Or in March to address the European Union photovoltaic products to China double

Polaris solar PV net news: on February 7, the news Web site of the European Union the European Union dynamic (EurActiv) reports, the EU is expected on March 3 solve the double reverse cases of PV products to China.

Or in March to address the European Union photovoltaic products to China double reverse

According to reports, after the receipt of the objection of Member States, the European Union is considering shortening the double countermeasures of extension of time.

Three years ago, the EU started to impose high tariffs on Chinese products, and at the end of 2015 to expand trade measures. But take a less restrictive European Photovoltaic Industry’s call for more and more.

In January, most EU countries objected to the European Commission to extend the double countermeasures of two years initially planned.

Media reports said the EU is considering countervailing measures is extended to 18 months.

China’s Ministry of Commerce has repeatedly urged the EU to put an end to double exports of Chinese photovoltaic products countermeasures, said extension of the countervailing measures would damage the interests of both sides.

The Ministry of Commerce said earlier that European countries to cut subsidies for solar panel and set the minimum import price, clean energy growth in Europe has been a drag on.

Hundreds of European companies and environmental organizations asked the European Commission to abolish these measures, because the price of solar panels has been raised, photovoltaic industry development.

Swedish EU Parliament Member Christofer Fjellner said: “it is allowed by the Committee at the end of China PV products double reverse. ”

“Only in this way, our ideals and open trade policy have credibility in an efficient, cost-effective way to fight climate change. “Fjellner said.

In 2013, eventually reaching the minimum import prices and ahead of China’s import quotas, China double countermeasures taken for photovoltaic products and the EU had a major controversy.

Original title: EU or in March to provide solutions for photovoltaic products to China double reverse

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