Us pushes shoot day plan to promote photovoltaic costs drop

Polaris solar PV net news: the United States in order to actively promote the development of solar energy, launched the “shoot day plan” (Sun Shot Initiative) to promote industry technology progress, reduce the cost of solar panels, one goal in 2020 and to minimize solar installation costs $1 per watt, but now is expected in 2017 will be brought forward in the first half target, ahead of Schedule 3.

2011 Shi, each w solar installation cost about for 4 dollars, at on up to fell to cost only one-fourth of 1 dollars, to let solar in market Shang has competitiveness, listening to up as Arabian nights, however industry development often than imagine more bizarre, since 2011 yilai solar not only is component cost urgent drop, together with system in the other link, including inverse variable device, and tingri system, even installation labor cost, are fast declined, only left “soft” cost no declined, If customer’s marketing and administration costs.

2016 components prices from us $0.6 per cent to $0.3 per watt, inverter manufacturers outside the United States continue to price competition, new food market day-definite system equipment manufacturers are also actively, propose more attractive low prices. Case of a rapid decline in the price of each link, now major solar project developers thoughts are different, no longer care too much about purchasing the lowest component, but thinking in overall system costs, such as the use of high performance heliostats systems, the total project cost is higher, but power is better, overall power at relatively low cost.

The most surprising is that when costs have fallen to the low price of $1 per watt, including $0.3 installation labour other than “soft” costs, gross profit, including recurrent expenditure, manufacturers design, and approval of the administrative costs, these costs, there are many projects can not be compressed, become a challenge to further reduce costs.

As Trump came to power, shooting etc the new energy policy may be subject to revision or cancellation, if there is no shooting plan, solar still can achieve rapid cost reduction goals? Industry think this is certainly of, because actually shot day plans itself for early reached target of help limited, solar fast price of maximum reasons, is China scale volume produced capacity opened, this unit supply torrent, is and met China itself Sprint solar speed slows down, caused global general environment Shang of supply and demand serious imbalance, thus forced makes price pressure to low, this and shot day plans is no too more relationship.

However, the market shot still plans some credit for shooting plans without credit there is elbow grease, shooting and other policies, release Sprint forward message to industry, new energy industry investment fund, entrepreneurs compete with each other, making markets more efficient, industrial progress has accelerated, the atmosphere for customers and suppliers more willing to tolerate risk.

However, in many government policies, perhaps the effectiveness of Department of energy loan program more than shooting. Energy loan program with relative success, lending $32 billion in funds, bad debt rate of only 2.33%, is lower than most of the financial institutions, which means that most of the United States Department of energy funding to correct, the development of enterprises and plans has also been substantial interest income, now yield an interest income of $1.65 billion. Energy loan program also meets Donald Trump policy objectives of increased investment in infrastructure in order to increase employment, and it’s not just financing new energy, including carbon storage in coal-fired technology, so Trump regime may have been discontinued.

In any case, even shooting plans from now on be Trump magazine, solar energy price decline has already started, will not change, solar was once can only survive on subsidies, now in their competitive market, without the assistance of Government policy can continue to develop, the Government policy is no longer a matter of life and death.

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