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Polaris solar PV net news: China PV industry ups and downs in the development of an important node: the night of February 28, industry leading GCL-poly March wafer pricing has been reduced; shortly thereafter on March 1, the European Commission announced anti-dumping countervailing measures China PV will be extended for 18 months. Some people in the industry believe that a solar boom cycle may end, the overall downward price trend had been opened, the market will enter a period of sharp “winter.”

“In fact, before the Chinese new year is still relatively optimistic, that prices will rise, but after the Spring Festival kit price adjustment simply range-bound after two or three minutes, then began falling. “Photovoltaic yijia Ma Yiwai, Deputy Chief, told reporters said in an interview.

According to industry data, Si module prices down two weeks ago, after battery factory upstream factors such as bargaining power, polysilicon prices last week started down, the landmark event is the industry’s leading GCL March wafer pricing has been reduced.

“Wafer prices are beginning to rise after the callback, the overall decline is expected to begin at the end of the second quarter. Silicon, due to the ‘6˙30’ of the leader programme before installing the tender design has a larger proportion of single crystal, short supply caused excessive price increases of single crystal is expected to ‘6˙30’ trading quiet, fall will increase. Polycrystalline silicon is expected to rise in the first half of this year, falling in the second half, will be relatively smooth. “GCL-Vice President of Lv Jinbiao said to reporters.

In his view, regardless of single crystal, Silicon, wafers or the battery pack from the trends for the year are down channel. But “6˙30” number to complete before installing, so trade is still relatively strong in the first half, will face a price freeze, the deal fell in the second half, may recover only expected four quarter, year to form a “helical n-type” track. As far as the structure, polycrystalline silicon film and battery module the first half of the rose and fell slowly in the second half, were less dramatic than it crystal products.

“The cause of the price indexes added to first launch Energy Council installed by the end of last year, these indicators take this year’s share of installed capacity and must be completed by June 30, equivalent to the installed after June 30 this year needs to advance to the ‘6˙30’ before. These additions part index is already installed, the rest of the demand is not very big, and supply is abundant. “Ma Yiwai told reporters that domestic manufacturers before the Spring Festival’s capacity utilization at 100%, but the last two weeks has begun to decline.

In his view, should be a turning point last week, the subsequent price of PV industry chain may be started this long road, and prices are likely to fall soon, and is even worse in the second half, the entire “winter” or a year. “We believe that this bout of falling prices mean that since 2004 PV cycle and since 2012 the end of cycle. ”

Even worse is that rumors in the industry before the end of the EU PV products to China “double reverse” have failed to deliver, and related measures for a further extension.

In this regard, Commerce Secretary for trade remedy investigations Wang Hejun, said last week that China has noted, the European Commission will extend the duration 24 months as recommended by the past 18 months, and will gradually slow to a final cancellation measures. But it is regrettable that, in spite of the European Commission within the EU States and industry as well as the Chinese industry opposition, decided to extend the measure.

PV business executives to journalists who declined to be named, said EU’s PV implementation of “double reverse” two years did not save the local manufacturing sector, cannot stop the PV manufacturing in China expanding advantage occupy the global PV market. EU PV price commitments as agreed upon before there are many restrictions on China’s export enterprises, led to major export companies under price undertakings in China, and exports to the EU was almost shut down. China polysilicon pricing commitments to the EU does not strictly limit in, nor does it limit, imports of Chinese Silicon increased rather than decreased in recent years.

It is reported that before pushing the EU’s largest solar PV products anti-dumping companies Solarworld was in serious financial difficulties last year, former 9-month loss of € 62 million, net debt of € 315 million. In a recent press statement, it said, the company this year will stop the production of polycrystalline by 2019 will be reduced by 400 jobs.

“European markets have been very small, have become less important to China. And the large number of domestic enterprises to open overseas factories, has been able to avoid ‘ double ‘ restrictions. But the withdrawal of the subsidy continues to be the European wheel consists of all consecutive introduction of PV subsidies constitute one of the signs of the end of cycle. “Ma Yiwai said.

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