Understanding energy solar thermal power generation demonstration project progress

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, issued under the National Energy Board on the submitted notification of progress made in the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects (hereinafter “notice”), asked provincial energy departments before February 15, 2017 demonstration projects submitted to the National Energy Board new energy and renewable energy Division and the water board General Hospital.

Notice that the demonstration projects of investment enterprises, technical routes, sources of technology and systems integration enterprise, and other important content and Energy Council issued a notice before is definitely different, highlighted in the report. Participating in the demonstration project is clear when we compare the competitive enterprises and key technology of equipment Integrator partnership cannot be allowed to change. In order to better implement the national development and Reform Commission and National Bureau of energy-related industry and price policy, cohesion in the construction process, journalists dedicated to hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute new Wang Jixue, Deputy Director of the Department of energy conducted an interview with.

Reporter: in a recent circular issued by the Department of energy, pointing out that “participation in demonstration projects on solar thermal power is clear when we compare the competitive enterprises and key technology of equipment Integrator partnership cannot be allowed to change”, how should we understand the meaning of this paragraph?

Wang Jixue: September 2015, the National Energy Board issued a notice, proposed to achieve the expansion of solar thermal power industry and cultivate the two core objectives of system integrators, enterprises to choose the best technology and technology integrates form, recommended by the provincial energy departments and manpower after the trial, also for technical courses and the number of owners required. After multi coordination Hou and Yu September 2016 issued has national energy Council on construction solar hot power model project of notification (country can new can [2016]223,), clear “the model project construction to strictly comply with its participate in review Shi commitment of technology index requirements”, and “on the project implementation process in the of technology route and index for monitoring evaluation”, full reflected has two times file in core target Shang of consistency and coherent sex. Meanwhile, No. 223, also publicized the demonstration projects project name, project investment, technology sources, technology and systems integration business, system conversion efficiency (promise) on 5 main content. So if the demonstration projects in the process of implementation, which has been clear in the notice changes, must be highlighted in this report.

“Participating in the demonstration project on solar thermal power is clear when we compare the competitive enterprise and key technology of equipment Integrator partnership cannot be allowed to change” this statement from the solar thermal power plant in China’s current policies and all the equity of the enterprise, are appropriate. Currently, some enterprises in the course of project implementation, support for the national development of the solar thermal power industry original and rigorous knowledge of policies is not enough, as promised, and clear sources of technology and adjustment of system integration enterprise, and other important content, National Energy Board so that “cannot be allowed to change”.

Reporter: at the National Energy Board issued the notice on the Organization construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration project after the total of 109 projects while winning only 20 projects. Of these projects won based on what? If it’s because of these “explicit content”?

Wang Jixue: in fact, the National Energy Board on the Organization construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration project notice already describes the project reporting requirements, including: resources, demonstration projects and technology requirements to implement programming requirements, economic analysis of boundary conditions, as well as the same source to control the number and types of projects. Final project was selected after considering the request, after expert review in strict accordance with the objective criteria. Given currently solar hot power yet formed full of technology and equipment manufacturing system, for reduced repeat construction and waste, guarantees China currently has exists larger gap of can renewable energy fund of using efficiency, on same technology source and type of project for has number control, like requirements, same project owners in a province (district, and city) of project over 1 a Shi, should for different of technology route; a enterprise can in different of province (district, and city) declared project, but total number not over 3 a, The same sources of technology and technical of not more than 2. Tower in the final list of demonstration projects, trough and Fresnel’s three main types of technical courses and the heat transfer medium in proportion to, and recommended by the project in accordance with the selection criteria of publicity.

The first demonstration projects totalling around Tower, trough and three large Fresnel technology. Which Tower type power station project 9 a, used melt salt quality of project accounted for 7 a, hydraulic quality of project 2 a; slot type power station project 7 a, 5 a used of thermal conductivity oil heat transfer melt salt storage hot technology, 2 a used melt salt heat transfer storage hot technology; Fresnel project 4 a, 1 a used melt salt biography storage hot technology, 1 a used thermal conductivity oil for heat transfer workers quality, 2 a used hydraulic quality solid concrete storage hot technology.

Reporter: industry critics point out that, if you have confirmed the change, will lead to unfairness. That in the progress of sending material, such as “highlights” and “changing” the content, what would be the result?

Wang Jixue: it should be said that two issues should have been partially answered before. According to policy file of requirements, model project also need carried out acceptance and monitoring evaluation, work, everyone to awareness to model project just enterprise of model project, more is national and industry of model project, need through acceptance and monitoring evaluation conclusion to promoted China solar light hot power industry of development and gradually mature, so if enterprise unauthorized adjustment has main content, while in technology adjustment program Shang will encountered more of policy difficult, On the other hand in the implementation of the existing policies may also result in communication for a long time and the impact of corporate earnings. Also, if the selected enterprises in the competitive assessment is adjusted on the objective of scoring points, does not also selected enterprises is unfair.

Reporter: in the early implementation phase of the project, relating to EPC, critical equipment, such as tendering and how tenders should follow the “demonstration project is clear when we compare the competitive enterprise cooperation relationships with key technology and equipment integrators can not arbitrarily change the requirements”?

Wang Jixue: not suitable for general answer to this question. Important what we say does not allow modification does not mean that all technical content are not allowed to change, such as in the existing technology to enhance the specification is not a problem. So as the EPC contractor and turbine, generator and other key equipment can be tendered by way of marketization, refer to conventional renewable energy generation projects in your organization for equipment, design and construction tenders, is feasible.

Interviewer: how would you rate this release of the notice?

Wang Jixue: National Energy Board Organization’s goal is to expand the pilot project on solar thermal power solar-thermal power generation industry and build systems integration capabilities, No. 223, after the release of the pilot project work were generally positive, it should be said also achieved good results. But companies generally ignored when the project is actively promoting the policy objectives, even for file submission progress also failed to complete the required implementation; also not selected in different occasions reflects the status quo. Therefore, we believe that the National Energy Board this year for the first time submitted to the construction of the corporate sector is very timely, its main purpose is to remind the relevant enterprises should strictly implement the previous two documents, demonstration projects truly industry booster role to play, not just the enterprise investment behavior. Thanks a lots!

Original title: interpretation of energy solar thermal power generation demonstration project progress in submitting the notification

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