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Polaris solar PV net news: in 2017, how to ensure that the energy supply side structural reform is deepening, “capacity” plays Sung? How to improve the quality and efficiency of energy development, the stress of “abandoning wind up light” problem? How to further implement the thoughts of people-centred development, accelerate the pace of energy for a relatively comfortable life? The “two sessions” during the national people’s Congress, the national development and Reform Commission Deputy Director, national energy Administration Director Noor ˙ bekri told Xinhua in an interview, energy focus, focus issues of concern to everyone responded.

How to use market-oriented solutions to

Breakthrough of deepening reform: resolve to prevent excess capacity,

Implementation of major strategic projects, to make up the supply of short boards, innovation in production and consumption patterns

Reporter: this year’s Government work report “improving the supply side of structure must be as a main direction, ineffective supply reduction, increase effective supply”. In your opinion, what is the key to deepen the structural reform of the energy supply side, which is deepening the reform of “key”?

Noor ˙ bekri: advance supply side structural reform, is to XI comrade for core of Central insisted liberation thought, and facts of thought route, insisted problem oriented of thinking, made of a items major strategy decision, is adapted and led economic development new normal of must requirements, is we party and once major theory innovation, on current and future a period promoted economic continued health development meaning very major.

The Government work report “adhere to the structural reform to promote the supply side of the main line”, energy is an important component of the national economy, economic development has entered a new normal, especially after a long stretched very tight supply pressures ease, further prominent structural contradiction of supply side problems. To solve these problems, must be to improve the quality of supply to meet demand as the basic goal to reduce ineffective supply, increase effective supply, optimizing the supply structure for the main direction, unswervingly continue to promote structural reforms in energy supply side, address both the symptoms and root causes, and comprehensive policy, the “three-one down, one up” five tasks in the field implement follow energy.

Promote the energy supply side structural reform, not a quick fix, not a two-year short-term behavior, adjust and optimize the energy structure and transforming the pattern of energy development to eradicate prescription, must be addressed as a strategic initiative, further forward, our focus is on four aspects of a substantive breakthrough.

First, dissolve to prevent excess capacity, reducing ineffective supply lower-end. Last year, we exceeded production capacity of 250 million tons of coal to the task and advance planning, production, postponed a number of coal-fired power project, important progress has been made. However, some of the oversupply situation in the field still exists, to productivity is the supply side structural reform of a play. To continue to phase out a number of backward coal mine, law and regulation disposal a number of illegal construction of coal mines, and orderly development of advanced production capacity, fully complete the coal production tasks. Meanwhile, to further strengthen its efforts to prevent and resolve the excess risk of coal production capacity. In accordance with the “clear violations, and strictly control increases, elimination of outdated” principle, take measures to steady, accurate, and relentless, cleaning, construction, postponed a number of coal-fired power projects, increase the intensity of backward units out of firm 2020 coal-fired power capacity control within 1.1 billion-kilowatt. In addition, also will continue to promote product quality upgrading refineries survival of the fittest.

Second, the implementation of major strategic projects, promote the adjustment of energy structure. Seize the current favorable opportunity of easing of supply and demand, long-term strategy and supply side energy revolution combines structural reforms the current task, around the strategic adjustment of energy structure, the implementation of a number of major projects. Projects such as hydro, nuclear, either now or in the future, is the main structural adjustment. These projects are large in scale, the long construction period will take several years to play a role even more than 10 years to put into operation, to advance planning, scientific layout, start as soon as possible. Meanwhile, based on the basic situation and focus our oil and gas exploration and development and upgrading traditional energy industries, promote clean fossil energy use, improve the ability of independent guarantee of energy security.

Third, to make up the short supply, improve the ability of coordinated development. At the same time promote the adjustment of energy structure, and to further strengthen the energy system optimization service and people’s livelihood, make up the system efficiency of short boards and consumer weakness. The one hand, to expand the scope of reformation of coal power generation flexibility, speed up the construction of pumped-storage power station, active development of large scale storage capacity, investing in peak capacity, promote new energy such as wind power, photovoltaic grid-connected power effectively to dissolve. The other hand, to implement energy projects, increase the supply of clean, convenient, high quality and economic energy, enhance the level of production and life of the masses, accelerate the pace of energy for a relatively comfortable life, makes people feel more accessible.

Finally, innovative production and consumption models, fostering innovation and development momentum. In recent years, we in the power of alternative, natural gas utilization, construction of intelligent energy is a useful exploration and practice, electric vehicle, distributed energy, Smart grids, complementary and a number of energy production, consumption, new patterns, new industry flourished. Next, to combine optimal supply structure and guide rational consumption, to new supply to meet the new demand, with new needs new supplies, promote energy supply and demand into better balance. Emphasis was to improve the price mechanism, push the user direct supply policies, such as measures to increase the proportion of electric power and natural gas in final energy consumption.

2017 strive for elimination, the cessation, postponed more than coal-fired power 50 million-kilowatt

To “Thirteen-Five” the end “three North” abandon wind, split-rate control within 5%

Reporter: based on our national conditions, in your opinion, how to adhere to the Green and low-carbon direction, achieving the clean and efficient use of fossil fuels? Overcapacity risks precaution coal this year will be what?

Noor ˙ bekri: green and low carbon energy revolution in China’s strategic direction, developing non-fossil energy sources, promoting the clean and efficient use of fossil fuels, is green and low-carbon strategy for energy development in two important ways. Our country is rich in coal resources, if you cannot achieve the clean and efficient use of fossil fuels, especially coal, build clean low carbon, secure and efficient modern energy system will not be able to talk about. We have to follow the energy revolution in strategic thinking, General Secretary XI Jinping, proceed from actual conditions, relaxation and continuously promoting the clean and efficient use of fossil fuels.

First, to accelerate the comprehensive control of coal. Much of the coal burned by extensive, coal accounts for only coal consumption for power generation in 50%. Power generation is an important way for clean and efficient use of coal, and developed the coal share in 80%, more than 90%. The coming period, to speed up the bulk coal management, promoting natural gas, electricity, renewable energy and other clean coal energy as substitutes for the civil, implementation of industrial coal-fired boilers and furnaces transformation, a large number of pressure reducing coal use, significantly increase the proportion of electricity, by 2020 more than 55%.

Second, the full implementation of reformation of coal electric ultra low emission and energy-saving. Coal and electricity ultra low emission and energy-saving renovation work since its launch in 2014, achieved a breakthrough, total makeover 450 million kilowatts of ultra low emissions, energy-saving to 460 million kilowatts, to effectively reduce the coal turbine discharge of major pollutants, improve energy efficiency plays an important role. Next, we want to continue to increase the intensity of reform, and strive to finish the remaining 300 million-kilowatt of the reconstruction task ahead. Among them, the ultra low emission retrofit 130 million kilowatts, energy-saving 170 million kilowatts.

Third, the development of modern coal chemical industry. In recent years, we made a useful exploration and practice in this area, a major demonstration projects smoothly, God huaning coal oil, baotou coal to olefins, a number of projects completed and put into production, and achieved initial results. The “Thirteen-Five” period, in the premise of energy saving and environmental protection, water protection, steadily promoting the construction of demonstration projects, continuing to strengthen technological innovation, expanding our technology in coal processing areas and industries.

Finally, expand natural gas consumption. Actively advance the reform of gas prices, reduce the cost of comprehensive use of natural gas, steadily pushed forward natural gas receiving, storage and transportation facilities in a fair and open, in areas such as life, transportation, and industrial production accelerated “replacing coal with gas” and “gas oil” while developing natural gas distributed energy and natural gas peak power station. Through the above measures, striving to 2020 the gas consumption of about 10%.

Finally, continued to promote quality upgrades. This year, the country has begun to supply five standard car gasoline and diesel. Next, we will release six standard of gasoline and diesel for vehicles, and strive to fully operational by 2019. While promoting the use of clean fuel such as biomass fuel, clean level of oil consumption.

Of course, in the reformation of coal electric ultra low emission and energy-saving at the same time, more important and more urgent task is to guard against dissolving excess risk of coal production capacity. In 2016, according to cancel group, sustained nuclear group, postponed a number of ideas and elimination of outdated coal-fired power unit 5 million-kilowatt, the abolition of 12.4 million-kilowatt do not have conditions for construction of coal-fired power project, moratorium on the approval of some provinces in addition to the livelihood of heat used by coal-fired power projects. 2016 actual production of coal power installed capacity 43 million-kilowatt, 16 million-kilowatt fewer than in 2015.

Next, we will be deployed in accordance with the Party Central Committee and the State Council, as overcapacity risks precaution coal energy a top priority, and fully implementing in earnest, effectively promote the healthy development of the thermal power industry. 2017 win out, production and sale of coal, and postponed more than 50 million-kilowatt, which eliminate backward groups 5 million-kilowatt, stop violations 38 million-kilowatt, postponed by more than 7 million-kilowatt.

Reporter: excuse me, how can we make better use of market-oriented solutions to “abandon the wind up” problem? How to enhance the coherence and efficiency of the power system, promote sustainable development of clean energy?

Noor ˙ bekri: in recent years, the rapid development of wind power, solar energy, has made remarkable achievements, currently ranked first in the world in installed capacity. Meanwhile, local areas of China there has been serious abandon wind up light problem, become the highlight of renewable energy sustainable development bottleneck.

To address abandoned wind up problems, we have adopted a series of measures in recent years in strengthening the size, layout and connection of channels at the same time, pay more attention to play the role of market mechanism, achieved initial success. Establish sound renewable energy targets and fully guaranteeing the purchasing mechanism, boot priority for renewable power generation. Production of hydrogen from renewable clean heating, wind power, exploring nearby new extinction patterns. Implementation of the “leader in PV” plan by bidding forced costs down. Power ancillary services market reform through thermal power peak depth peak trading, energy storage deal, power outages alternate trading market to promote wind power to dissolve, has received good results.

Meanwhile, we should also recognize that solve the problems of abandoned light wind up is a complicated systematic project, the most fundamental and most important ways is to do optimization of the energy system. Next, we will mainly take the following three measures.

First, accelerate the construction of power system peak load capability. The “Thirteen-Five” period, to speed up large pumped storage power plant, leading hydropower, natural gas excellent peak power construction such as peaking power plants, increase existing cogeneration unit, coal-fired generating units peak flexibility transformation, positive developments in storage, improving the load regulation performance of power systems. Five years is expected to increase load capacity 46 million-kilowatt, pumped-storage power station 17 million-kilowatt, natural gas peak power station 5 million-kilowatt, significantly improve peak power system and absorptive capacity of renewable energy.

Second, adjust and optimize the development distribution. The “Thirteen-Five” period, wind power and solar energy development center from “three North” transfer to the East, mainly in distributed development, local absorptive, new wind power installed capacity in the East in about 58%; new solar installed capacity, the eastern regions accounting for about 56%. Meanwhile, orderly power transmission corridor construction and to promote the “three North” area of renewable energy across the province to dissolve.

Third, promote electric power system operation mode changes. Advancing the power reforms landed, accelerate the construction of electricity spot market and power ancillary services markets, establish prices in favour of renewable power to dissolve and scheduling mechanism, implement renewable energy quota mechanisms for assessment and green certificate trading.

Through these measures, by 2020, renewable energy (electricity) grid-connected capacity of up to 720 million kilowatt, grid-connected capacity weight reached 36%, proportion of electricity of up to 27%. East and South main load Center to dissolve, such as wind power, solar power capacity could reach 35%, close to the world advanced level. Meanwhile, efforts to “three North” area up wind, abandon rate control in 5%, wind, not abandon basic do not abandon other areas light.

Strengthen the construction of key energy infrastructure in the field

Capture the energy of well-off new victory

Reporter: this year will be how to do basic, abstract work, better energy development results to benefit people’s livelihood?

Noor ˙ bekri: General Secretary XI Jinping stressed that complete the building of a well-off society, while maintaining economic growth at the same time, more important is to implement people-centred development, would like the masses are thinking, be anxious people’s urgent needs, and alleviate the people’s plight. XI Jinping, the important instructions of General Secretary, public services in the field of energy security for the us a new direction, put forward new requirements, is fundamental to guide our energy well-off new victory followed.

Current and next time, we should vigorously strengthen the construction of key energy infrastructure in the area, actively promoting clean energy, focusing on three aspects to achieve tangible results.

First, promote clean heating in winter in the North. According to enterprises, Governments, residents affordable approach, suitable for gas is gas, and electricity is electricity, vigorously improve the level of clean heating in winter in the North. At present, we are working in conjunction with the relevant departments to pay close attention to the preparation of the northern winter cleaning heating programming (2017-2020), for the early introduction of implementation.

Second, the focus of rural power grid upgrading and construction of urban distribution network. This year, would focus on the 85,000 small town Central village power grids to achieve 1.5 million wells pump power full coverage in the plain areas, basic source for the power of 33,500 poor village. Especially the immigrant areas, electricity and supply to keep up with to ensure that relocated to where, through where. Also, continue to promote PV poverty alleviation to help win the poverty battle.

Third, the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution. This year, the air pollution prevention and control 12 major transmission channel will be completed and put into use, “coal to electricity” “coal gas” and other alternative projects will move forward. Through increasing the supply of clean energy in key areas, reduce coal burning scale, further improve the local conditions, that the people can rest assured and comfortable with.

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