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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. the National Energy Board’s first multiple complementary optimization demonstration projects list

First complementary optimization demonstration projects a total of 23 projects, of which terminals integrated energy supply systems 17, wind-hydro-thermal storage can complement system 6.

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2. the State territorial planning framework: adjusting measures to local conditions to advance new solar photovoltaic power generation

On February 4, issued by the State Council on printing and distributing the national land planning program (2016-2030), (hereinafter referred to as the platform) the platform points out that, on the premise of protecting the ecological, expanding the use of solar energy, new energy integrated utilization demonstration project, according to local conditions to advance new solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation, renewable energy development, increased share of non-fossil energy in total energy consumption.

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3. the 2016 General solar power project in Guizhou province an additional allocation of construction scale of competitive

2016 in Guizhou province competitive allocation of additional construction scale photovoltaic project work, independent auction related competitive information on projects, selection of third party organizations selected, a total of 23 project competitive selection, total installed capacity of 980,000-kilowatt. Highest rated by third parties, a total of 15 projects preferably configured size, the additional total of 498,000 kilowatts,

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Market review

1. our new energy into “built up” circle-how to solve?

One is the increasing number of abandoned light wind up, increasing installed capacity on the one hand, new energy in our country more and more into a “built up” of the cycle: the long-standing problem of conveying to dissolve not only failed to mitigate, in the past two years but worsened. “Built up” behind the excess is a new energy crisis, huge investments in the vast wilderness in the sunshine.

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2. with billions of subsidies drain the new energy has become a collective scam?

In recent years, China’s booming new energy-generating capacity, wind power capacity is close to the global one-third. But a lot of costly devices built into the device, neither generate cleaner electricity nor a return to investors. Subsidies created by the new energy power generation into a big scam?

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3. Media: the EU will gradually eliminate tariffs on imported anti-dumping against China PV module

Western media said, February 8 the European Commission proposal to extend the anti-dumping duties against Chinese solar panels for 18 months, instead of the original 24 months, while phasing out the tariffs starting from 2013. Are phased out, mainly taking into account depends on the material’s European businesses expressed concern.

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4. the PV inverter enterprise key words: technological innovation, reduce the cost and increase the efficiency, globalization

Smog City and locked climate, tide became the mainstream of global renewable energy development, policy guidance, support subsidies, capital chasing, photovoltaic and other new energy companies are on the way. But cards of conventional energy, competing under the Act, in terms of cost and technology, photovoltaic business of survival of the fittest has entered a period of accelerated. Key equipment of PV inverter PV power station, for example, 2012 up to 300 market-related enterprises in China, 2015 years to more than 100 companies, to the market in 2016 active PV inverter only has more than more than 10.

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5. wind power generation to break “obstruction”

Substantial investment in new energy, but doing “the Sun”. How to get out of the “built up” of the cycle, has become the province and the country’s new energy development one of the main tasks facing the electric power industry.

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6. wind power, photovoltaic development of Jiangxi province “cool down”

Jiangxi provincial energy Bureau recently issued for the further strengthening of wind energy project development and construction management notice (hereinafter referred to as the notice) in order to avoid wind competition intensifies in the province.

This is the strengthening PV market management, ensuring new energy health development of Jiangxi province’s second “big.”

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7. the green certificate charge is no longer subsidized the enthusiasm of what?

North China electric power University School of management Professor Yuan Jiahai told the CBN that 2017 would be purely voluntary transactions, new energy volunteers, all kinds of people to voluntarily purchase, price caps for all types of subsidies for renewable energy effectively. According to the implementation of the 2017, 2018 could put green card combines water and non-renewable energy mandatory quotas, so the enthusiasm of the demand and supply sides can really mobilized.

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Enterprise version

1.SolarFrontier the operation worsened parent company 10.7 billion yen loss recognized

Japan continued to thin solar demand shock not only to the weaker companies, manufacturers are not immune. CIS thin film factory SolarFrontier wounded in the deterioration of the environment, parent company of Showa Shell (Showa Shell) in recognition of 10.7 billion yen in special losses.

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2. two months after the termination of reorganization changes restart the triumph of science and technology by the Shanghai Stock Exchange inquiries

Has just announced the termination of reorganization and then indicate timing again after 2 months will assets restructuring, what is going on here? Triumph of technology “abnormal” behavior has also been inquiries in the SSE.

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3.2016 sharp solar business is still in non-profits

Japan’s electronics giant, sharp cut its annual loss to only us $329 million, after Foxconn shares rallied after the acquisition. However, sharp’s Solar Business Department still is not profitable.

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4. the Luoyang glass to be more than 800 million Yuan to buy 3 companies entered the field of photovoltaic glass

Announcement said that prior to this transaction, the company’s main product is super thin glass substrates. After this transaction, the company will be in business of ultra thin glass substrates on the basis of, the development of new energy glass business, rich and optimized product structure, new special function glass business bigger and stronger. Company’s future will further speed up the adjustment of product structure, enhance the pace of technological progress and the transformation and upgrading of actively responding to market competition and challenges, to strengthen the company’s ability to resist risks, market competitiveness and profitability.

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5. Han hua price per watt dome-shaped component 2.6

Principles can demand higher prices in China PV industry appears to have been inaccurate, recently reported by the hanwha energy out of 2.6 Yuan per watt Mono solar module prices and a new example.

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International articles

1. from the nuclear disaster scene to a photovoltaic power station: Chernobyl ashes

Two Chinese companies are in the famous Chernobyl nuclear accident site of a large solar-power stations should be built, this shows that investors in China helped push, using contaminated land development renewable energy or will become a global trend.

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2. push “shoot day plan” to promote photovoltaic costs drop

The United States in order to actively promote the development of solar energy, launched the “shoot day plan” (Sun Sho tInitiative) to promote industry technology progress, reduce the cost of solar panels, one goal in 2020 and to minimize solar installation costs $1 per watt, but now is expected in 2017 will be brought forward in the first half target, ahead of Schedule 3.

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3. renewable energy auction is difficult

Poland for its new contracts for difference (CfD) subsidy project bidding, this is its first auction for renewable energy in Europe. Due to various technical problems and three-fourths items subscribe is not enough for bankruptcy haven’t recovered since the green certification projects of the country, the beginning is full of bumps.

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4. Trump wants to terminate the $25 billion energy loan guarantee program

According to Bloomberg (Bloomberg) reported on February 8, Donald Trump, Adviser to the President of the United States recommended that the Department of energy to freeze a motion on supporting renewable energy project and the nuclear power project loan scheme.

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5. solar energy auctions create a global minimum price

According to the Mexican Association of solar energy Asolmex the data show that in Mexico the second clean energy auction of 1.8 gigawatts of photovoltaic project contracts have been signed. At the auction, solar-price per megawatt hour (MWh) of $31.70, is by far the lowest price in the world.

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