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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Hebei on 2016 issued the first village of grid-connected PV power station for poverty alleviation plan notice

Arranged grid-connected photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation projects at the village level to 929, 268,900 kW total, involved in 1066 the village, helping the poor: 54197 households.

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2.2017-part competitive allocation of special funds in Zhejiang Province development and reform implementation plan

New key projects including: even the family rooftop PV power generation projects (more than 5000), large public buildings roof, distributed PV (10 MW or more); terrestrial PV (20 MW).

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3. the organization distributed photovoltaic subsidy declared 2017-2018, Dongguan, Guangdong project

January 1, 2017-December 31, 2018, the municipal development and reform Council record and grid-connected electricity sector acceptance by the city of distributed solar power projects.

Grant 120MW of capacity, connected to the project is completed according to the grant application time first-come, first-served, the portion is not subsidies.

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4. the chancheng, Foshan, Guangdong in relation to 2017 distributed PV power generation projects for incentives and subsidy notifications (draft for soliciting opinions)

(1) eligible projects according to 200,000/MW standards on investors ‘ one-off grants. Individual project grants up to 500,000 yuan.

(2) State “Golden Sun” and “building integrated photovoltaics”, my “civil construction energy saving development funds” investment subsidy of photovoltaic power generation project, no more subsidies.

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5. photovoltaic roof of Shanxi province’s industrial enterprises survey

Recently, Shanxi province by the information Commission issued the letter of photovoltaic roof survey of industrial enterprises in the province requires municipalities across the province, the industrial park on the area of the roof integrated survey area of more than 5000 square metres of industrial enterprises, and on February 25, on paper and electronic version of the report.

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6. National Energy Board releases submitted to the progress made in the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration project notice

Demonstration projects of investment enterprises, technical routes, sources of technology and systems integration enterprise, and other important content and Energy Council issued a notice before is definitely different, highlighted in the report. Participating in the demonstration project is clear when we compare the competitive enterprises and key technology of equipment Integrator partnership cannot be allowed to change.

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Market review

1. green electricity certificate trading start pricing problem how to solve?

Was seen as photovoltaic and wind power part of the added benefits of renewable green power certificate trading, starting on the front desk.

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the National Energy Board issued on trial basis of renewable green power certificates issued and a system of voluntary subscription notice, on the issuance and trading of green certificates and we have made some provisions. And clearly, green power certificates subscription as of July 1, 2017.

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2.2016 shares overall prosperity of the photovoltaic plate 31 companies only 2 losses

Though still facing left, subsidies, “double reverse” such difficulties, but recently the National Energy Board issued a series of statistical data and the supportive policy, both past 2016, can still anticipate the next few years, overall, China PV growth path is perfectly flat.

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3. Northwest last year PV 28% PV accounted for only shifting to the East in speed

New photovoltaic power installed capacity in the country, Northwest 9.74 million-kilowatt, accounted for 28% of the Northwest area for 24.8 million-kilowatt, 72% of the country.

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4.2017 PV-wave spike back down?

Competition, overcapacity and low prices overseas “double reverse” remains on the Chinese PV industry’s three mountains, but in just the past 2016, PV enterprises is Sotheby’s finished the race. In recent days, shares photovoltaic plates covered the concept of 36 listed companies announce the 2016 annual notices to company performance than 90%.

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5. the global prices continued to decline in cost per kilowatt of solar energy more competitive

Abundant resources and vast land space area of sunshine, is the most suitable place for development of solar energy in General; if in line with the national policy support, the solar power potential in this area is enormous. This is the main reason for India’s recent rise.

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6. variety of products and higher raw material prices and solar thermal demonstration project construction under pressure

According to reporter multi understand, near paragraph time yilai, except melt salt products outside (see this network previously reported: melt salt price rose near 30% to model project procurement cost big increased), construction light hot power station by needed of steel, and super white glass, and thermal conductivity oil, variety products and raw materials of market are appeared has different range of rose, is expected to will light hot model project of construction cost brings larger pressure.

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7. PV products start to China the fourth administrative review of countervailing investigations

Washington time on February 13, 2017, United States Department of Commerce announced decisions on Chinese imports of PV products start the fourth administrative review of countervailing investigations.

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Enterprise version

1.2016 top global shipments of photovoltaic module manufacturer ranking

Research and consulting firm GlobalData’s latest report shows that in just the past 2016, jinko to 6.6~6.7GW PV module shipments exceed Trina become TOP.1. Trina, followed by shipments to 6.3~6.55GW last year.

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2. the road to photovoltaic industry giants

Due to the development of the domestic market, as well as some strategies for enterprises in the international market, clear recovery of the photovoltaic industry in recent years, market concentration has been increasing. Whether in the upper reaches of the Silicon material, also is in the middle of cells, modules, such as production, as well as the terminal station and raw materials market development, many large enterprises have been formed, occupy a considerable share in the market, produced many of the industry’s Giants.

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3.SolarWorld will stop production of polycrystalline between 2019 and cut 400 jobs

SolarWorld said in a recent press statement, based on preliminary financial data for its 2016, to focus on competitiveness, the company will be focused on single crystals from 2017 onwards efficient product development and promotion.

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4. restructuring underperforming Luoyang glass intended for 800 million pyramid solar thermal power generation

Coincides with the solar thermal industry outlet, Luoyang glass, at the loss of the layout of the area. On February 16, Luoyang glass said, is expected to building materials (Puyang) opto-electronic materials limited ultra light materials project (hereinafter referred to as the new project) 800.3 million Yuan investment. In the new project, Luoyang glass creates the first ultra light material production line, while Luoyang glass which would effectively break the foreign monopoly.

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5. sharp policy turn build a photovoltaic power station of power plant and reduce production costs

Due to the Southeast Asian Government’s energy policy changes, sharp (Sharp) in local changed strategy, originally to set up solar power plants mainly from business to help build solar independent power to save on electricity costs, equivalent to echo encountered wave of self-provided power plant of a Chinese factory.

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International articles

1.2016 double us solar market rose to 14.6GW

According to GTMResearch, and the solar energy industries Association (SEIA) released the latest data show that from 2015 to 2016, the US solar market, representing an increase of 95%, installed capacity up to 14.6GW. 2016 is the iconic American solar market for one year.

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2. Australia or installed in housing for lithium ion batteries

Australia’s policy prohibits installing lithium-ion batteries to store energy within the House and garage equipment, including powerwalls Tesla products. Policy StandardsAustralia of the draft may draft next week.

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3. Saudi Arabia will launch solar thermal project to further optimize energy structure

Recently, Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister KhalidAlFalih announced that Saudi Arabia will launch in the next few weeks the new renewable energy tenders. According to reports, the tender is divided into three phases, the first phase includes installed capacity respectively, 300MW, 400MW of solar and wind power projects, phase II and phase III, including solar-thermal power generation and garbage power generation projects. Among them, solar-thermal power project will build, own and transfer (BOT) model for development.

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4. the European Commission approved France’s Solar plans to add 2.6GW

The European Commission has recently approved under EU State aid rules a new solar plan for France. New programmes will enable France added about 2.6GW solar, bringing the French to 23% renewable energy targets set by the European Union.

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