Western media the EU will gradually eliminate tariffs on imported anti dumping

Polaris solar PV net news: Western media said, February 8 the European Commission proposal to extend the anti-dumping duties against Chinese solar panels for 18 months, instead of the original 24 months, while phasing out the tariffs starting from 2013. Are phased out, mainly taking into account depends on the material’s European businesses expressed concern.

According to EfE reported on February 8, said Frands-dimomansi, Vice-President of the European Commission, on the one hand the EU has the right to protect the local industry from unfair competition against, while also taking into account, dependent on these imports to manufacture the final product, and provide thousands of jobs for European enterprises.

Dimomansi also said that solar power will no doubt to the achievement of the EU’s environmental protection and climate change goals plays a crucial role. Therefore the European Union proposes to extend the time limit of 18 months imposed anti-dumping duties, and the phasing out of the tariff.

Western media: the EU will gradually eliminate tariffs on imported anti-dumping against China PV module

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Dimomansi said, on the premise of taking into account the views of Member States of the European Union, after careful deliberation before putting forward the proposal, and will submit the proposal to the Member States of the European Union.

Beginning in 2013 after the anti-dumping tax on Chinese solar panels, in December 2015, the EU decided to extend the period of antidumping duties.

Reported that, upon the receipt of complaints of European companies, according to the survey of the European Union, Chinese companies export price significantly lower than the normal market price of solar panels, and to obtain a subsidy. The EU believes that this caused serious damage to European products.

Original title: Western media: EU will phase out tariffs on solar panels, China anti-dumping

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