Trump wants to terminate the 25 billion energy loan guarantee program

Polaris solar PV net news: according to Bloomberg (Bloomberg) reported on February 8, Donald Trump, Adviser to the President of the United States recommended that the Department of energy to freeze a supported renewable energy projects and nuclear power project loan scheme.

It is reported that Trump has been temporarily suspended by the Transitional Government to this loan support scheme, the quota for the scheme as much as $25 billion. Meanwhile, the Transitional Government have presented to the candidates for Energy Secretary RickPerry suspended in proposals for this. But it was reported that trump the Transitional Government still needs more time to decide whether to abolish the loan support program.

United States Department of energy loan guarantee program to support a number of large-scale renewable energy project development, including NRG energy company responsible for the operation and maintenance of installed capacity of 392MW Ivanpah plant. Ivanpah plant is by far the world’s largest solar thermal power plant, the United States Department of energy $1.6 billion in loan guarantees.

Original title: Trump wants to end $25 billion in loan guarantees for renewable program

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