Anhui linquan 2017 solar support 7000 35MW village power station power station

Arctic star solar PV network news: for vigorously implementation PV poverty, stable increased built document state card poor and poverty village (following respectively referred to poor, and poverty village) of income, ensure “households poverty, and village dequeuing” target as scheduled achieved, according to on implementation PV poverty of guide views (WAN political do [2015]34,) file spirit, combined I County actual, special version programme.

A, General requirements

Seriously implement implementation Central, and province, and city on new era poverty development of strategy thought, vigorously advance science poverty, and precision poverty, and precision poverty, according to “provincial and Manpower, and County negative total accountability, and township regulatory, and unified planning, and points step implementation, and policy support, and market operation, and unified standard, and guarantees quality, and Heli advance, and focused on effectiveness” of General thought, established Government grants, and social helping, and financial support, variety way phase combined of funds financing mechanism, vigorously advance poverty village and poor carried out PV poverty, Increase the collective economic income and poverty the poor family’s income, accelerate the pace of poverty reduction poverty, ensure comprehensive well-off society by 2020 synchronization.

Second, basic principles

(A) Government-led, eco-friendly. Government organizations responsible for industrial PV power generation projects on poverty reduction, implementation, persist in combining clean energy industry and poverty alleviation, on the premise of focusing on rural ecological environmental protection to achieve sustainable and stable income poor, impoverished village.

(B) public option determines the object. Actively promote the household 5-kilowatt (or above) distributed PV power station construction. Spirit of poor voluntary, village-level open, review of township and County approved the principle, first make sure that the “three-no (no labor, no resources, no stable source of income)” poor subjects for the project.

210-kilowatt distributed through village-level PV power station construction. In accordance with the procedures determined without village-level power stations without collective economic income or collective village of poor, weak, lack of resources for the implementation of the object, on the premise of target surplus, built State cards in poor households, selected household labour force less, less able to develop other industries of poor subjects for the project. Preliminary development of village-level power plant 300, including poor village 66.

(C) the specification location, convenient on-grid. Site should be fully taken into account when planning and construction of urban and rural needs, on the premise of not violation of land use, strictly in accordance with the conditions and requirements of the selected households of project construction and site selection, ensure that adequate light, after the project is completed, maximize power, ensure that the PV power station construction and planning, conflict-free, and the surrounding landscape, promote the use of the old village, the old Groove Tang, and ruined infrastructure. Meanwhile, electricity for the grid-connected PV power station was built quickly, project siting principles 10KV or 380V lines closer to the larger block (more than 30 acres/block).

(D) harmonization of construction, and centralized management. Households and villages of the county-level power project, according to township (village) reporting needs by County PV scale construction of the leading group for poverty alleviation project verification validation, project financing in principle, the implementation of a unified, centralized installation, unified management, unified revenue settlement.

Third, the scope of application

(A) power station: 2017 install 7000 households (total size of 35MW). Building vertical card filter 7000 households in poor condition of the poor, 5kW each distributed photovoltaic power generation system, is expected to increase year around 4000 Yuan per household.

(B) village-level power stations: 2017 installed 300 villages (poor village) (63MW total). Without village-level power plant 300 villages, each village 210kW distributed PV systems, helped at the implementation of 20-25 within the village collective economy an average annual income of nearly 200,000 yuan. To facilitate the construction and later operation and maintenance management, household electricity stations are centralized and collective power station built building.

Four, financing

Under existing national, industry-related documents, fixed cost, fee rates preliminary estimates, in accordance with 7.5/w standards, household and village-level power plant construction financed by provincial grants, city and County arrangement, poor households and collective organizations through loans raised in part by the Government through such solutions.

Five steps, implementation

(A) promote diagnostic phase (January 20, 2017-February 15)

Lead organizations to develop programmes of poverty alleviation and development leading group, convene meetings of Heads of villages and towns, layout of survey work. Corresponding organizations set up by township or village, convened to mobilize wide publicity to industrial policy, industrial characteristics, with clearly defined responsibilities and tasks, diagnostic investigations, organization.

(B) the Declaration and verification stage (February 16, 2017-February 28)

1. the towns declared. According to the actual situation in villages and towns by village and House-to-House enquiries and checks through publicly, after an examination, according to the scale of demand, determine build power plant siting Massif (in principle every piece of land is not less than 30 acres), PV work leading Group Office for poverty alleviation. Does not provide location, can be construed as a waiver of PV projects.

2. verification at the county level. PV construction leading Group Office for poverty alleviation by County organizations, power plant siting of the Township the Township declared and advance the implementation of the mandate, review relevant conditions to determine the final implementation of the object and the construction scale and accuracy determine PV Project installation location.

(C) the equipment installation, commissioning, grid-connected power generation stage (March 1, 2017-June 30)

By the successful bidder is responsible for the installation, commissioning and implementation of rural village-level and management of the power station on a daily basis. County power supply company and project implementation units (linquan County Jinyuan investment development limited, hereinafter referred to as “gold company”) grid-connected power generation contracts, responsible for measuring meter installation, according to the relevant regulations of the State power grid to ensure complete project tasks this year before June 30, 2017.

(D) to assess the acceptance stage (end of June 2017)

Assessment of acceptance in accordance with the schedule balanced, an acceptance of a grid-connected power generation, the work led by the PV work leading Group Office for poverty alleviation organization supervision and auditing, finance, supply, engineering supervision unit for photovoltaic projects for comprehensive assessment of acceptance and check the engineering stage of acceptance, technology acceptance and overall situation of project appraisal and inspection reports.

Six, transportation management, and revenue

(A) operational management. PV project for poverty alleviation projects selected through open tender qualifications, socially responsible photovoltaic equipment suppliers and construction companies implement operation services provided by the construction Enterprise basic training as well as manuals, suppliers and construction companies established after-sales service network, providing equipment maintenance (20 warranty period, non-artificial damage, made by the company free maintenance). After 20 years, exploring the establishment of specialized company responsible for the facility’s routine maintenance or build industrial to household property insurance system for PV power generation projects for poverty alleviation.

(B) the revenue settlement. County power supply company in accordance with national, provincial and municipal solar power subsidies, according to the billing cycle (one quarter) to the Jinyuan electricity funds paid in full. Jinyuan company project land lease and Bank through credit pass after the principal, the remaining money into the town or County departments for poverty alleviation of poverty (village) user account, a quarter of the settlement.

VII, safeguards

(A) strengthen organizational leadership. Linquan established photovoltaic project leading group for poverty alleviation, organizations responsible for photovoltaic power generation project implementation leader. Set up under the Office of the leading group, with offices located in the County development and Reform Commission, is responsible for the choice of poor villages and poor, development of annual plans, the lead organization and the day-to-day work of the Office of the leading group for the implementation of the project. The township (the street), mutatis mutandis, to set up corresponding organizations, strengthen leadership, co-ordination, implementation and promotion of the implementation of projects.

(B) the clear assignment of responsibility. County NDRC, and poverty do is responsible for publicity launched, and select poverty village and poor, and PV power index of towards and distribution, and prepared PV poverty implementation programme, and developed annual plans, and led organization project implementation; County financial sector is responsible for funds raised and regulatory; County financial management sector is responsible for coordination financial institutions support PV poverty; County power enterprise to hold implementation rural grid transformation upgrade, ensure meet PV power Internet needs, and is responsible for meters debugging and installation, and grid power, and timely issued Internet power subsidies funds. County supervision Department is responsible for the supervision and supervision; the County Inspectorate is in charge of project effectiveness assessment Township implementation; Township government organized Township (town) or village, the village task force responsible for implementing the project, working on poverty reduction coordination, coordination problems during project implementation process, combined with checking and so on.

(C) strengthening the assessment evaluation. 2017 photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and development working poor families and whole villages promote an important part of, incorporated into the Township and County support unit 2017 poverty relief and development work. Township declared in line with building blocks, the Township should be completed within 15 working days site measurement, lease, repair (clear, trees, old houses and its athletes based), site clearing, delivery, use and town clerk and directly linked to the Mayor’s year-end evaluation. The Township clerk for the photovoltaic building first focal point and assign personnel and docking fixed photovoltaic building. Supervision of leading group of poverty alleviation and development organizations Group on the progress in the construction of villages and towns were not regular inspection, while the ground leveling, inform the delivery progress lagged towns County. Scientific arrangement of villages and towns, grasp of policy, careful organization and advance the implementation, poverty alleviation and increasing waste management this precision actually doing, good things do. County direct support units to immediately organize relevant personnel, according to the County, the County Government’s annual poverty reduction calls into villages, supported the Township project implementation progress.

Original title: 2017, linquan PV poverty alleviation programme

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