Restructuring underperforming Luoyang glass intended for 800 million pyramid

Polaris solar PV net news: coincides with the solar thermal industry outlet, Luoyang glass, at the loss of the layout of the area. On February 16, Luoyang glass said, is expected to building materials (Puyang) opto-electronic materials limited ultra light materials project (hereinafter referred to as the new project) 800.3 million Yuan investment. In the new project, Luoyang glass creates the first ultra light material production line, while Luoyang glass which would effectively break the foreign monopoly.

Luoyang glass said production problems may exist during the initial ramp up period is too long. Secretary of the Board who also told reporters that the company, short payback period of mature technology, and new products are subject to multiple effects.

Collaborative Innovation Center, Xiamen University, energy economics and energy policy analysis said Lin boqiang, Luoyang glass are investing in the project, from its traditional business slump and large solar thermal market space.

Company said faces “climbing”

Luoyang glass on new building materials in the project investment (Puyang) opto-electronic materials limited to carry out the capital increase of 239.5 million Yuan. After the capital increase, Puyang company registered capital increased from 500,000 yuan to 240 million Yuan.

Luoyang glass, new investment after the project is completed, it will effectively break the foreign monopoly, fill the domestic ultra light materials in emerging markets. Meanwhile, to further optimize the company’s existing product structure, enhance the company’s profitability.

Luoyang glass said the line will be the first independent development of ultra light material production line, production problems may exist during the initial ramp up period is too long.

On February 16, Luoyang glass, Secretary of the Board members told the business daily reporters, ultra light material dependence on foreign imports, domestic production line does not appear, ultra light material and white glass differ in terms of raw material and formula. Luoyang glass on glass technology has a lot of intellectual property, using their own advantages to break the monopoly.

Turning to prospects, the Secretary of the Board members said, enterprises based on extensive market research, so the project is promising. As to the notice referred to in the “climbing”, explained that the short payback period of mature technology, influence and in many new products.

Lin boqiang, told reporters that solar thermal power generation in Taiwan is relatively low, compared with the world’s leading photovoltaic country in industry technology, products, technologies, materials cost, product size, there are gaps, which can break the international monopolies remains to be seen.

Solar thermal energy outlet price new

Behind the layout of Luoyang glass, is hoping the outlet changes its own losses.

In 2015, the Luoyang glass achieved the main business from the ordinary to the ultra-thin float glass glass business transformation performance is not optimistic. 2015, 2016-1 to September net profit of respectively 194.8271 million Yuan and Yuan-71.0449 million. During the annual report of 2016.5, Luoyang glass, also known as domestic ultra-thin glass faces the grim situation of intensified competition in the market.

End of December 2016, the National Energy Board releases the solar development “Thirteen-Five” plan will be targeted to 5 million-kilowatt solar thermal power generation.

Luoyang glass, this layout is in the field of new energy pyramid again. Luoyang glass material asset reorganization plans February 7 said, to be purchased through the issuance of shares of Hefei new energy 100% stake in Yixing, 100% stake, Tongcheng, new energy and new energy 70.99% stake amount to 342 million Yuan and 247 million Yuan and 247 million Yuan, a total of 836 million Yuan.

The Secretary of the Board members said, is a diversified, rich product mix, in addition to policy support, also hopes to explore new products and profits.

Lin boqiang, Luoyang glass investments, from light and heat is relatively big market space, but still faces cost issues.

Original title: restructuring underperforming Luoyang glass intended for 800 million raise new energy

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