Battle for solar polycrystalline midstream sections cost

Polaris solar PV net news: anticipated in March, installing surge appeared on the Chinese market is still quiet, but single and multi grain supply chain market conditions have begun to change, and presents the same State. Single crystal due to higher demand and rising prices, grain prices fell again this week, however, came a cost line.

Battle for solar polycrystalline midstream sections cost

EnergyTrend to observe March Crystal market is still hot, monocrystalline silicon wafer is still in short supply, prices rose slightly. Monocrystalline solar cell sales and the prices are fairly stable, single PERC battery still has prices around US$0.31/W.

Poly, as installing surge has not yet appeared in March, China’s market demand than expected, polycrystalline solar cell prices fell to US$0.20 – 0.205/W, RMB1.62 – 1.67/W. Multi crystalline cells price has fallen below the cost of Taiwan line even for lower-cost manufacturers in China, has also fallen to a cost battle conditions.

Polycrystalline solar cell prices this week the most obvious part, polycrystalline silicon wafer manufacturers, it is difficult to escape. Due to price weakness should be multi crystalline cells, in March dropped to US$0.64/pc from top to bottom, although multi-crystalline silicon wafer manufacturers still want to keep the US$0.63/pc, RMB5/pc, follow-up is expected to face pressure from the solar cell manufacturers, continue to decline.

Although 630 deadline draws near, China’s demand remains tepid, faces a battle for cost of polysilicon wafer, solar cell manufacturers are bound to come back to the most upstream, and polysilicon manufacturers with the profit squeeze. March prices for polysilicon orders already in February to talk about, so the March price remains steady; but it is expected that the follow-up will start to fall as the polysilicon wafer prices plummeted and, in late March, polycrystalline silicon high prices could begin to loose.

Looking to the future, because of flat demand, expansion rate over the past year and too big, and polycrystalline products supply chain falls are inevitable in the short term, may have to wait until mid-April, China Solar exhibition SNEC-led boom in demand, prices are expected to gradually warm.

Original title: battle for solar polycrystalline midstream sections cost

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