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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. National Energy Board 2017 energy issued guidance: continuation of PV leader in action

National Energy Board issued the notice on 2017 energy issued guidance, (hereinafter referred to as the notice), the requirements of the notice, to develop solar energy. Continued implementation of the photovoltaic power generation “leaders”, give full play to the market mechanism, push the cost down. Adjusting the PV power plant development, strict control of abandoned places added scale, over 5% province to abandon light suspension arrangements new photovoltaic power. Steadily advancing the first solar thermal power generation demonstration project.

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2. the reward list for distributed solar power projects, Beijing (third batch)

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission issued on issued < distributed pv incentive fund management in beijing approach > notices are to be incorporated into the reward list for distributed solar power projects in Beijing (third batch) of distributed solar power projects of publicity. Publicity on February 23, 2017-March 1, 2017 (5 working days).

Among them, corporate units and 9 total size 7986.3kW, natural, 1207, size 10074.5kW.

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3. Henan grid-connected wind farms and photovoltaic power plant operation management rules (draft for soliciting opinions)

New wind farms, photovoltaic power stations since the first Typhoon turbine or grid-connected inverter date after six months into the rules of appraisal management; expansion of wind farms, photovoltaic power stations since the first Typhoon turbine or grid-connected inverters that date, to set update parameters, these rules are automatically incorporated into assessment management, eliminating technology due to expansion combined with main station during debugging management assessment.

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4. Hebei regarding release of the second batch of village PV power plant grid planning and construction of photovoltaic projects notice on work

This instalment arrangement village grid-connected photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation plan 88, 25,800 kW total, involving 88 villages, helping the poor: 5165. Project are meet on active advance village level PV poverty power station (containing households with) construction of guide views (Ji Fa modified energy (2016) 1201th,) about requirements, and by the city development reform Board, and poverty do joint declared, and to County for units prepared has implementation programme, clear has village level power station construction locations, and construction shipped dimension enterprise and each households corresponds to 5-kilowatt, annual not below 3000 Yuan, and continuous 20 years poverty standard.

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5. the Yulin on doing photovoltaic power generation project management notification (draft for soliciting opinions)

Record permission: using fixed buildings roof, and wall surface and the subsidiary places construction of PV power project and all spontaneous use of ground PV power station project, 300-kilowatt following of distributed PV poverty power station project, by the County District (industrial zone) sent modified Council (by sent Council) record; ground PV power station project by city sent Board record (including scale not over 20 MW, and to 35,000 v and the following voltage grade access grid, and Electricity generated by pressure swing district to dissolve and outlets distributed PV PV and agricultural greenhouses).

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6. the yuexi County, Anhui Province issued on 2017 PV project plan of

Raise funds from multiple sources. In accordance with the “household PV power plants each province subsidizes 8000 for poverty alleviation, poor households account for 8000 Yuan, remaining part of the city and County support” principle, the various villages and towns hold poor households raise the necessary funding in place, self-financing difficulties can apply for microcredit for poverty alleviation. Villages village collective photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation self-financing social support, corporate donation, apply for a financial discount loans, and other diversified funding, reduce the economic pressures of villages.

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Market review

1. China PV industry development road map (2016)

A few days ago, the Ministry of electronics and information Division issued the China PV industry development road map (2016), (hereinafter referred to as the roadmap), the road map covering all aspects of PV industry chain, involving bar/ingot/wafer, polycrystalline silicon, Silicon battery components, systems, components, balance and other aspects of the 62 key indicators.

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2. Hebei published 2017 distributed PV-adjusted price standard: non-roof roof 1.05 Yuan/kWh for full Internet 0.85 Yuan/kWh

Recently, the Hebei provincial departments issued price pipe “2017” 4th policy document on the 2017 distributed PV-adjusted pricing standards. Paper, full Internet access of distributed solar power projects, accepting applications after January 1, 2017, or 2017 before accepting the application but have not been completed prior to June 30, 2017-grid, project for implementation of the 2017 full Internet pricing. Full Internet access on the roof 1.05 Yuan/kWh, non-roofed 0.85 Yuan per kilowatt hour, plus VAT.

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3. the representative of the global Internet road map due to solar energy for clean energy to do what?

What exactly is a global energy Internet? Most people facing such a large and complex concept is still puzzled. But according to some estimates, building a global energy Internet able to pull the world’s investment of more than $50 trillion, and related industries including high-end manufacturing, new energy, new materials, electric cars and so on.

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4. micro-grid PV industry debut “big fuss”?

With large-scale development of new energy, photovoltaic power generation installed capacity, will be indispensable to the grid system impact, including the corresponding grid capacity and distribution network investment and reverse peak capacity requirements.

Existing policies and activities, for the resolution of these issues, the main approach is based on two legs to walk. Investment is to increase grid transmission and load capacity, enable the grid to adapt to the new energy requirements; the other, is new energy’s own solve problems of instability, including micro-grid construction, storage facilities applications.

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5. solar project of the war

National Energy Board releases the latest figures show that by the end of 2016, photovoltaic power generation capacity in China 34.54GW, a total installed capacity of 77.42GW. Scale soaring is behind the rising demand for land, land shortage, in particular photovoltaic transfer pattern to the population is concentrated in the East, limited land availability, land issues will become even more prominent.

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6. new energy and electricity trading “Johnnie”: the abandoned light was cut?

The measures in the new provinces are basically energy to dissolve stress, help at the same time, issues related to “water”. According to the relevant data show that from 2015 in Gansu’s two “new alternative energy generation enterprise-owned power plant deal”, due to the large capacity of new energy enterprises, abandon light wind up seriously, new energy only by repeated price cuts, alternative trading has become a captive power plant of reaping huge profits “flesh”.

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7. trade the grim 2017 PV why export promising?

Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association recently released data show that from September 2016 onwards, photovoltaic products in China’s total exports fell significantly, with exports to the US fell for the bluff. Under the backdrop of the severe situation in 2017, trade, and industry insiders have a good attitude about the export situation, which is why?

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Enterprise version

1. sharp “Hon Hai” operating OK? Can be seen from the photovoltaic business

Sharp business reconstruction has made progress. On February 17, sharp announced a rise in 2016 fiscal year (ended March 2017) performance expectations, consolidated ordinary profit and loss of 9.9 billion yen profit (192.4 billion yen loss last fiscal year). Appear only in the main sectors in the photovoltaic cell business operating loss of Taiwan’s Hon Hai precision industry implementation of the procurement reform has yielded results. But photovoltaic cells and liquid crystal panel the competitive environment remains very tough, sharp’s overall reconstruction remains subject.

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2. easily into new end buy, LDK LDK

Last night, easy into new can released announcement said, company intends through issued shares and the paid cash purchase Jiangxi game dimension LDK Solar hi-tech limited 100% equity and game dimension LDK Solar hi-tech (Xinyu) limited 100% equity, for objective environment and the regulatory policy occurred changes on company this times major assets restructuring programme produced major effect, by company and trading parties friendly consultations, intends terminated implementation this times major assets restructuring matters.

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3. the Tesla’s performance improved solar business will pick up the task

Mr MASKEY said the end of the year, we hope to finalize the Tesla 3, 4 and 5th Super factory plant locations. This means that, together with its solar panel plant in Buffalo, New York (2nd Super factory), Tesla company finally will have 5 Super plant.

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4. the Chinese PV market introduction of foreign capital “to seize the” DSM’s acquisition of local companies innovative technologies

Benefit from renewable energy policy to support China PV industry reconstruction “blowout”-type growth, good prospects to attract foreign investment “to seize”. Multinational giants Royal Dutch DSM announced here on 16th, through the acquisition of technical layout of the expanding PV market in China.

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5. solar warming yiheng technology make over 50 million a year in cash flow is negative?

Ban company yiheng, new technologies recently released its 2016 annual revenue of 313 million Yuan, an increase of 81.53%; net income of 56.1233 million Yuan, an increase of 183.51%, but its cash flow remained negative.

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International articles

1. EU PV producers prepare to take legal action to protect its right to future PV Application sunset review

Mlex2 9th professional legal media coverage. If the European Commission decides to photovoltaic product double-extension of the implementation of countermeasures against China 18 months, SolarWorld and other EU PV product manufacturers will put the European Commission to the European Court. The European Commission may be trying to ensure that the measures be extended to 18 months after the termination, however, SolarWorld said, will take action to protect its right to apply for the sunset review.

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2. the United States solar industry at their peak are expected to become natural gas alternatives

GTM Research Institute and the American solar energy society reports, 2016 solar installed capacity reached the peak of 14.626MW, compared with total installed capacity 2015 7.5GW a 95%. All new power sources, solar accounted for 39%, up from 26% of the 29% of natural gas and wind power.

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3. start 300MW project bidding information on March 20

Riyadh News: the world’s biggest oil exporter Saudi Arabia, the Department of energy issued a statement on 20th, announced the launch of solar and wind power project bidding. These renewable energy projects included in the northern provinces of Saudi Arabia to build 300 megawatts of solar thermal power projects and build 400 megawatts of wind projects in the North-Western provinces.

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4.2017 Middle East solar-thermal power total installed capacity up to 1.3GW

Recently, the solar energy industries Association in the Middle East (MESIA) latest research report shows that in 2017, the Middle East and North Africa region to develop projects on solar thermal power installed capacity will reach a total of about 1.3GW.

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5.2016Q4 photovoltaic solar module shipments down 5%

JPEA data show that as of the end of December 2016, solar cell and module shipments in Japan 1.7GW. Compared to the third quarter shipments 1.8GW, 5%.

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