Solar warming yiheng technology make over 50 million a year in cash flow is

Polaris solar PV net news: new Board company yiheng technology recently published 2016 annual report, achieving sales of 313 million Yuan, an increase of 81.53%; net income of 56.1233 million Yuan, an increase of 183.51%, but its cash flow remained negative.

It is understood that the laminating machine, yiheng technology photovoltaic equipment, laser equipment intelligent, high-speed rail and environmental protection equipment development, production and sales, greatly influenced by fluctuations of the photovoltaic industry and raw materials.

Yiheng technology in its orbit revealed that since 2011, photovoltaic industry, “double”, “solar module production capacity surplus” and other factors, is in a dismal state, yiheng technology operating income also dropped sharply. 2012 yiheng technology revenue of 320 million Yuan last year fell to 92 million Yuan, 2013 annual revenues continue to drop to 11.82 million Yuan.

Solar warming yiheng technology make over 50 million a year in cash flow is negative?

Screenshot yiheng open transfer instructions (dig Bell network with map)

As 2014 photovoltaic industry has begun to pick up, taken together with the formation of new products have been sold, yiheng technology performance are also improved, 2014 and 2015 respectively, revenue 76.617 million, 172 million Yuan.

Yi honing technology in its 2016 annual report in the said, 2016 net profit sharply growth of main reasons is PV industry warmer, downstream customer PV component shipping volume sharply increased, led PV package equipment needs sharply increased, Yi honing technology do for PV package equipment of main suppliers, by market warmer of effect, shipping volume and sales also with of increased; addition, Yi honing technology American subsidiary Sunspark of business gradually on track, 2016 yiheng technology from the PV module revenue growth in overseas markets, reaching 90.9825 million Yuan.

But it is worth noting is that in 2016, significant growth in both revenue and net profit, and net 56.1233 million of cases, yiheng technology’s net cash flow remained negative.

Dig shellfish ban Institute, new data show, yiheng technology year 2015, 2016-cash flow-21.0705 million and-18.7955 million respectively, are negative.

On this, Yi honing technology explained said, main is because report period within sales income increased, and corresponding back paragraph more lag, corresponds to of should accounts receivable paragraph also with of increased; while, in report final, Yi honing technology large orders influx, for completed production need, increased has business activities of cash outflow; addition, report final to Bank issued bank acceptance formed 11.44 million yuan of margin (by limited funds), by limited funds of increased brings has cash net outflow.

Original title: PV warmer yiheng technology make over 50 million a year in cash flow remains negative

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