SolarFrontier the operation worsened parent company 10 7 billion yen loss

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan continued to thin solar energy demand shock not only to the weaker companies, manufacturers are not immune. CIS thin film factory SolarFrontier wounded in the deterioration of the environment, parent company of Showa Shell (Showa Shell) in recognition of 10.7 billion yen in special losses.

The Nikkei BP reported, Showa Shell announced on February 6 that is recognized by SolarFrontier performance worsened the loss of 10.7 billion yen, recognized October 2016 to December of the calendar year during the fourth quarter. However, Showa Shell itself benefited from oil prices, inventory increases in asset values and other factors, overall revenue in the same period than originally anticipated.

For the huge loss, SolarFrontier explained that it was because Japan worsening domestic environment, together with the international component lower prices result in lower revenues, recognize Miyazaki country rich in advance expected fixed asset impairment caused by the factory. The wealth of factory is a major production base of SolarFrontier.

From 2016 begins to spread from China in the second half of the module price decline affected the global solar energy market, the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Europe have suffered. SolarFrontier, completion of the new plant in Fukushima, the wealth of the factory will be the “world’s top cost advantage” to continue to improve the capacity. In addition, SolarFrontier also strengthened into the benefits of residential solar markets in Japan, was published at the end of last year integrated CIS roofing system component integration SmaCIS series.

Original title: SolarFrontier operations deteriorated, the parent company of 10.7 billion yen loss recognized

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