Zhejiang Jinhua roof mounted photovoltaic power plant leaks select manufacturers

Polaris solar PV net news: old villager Zhao from mazhai town couple, wanted to pass on his roof top solar power station, Sun sold power grids, receiving State subsidies, pension financing. But it is useless to one year, on a rainy, Leaky, find the installer could not find the destination really miserable. No hotline found journalists asking for help through love.

Event review: PV Endowment project worry about leaking roofs

Earlier this year, the village came up a few do home roof sunlight power products salesman, up arch in the village to promote PV pension, send a brochure explaining the benefits of PV. Said after the installation can continue to make money for 25 years, as a money-making machine has been installed on the roof, is good when older people used to the old-age programs. Installing such a system on the roof more than just more than 20,000 pieces. Murakami’s narrative work outside all year, and Chinese New Year coincided with this thing. Want to dress up a power station, honor thy mother, asked for Pocket money. But unexpectedly, after Xiao Zhao out, got a call from parents in less than six months, said the roof is wrong. It turns out that because of improper power station construction, cause damage to the roof, rain water, makes the elderly’s life is not safe. Xiao Zhao quickly before you contact the salesman, they repeatedly shuffle, then simply do not answer the phone, small home according to the address on the brochure to find dealers, and shops closed. In this regard, small regrets, he’s supposed to be older parents, good for parents with a roof and the Sun power stations, put parents at ease in the House-pension, subsidized, and good intentions bring bad things and causing so much trouble to their parents.

Press enquiries: improperly leaking sun roof power station power problems

Narrative follows reporters found other professional installed PV power station master, came to the scene to find out why. Professional chef found the cause turned out to be utility when installed in the concrete roof PV mounting systems, embedded bolts, expansion bolt destroyed the original waterproof layer and cause leaks, professional water treatment needs to be done. While chef also relies on professional background, out shade shelter problems power components, product identification behind vague components there are many scratches can be observed with the naked eye, lax connection cable package, distribution box there is rust and corrosion. Support plant bracket, material apparently cut corners, did not use the wind load, in case of strong wind and heavy rain weather, there is a big security risk. Baker told reporters, installers should have this power station is a power station Builder, buying all kinds of low-quality products, patchwork of photovoltaic power stations, not only the quality can not be guaranteed, and construction and installation of professional level is not high. Listening to professional instructors explained, journalists and small suck the breath, did not think a PV pension sunshine power station, there are so many problems. Finally after waterproofing and renovation of professional instructors, Zhao finally restored the use of old power station.

Extended concern: State-subsidized projects to buy the installation should pay attention to

This reporter has learned over the past two years, as State subsidies to encourage local Governments responded positively to, rural family roof Sun power are rising rapidly. Rural idled and the roof fitted with power Board, not only their own power do not spend money, won’t be sold to power network, send back the State and local subsidies, draws a lot of rural people in hot pursuit.

But, reporter reminded consumers, although installation PV is national policy encourages of, is a self-interest Lee sons of good things, but everyone in purchase Shi, must to open big eyes see clear, select has strength, visibility high of big brand, installation ready sets of system, products consistency high, and to detailed understand local installation business qualification and after-sales service strength, believes “a points price a points goods”, more to online check check brand name and see is CCTV list brand, after all PV power station is a need long-term returns of products, Not cheap, not more about the hasty decision to purchase.

Original title: Zhejiang Jinhua: roof mounted photovoltaic water optional power caution

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