Zhejiang xiuzhou household model the solution to distributed PV application

Polaris solar PV net news: “it’s a baby, as long as the power generation, there is income. Remove installation subsidy would have 6000 Yuan, after the village came forward to a loan from the Bank, even without cutting the 6000 Yuan. Return of the first 4 years will be able to pay off the loan, after which all can turn into real money! “Che town, xiuzhou district in Qian Jia Qiao village, farmhouse roof PV power station was built, villager Xu calculate their own this account is.

Yesterday, xiuzhou district from development and reform Bureau, xiuzhou district to explore the unity file access area, management services, unified “three unification” household models of xiuzhou district, cracked distributed PV application problem, and the conditions for future large scale, distributed PV applications to establish a leading benchmark for household use. In 2016, households with distributed grid-connected PV power generation projects in the autonomous region 1517, completing the tasks of the 116.69%, installed capacity 6.4 MW, exceeding the annual plan.

It is learned that clear all PV company’s market access threshold in xiuzhou district, in the family rooftop PV enterprises in xiuzhou district, jiaxing city, must be of a certain size, there is a fixed place and after-sales service, selection of PV modules and inverters must be an approved certification body accreditation and compliance product and warranty period of not less than 10 years. This ensures the quality and safety of power stations at the root, has been recognized by people.

Meanwhile, towns, national high-tech zone in accordance with the village of xiuzhou district, community zoning, according to PV record access the strength of enterprises and to promote, with a new concentration in rural areas as the core, and 2 to 3 near villages, communities divided to the PV companies, prevent solar company in robbery and vicious competition in the market. In addition, it is recommended that every 5 or so solar company responsible for advancing responsibility subject selecting plant radiation area, promoting the area, documented access defined by the PV of the liability of the company in the region to intensify their push, not free resources across the region competing for the roof.

Each town, xiuzhou national high-tech zone of real-time tracking of photovoltaic companies entering the area, the record entry of solar companies out of business, in a half months no contracts, no new construction or slow progress of photovoltaic companies, cancel the record access, again select an eligible quality enterprises, so as to accelerate the pace of household projects promoting. Distributed PV project of House, in 2016-grid, after it has been found, installed a one-time 3/watt subsidy (6000 Yuan for). Up to now, the household allowance the region has 1124, a total of 7.1 million Yuan.

Now, with maturity and perfection of xiuzhou household model, photovoltaic applications in a variety of ways into the villages. These farmers built the roof “power station”, farmers ‘ income has become a new channel, expand new ways of village collective economy. Case study of Qian Jia Qiao village, the villagers of this village 66 install rooftop photovoltaic, in addition to their own requirements funded outside the 16 farmers, 50 families in the village are Hecheng rural commercial bank launch “PV loan”, not a penny in the construction process. After the completion of each year of power station generating proceeds of about 1800, 4 years to pay off the loan, plus interest, according to the service life of 20 count, 16 years after the return into the net profit for the farmer.

Sheng Feng village, roof project 0.052 MW of installed capacity, using a 750 square meters standard workshop, a total investment of 492,000. “These costs superior benefits of 70%, the village only 100,000 yuan. “The village Committee officials said that the power station the first 3 years of tariff revenues each year, about 65,000 yuan, about 50,000 yuan a year later, brought new fixed income to the village collective economy.

Original title: household model solution to distributed PV application problem

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