Wind power generation to break obstruction

Polaris solar PV net news: 20 initiatives to resolve “abandon wind up light” problem

Substantial investment in new energy, but doing “the Sun”. How to get out of the “built up” of the cycle, has become the province and the country’s new energy development one of the main tasks facing the electric power industry.

Wind power generation to break

Recently, the State grid released on 20 specific measures to promote new energy to dissolve, involving grid construction, the peaking capacity-building, planning and so on. Noteworthy is that State grid Corporation put forward a specific timetable for the first time, to 2017-2018 “abandon wind up” conflict has been effective, and new energy in 2020, the fundamental solution to dissolve the problem, so that the overall “abandon wind up” rate control within 5%.

“Now a lot of wind, photovoltaic power plant, money, projects built without benefit, becoming waste. “Construction of a photovoltaic plant, Zhengzhou city interviewed Enterprise Marketing Director Mr LAU,” abandon wind up “new energy industry is one of the most serious problems. “Like a lot of construction plant production products, all stacked in the warehouse can not to sell out, do not have access to the development of the industry. ”

“Abandoning wind up” how serious? National Energy Board data showed first half of 2016, the national “abandon wind up” when you have reached 37.1 billion-kilowatt, continues to grow. 2016 five Northwestern provinces (districts) up wind, abandoned photoelectric at 26.225 billion kWh and 7.042 billion kWh, abandoned the wind 33.34%, abandon rates 19.81%.

This overhang, Henan began to appear. Data shows that by 2015, the province approved capacity 4.73 million-kilowatt against the wind, rose 2.3858 million kW, the cumulative capacity under construction 3.82 million-kilowatt, rose 1.9141 million kilowatts. But at the same time, the actual number of hours of wind power industry in our province, but from 2013 to 2,202 hours, slipping to 2015 in 1793 to hours, and the downward trend is still continuing.

In the photovoltaic field, the excess is intensifying. Provincial power company, in 2015, the province total on-grid PV 408,000 kW, output of 310 million kWh, 7 times for 2014, but abandoned the light phenomenon began, and even some projects to finish the outage. “Out there in the Sun. “Mr Liu said.

To this end, the 20 initiatives by giving priority to arrange new energy delivery, vigorously promote energy alternatives, to carry out districts, landscape fire across regions combined, and new energy to dissolve into the provincial power company measures such as the content, focus on new energy power cuts. Mr Liu believes that move not only helps to improve the home, more critical is, to a large extent to solve cash flow problems that developers, so as to promote long-term wind solar industry market-oriented development.

Resolved to dissolve into focus

In the digestive tract of wind, light, and other new energy power issues, network enterprise is not indifferent.

At the end of June 2016, State grid dispatching new grid-connected energy accumulated more than 163.3 billion. Among these, the wind power cumulative capacity grew by 20%, PV total generating capacity grew by 51%.

“Like in ‘ energy alternatives ‘ programme, the generation right replacement programme, are based on local conditions, in order to address new energy power programme. “Henan company national grid said, resolved to abandon the wind, abandoned, is one of the main tasks of the State grid Corporation,” because in terms of electricity supply by 2020 national 15% proportion of non-fossil energy to achieve mission objectives, time constraints, and a big challenge. “

Digest number corresponds to early 2016, national “abandon wind up”, they are equivalent to the whole of 2015 “abandon wind up” amount, even more than the whole year of 2015 social power consumption. Some of the hardest-hit areas “up wind” rate as high as 50%.

Why power companies fully Digest, “abandon wind up” situation worse? Liu Hong, consulting Analyst believes that issues such as layout, transporting, marketing and system, are “abandoned wind up power” helped fuel the situation.

He said that, a few years ago because of fast growth in demand for electricity, new energy and conventional energy can be used efficiently. Now power demand slowed, new energy installed capacity is still very high, can not support the new electricity market growth. Meanwhile, in order to catch up with the national policy to enjoy a higher electricity price in 2015, a large number of officers at the end of installing directly in 2016 due to Wo directly the phenomenon of rising.

Most critical is currently in the construction of wind power, photovoltaic projects, lack of effective elimination plan. Liu Hong in wind power, for example, many early in the construction of wind farms, but did consider the wind, but did not consider the issue of electricity can get. Network from application, planning to construction, it is a long process. After the completion of construction of the wind farm, and can only wait for the “road” pass.

To this end, the national energy “Thirteen-Five plan”, has made closer to the needs and absorptive principle, vigorously promote wind solar absorptive and distributed, decentralized development. NDRC’s price Department also has said it will introduce renewable energy to dissolve, price of energy development to promote policies to shift subsidies from construction to utilization of areas.

“New sources of power to dissolve not only the nearest, and also to strengthen the network of interconnected. “Within the province, Deputy General Manager of a large photovoltaic company says Mr Liu, the 20 measures, renewable energy enterprises, is a positive signal, but the province in promoting the Elimination of market mechanisms is still lagging, generation rights trade and service trade, such as pilot is yet to start. “New energy to dissolve the problem, and optimal configuration to be carried out on a large scale, to make traditional energy supplement and peaking with the new energy power generation mechanisms, enhance the regulatory flexibility throughout the network. “He said.

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