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Polaris solar PV net news: today, the NDRC Web site relating to pilot renewable energy green power certificates issued by the development and reform of the system of voluntary subscription notice and energy [document 2017]132. File called lead green consumption of the whole society, promote clean energy to dissolve, to further improve the subsidy mechanism in wind power, photovoltaics, to be piloted in the country of renewable green power certificates issued and by voluntary subscription.

Circular economy in China renewable energy Association Chairman Peng Peng, Research Director of policy interpretation to this file:

Question, why the certificate?

“Conducive to promote clean energy efficient using and reduced national financial of directly subsidies strength”, which “reduced financial directly subsidies strength” main also is solution future subsidies source problem, now can renewable energy of subsidies main relies on additional fee, and rose difficulty is big, so again make a green power certificate system solution subsidies problem; “promote clean energy efficient using” should is reduced abandoned wind and abandoned light rate, but according to now this version policy I’m afraid to reached this purpose, reasons see Xia a problem interpretation.

Next question is, who is going to buy certificate?

“Encourages all levels of government departments, enterprises and institutions and the social organizations and individuals to the national green power certificates issued by voluntary subscription and subscription platform of green power certificates as proof of consumption of green electricity. “Purchase of the subject of the certificate currently covers almost all social subjects, including individuals, even the Government can take money, and there is no mandatory requirement, known as voluntary purchase. When the case of enterprises, and thermal power enterprises do not have mandatory quotas, cannot be solved by certificates up wind and abandon rates.

Three, there is no force, and later will be able to enforce?

“According to market hang, from 2018 initiate renewable electricity quotas check Enforce constraint and green power certificates trading. “In 2018, will conduct a compulsory examination, checking who is now unclear. Currently two species thought, 1. assessment grid company, through on grid of quota assessment, let grid trying to put green power sold out, this compared similar abroad power market of mode; 2. assessment power enterprise, zhiqian had out had a power enterprise of sought views draft, was power enterprise of strongly against, main content is power enterprise of thermal power power to distribution corresponding of certificate, this will on power enterprise in distribution electricity Shi to can renewable energy power tilt, and encourages power enterprise of can renewable energy investment. But these two ideas are in the offing, choose which one, depends on electricity market reform.

Issue IV, who was responsible for licensing?

National renewable energy Centre for information management.

Issue five, what kind of project can produce renewable energy certificates?

Onshore wind power, photovoltaic power generation companies. Distributed solar power, biomass and offshore wind energy does not have a certificate, the normal subsidized.

The six, wind power, photovoltaic projects sold certificates and what is the difference between subsidized and certificates can sell for how much money?

Estimated that the project owners are most concerned about issues, “wind power, photovoltaic power generation enterprises to sell renewable green power certificates, the corresponding charge additional funds no longer qualify for the national renewable electricity price subsidies. “This says clearly that subsidies and sell certificates of money alternative. “The subscription price in accordance with the certificate of no higher than corresponding quantity of additional renewable electricity price subsidy amounts by the buyer and seller negotiate or determine the subscription price by bidding. “The ceiling price of the certificate is the strength of green power subsidies. To cite an example, benchmark pricing of wind 0.61, local thermal power pole 0.35, the highest wind energy certificates for 0.61-0.35=0.26, sold certificates can only be lower than this cannot be higher than this. In that case, PV is not competitive, if the local benchmark price of PV is 0.9, then PV project certificate is 0.9-0.35=0.55, the same certificate, much more expensive than wind power certificates.

Seven, in this case, owners have little incentive to sell the certificates. Highest is receiving subsidy money, rather than subsidies?

Subsidies estimated to be waiting a long time if the certificates can be sold quickly, and the price is close to the subsidies, the owners may consider selling the certificate quickly, optimize cash flow. And in 2016, after a lot of PV projects bidding, subsidy intensity has declined dramatically, and not much more expensive than wind power.

Issue eight, I am a consumer, what good shall I buy certificate?

Current policy is a voluntary policy, similar to an early voluntary carbon emission reduction, buying mainly to demand its own renewable energy goals, similar to many large international companies, there is no real benefit.

Issue nine, my item sold certificates, are never subsidized?

No, “wind power, photovoltaic power generation enterprises to sell renewable green power certificates, the corresponding charge additional funds no longer qualify for the national renewable electricity price subsidies. “Only if the certificate has this part of electricity without subsidies, there is still power remaining.

Question 10, how much do enterprise certificate?

Enterprise it is best to find interested buyers to purchase certificates, based on full communication, according to buyer’s requirements to apply for a certificate. Include in the listing information more detailed information for the project, so the buyer can choose what items to buy certificates.

Question 11, the certificate can a market maker?

Now, “within the period of validity of the certificate and only can be sold once shall not sell changed hands again. “All certificates can only be traded once, not hands down to resell.

To summarise, for renewable energy projects, the current certificate is a choice, does not apply for the certificate are also subsidized. For the markets, and certificate requirements, must be very small in the beginning, after all this public good, entirely dependent on the social responsibility of the purchaser. Quota trading, including carbon trading, are from voluntary to mandatory. This is an inevitable process. Many estimates of green power certificate policy expectations are high, hoping one solve all the problems of renewable energy, but this is impossible. For policy makers, taking into account the interests and advancement of the policy as a whole can only be gradual. Now we don’t even have electricity market, on renewable electricity sales bundles the certificate, it is too early. Time is too short, rush wrote this interpretation, not the exact place, hope you forgive me.

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