Sichuan province in 2017 will slow wind solar development pace

Polaris solar PV net news: 2016 when abandoned hydropower in Sichuan province reached 14.1 billion-kilowatt, up year by year. Meanwhile, in hydropower and enrichment areas in Sichuan province plans a lot of wind power and photovoltaic projects, leading to industry for “wind-water” fight fear. On February 24, the reporter learned from the Conference on energy in the province, Sichuan in 2017 will slow the pace of development of wind power, photovoltaic projects.

Wind, Sichuan province will re-evaluate and revise the Liangshan Prefecture of wind power base for planning, further optimize the development timing, controlling wind turbine construction outside base. 2017 for new construction of wind power plants installed capacity 700,000-kilowatt wind power project in Liangshan Prefecture.

Photovoltaics, giving priority to support distributed photovoltaic power generation, with the focus on PV anti-poverty projects 31 counties in the three States.

Slow wind solar development rhythms at the same time, Sichuan province will also actively explore ways water to dissolve. Clearly stated promote energy alternatives in 2017, focus on Chengdu, deyang, Mianyang, Leshan, Meishan, Ziyang, industrial production, and coal-fired boilers in the area of energy alternatives. Chengdu high-speed Beltway all coal-fired boilers in the city closed or alternative reconstruction, usage fell 50% coal-fired boiler.

Will also enhance power demand side management, market and peak-Valley electricity price, fully tapping the potential of regional power in the province, promoting Sichuan power delivery, increase the proportion of clean energy consumption. In 2017, the total primary energy consumption control in Sichuan province in about 211 million tons of standard coal, energy consumption per unit GDP fell by more than 3%, raise the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption to 34%, using natural gas, increasing its share to 13.3%.

Original title: Sichuan in 2017 will slow wind solar development pace

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