the sale of power will need to purchase a certain proportion of “green certificates”, “green card” gap you need to pay the fine.

Jump spring that “green permit” mandatory cap and trade to establish a process, there is no specific timetable, depending on the specific circumstances in 2018, initiate. Mandatory cap and trade involves many issues, particularly on the subject of the assessment to determine, in the case of electricity market reforms have not been fully carried out, is to check the Government, users, selling the company or check power is a problem, need to be carefully studied by combined electricity market reforms to promote full decision. Meanwhile, taking into account the existing “green certificate” voluntary market transaction, if the voluntary market share is large enough, can effectively reduce the subsidy pressure, easing of fossil energy consumption resulted in environmental protection, the haze problem, start the urgency of green certificate mandatory cap and trade is not so strong, and vice versa.

“Green card” is to support the best of green power certificate

“Green card” as the consumption of green electricity, supports the development of green power certificate is not an empty promise. For businesses, community organizations and individuals, the “green certificate” are valuable. China’s solemn commitment to the world by 2020, achieve the goal of non-fossil energy consumption accounted for more than 15%. To achieve this goal, smog to effective governance, promoting the revolution in energy production and consumption in China, there is an urgent need to develop wind power, solar power and other green power.

Supporting green power, is not a simple as chanting slogans, “green card” as the best support of green power products, are statistics and measurement, a “green card” corresponds to 1000 new energy power generation.

“Green card” in enhancing the brand image and product publicity will also bring tangible benefits. Easy jump to Apple in the spring, for example about the “green certificate” for the role of corporate brand image. Apple’s brand, reputation, and their continued support of green electricity is important. Apple set 100% using green power goals, by the end of 2015 the company 93% of energy used from renewable sources. Apple’s approach is recognized by consumers, similar products, while Apple’s more expensive, consumers are still willing to choose their products, because in the eyes of consumers, the company has a stronger sense of social responsibility.

In addition, the green electricity consumption in the field of public service has a natural advantage, as compared to the reforestation or other carbon reduction activities, purchasing green electricity consumption easier to measure, easy to monitor, easy to achieve good publicity. So for businesses, can produce good “advertising”.

Currently, China “green card” market only just began established, for achieved on market of effective foster, except on green energy consumption of publicity outside, also need supporting developed corresponding of incentive measures, for example through green power certification give enterprise honors, and for subscription “green card” enterprise of products added posted green electric label, and for personal sales “mini green card”, way, are is upgrade enterprise social brand image, mobilization enterprise and personal more widely, and in-depth to participation “green card” subscription of enthusiasm of good approach. Meanwhile, China “along the way” strategy of economic development, could gradually be strengthened in the future “green certificate” international recognition of the label, achieve green electricity production enterprises of international traffic.

Leap spring finally said, in China’s “green certificate” voluntary subscription policy was launched, many transnational corporations and domestic famous enterprises, advisory and other bodies have come in to purchase “green card”, and expressed a strong willingness to subscribe. The current “green certificate” relevant preparations have been complete, information platform to meet the requirement on July 1 this year of on-line transactions. Believe successful voluntary subscription market, bound for the next green certificate compulsory trading based on renewable energy quota system implemented to lay good foundation for public opinion, and to accumulate the necessary experience and technical strength.

Original title: hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Vice President Yi Yue Chun: the “green certificate” voluntary subscription market prospects

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