Inquiry terminated by SSE 1 8 billion yuan larger Quartet shares talk contract

Polaris solar PV net news: in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, has always been no shortage of all kinds of “flicker”, the Quartet this 1.8 billion yuan of shares big huyou contract is just another farce. Quartet shares the evening of March 1 announcement said the company subsidiary has signed a 1.8 billion yuan of solar equipment supply contracts, for both buyers and sellers “do not fly” advance payments, buyers within the term specified in the contract, the company decided to terminate the contract.

This great single PV industry shock

This is a cases involved amount 1.8 billion yuan of contract, is by Quartet shares holding subsidiary Beijing Quartet create can photoelectric technology limited and million in the Foundation new energy Yangzhou limited in this year January 11 signed, which intends to former procurement 360MWp Copper Indium Gallium se film solar power component production full online production job equipment, contract agreed has related contract entered into force terms, which including contract signed Hou buyer 20 a days within paid contract total price of 60%.

Is said this cases business vibration PV industry, not only because the contract amount huge, and according to industry research people introduced, Copper Indium Gallium se film solar this items technology difficulty very high, in domestic can independent development production of very less, basic was abroad technology monopoly, so big capacity of more is less of and less, only has minority several enterprise can completed, which most famous of leading enterprise is Han can film, but Han can is relies on acquisition abroad Enterprise completed technology breakthrough of, remaining of enterprise are for purchase abroad line completed production task.

Although the results show that this is a big trip on contract, but after the signing of the contract was announced, the Quartet shares on January 16 after the resumption of share prices rose on January 17, managed to hit trading, share prices also rose from 9.79 Yuan before the suspension was the highest to 11.96. However, on March 1, the Quartet shares notice to terminate the contract, on March 2, the shares fell 5.5% to close at 10.49 Yuan.

Contracts do not fly is targeted by SSE

This single huge contracts eventually could not implemented. With thousands of built in Yangzhou advance payments the company within the term specified in the contract, the Quartet on March 1 shares the Board of Directors to consider a decision to terminate the contract.

In fact, on this particular dubious signs the contract, signed in the contract information is published, January 17 Quartet shares issued letter of inquiry as evidenced in the SSE.

Letters of inquiry, SSE actually points to the key to the contract: whether the seller and have the capacity to carry out major contracts to the?

Letter of inquiry from the SSE: built in Yangzhou is a company on December 30 last year was established, with registered capital of 50 million yuan of company, by the end of December last year, Foundation controlling shareholder in Beijing built in management consulting limited unaudited total assets only 15664, net worth of only 90; 2016 revenues of only 15262.14 Yuan and net profits of just 90.

And on SSE asked to of Quartet create can previously whether has carried out same business and the class business of scale accounted for than situation, Quartet shares of reply disclosure has which exists “big flickers” situation: original Quartet create can except this times and million in the Foundation signed of this copies contract outside, currently only in a still in trial also never foreign made had sales Copper Indium Gallium se film solar scale line performance of company, while Quartet create can failed to provides its performance capacity of feasibility report.

Built in Yangzhou, the financial strength of the company, shares of the Quartet acknowledged there is a big risk, including failure to understand universal inheritance of Yangzhou’s company has engaged in similar business experience and abilities, nor learn its experience in the business of similar size and capacity, through the Quartet will call for the implementation of this item not returned.

Original title: Quartet shares inquiry terminated by SSE talk contract

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