Oblique n shaped photovoltaic industry consolidation 2017 6 30 less obvious

Arctic star solar PV network news: 2016 global PV industry scale station Shang 70 JI w of new height Hou, the Authority institutions forecast future growth will slowed, PV manufacturing competition increased, in 70 GW to 100 JI w headed process in the, industry chain the end of concentrated degrees will further upgrade, industry fittest and leading enterprise Zhijian of merge restructuring increased, industry development not reflected in mass investment existing technology of new capacity expanded, and reflected in new technology elimination bottleneck and more efficient low cost of new push sent.


Technical route for the next 35 years is still the absolute leading crystalline silicon, end technology to sophisticated Silicon silicone fluid-bed method and gradually replace the existing improved Siemens process, wafer-side “black Silicon polycrystalline diamond wire cutting + +PERC” to become the market standard, squeeze Silicon market, Czochralski single crystal technology will give way to the casting process of single crystal. Polycrystalline ingot production equipment more than more than 50 GW by thermal reconstruction further enhance efficient polycrystalline capacity, improved high performance casting single crystal of crystal structure and output, while more than 10 gigawatts of Czochralski single crystal device, high performance single crystal n-type costs remain high for three years, at least half facing capacity idle.

Market price decline still is the norm, in PV and cheap Internet access before the arrival of PV industry chain cut prices, PV power cost reduction, promotion of PV Application market. From 2017 the price trend, and is still rising in the first half, “6.30” frozen after fourth-quarter recovery, was inclined “n” track, the year as a whole declined. Production rate and market trading heavily on the first half, mainly under the influence of the Chinese market, such as the 2016 world 70 GW of PV modules, local production would reach 50 GW, and in China’s installed capacity will reach 30 gigawatts, and “6.30” adjustment period most transactions in the first half. This year of “6.30” effect than last year obviously, but “lead who plans” project concentrated grid effect also is big, due to “lead who plans” on single more Crystal efficiency standard developed no opened gap, last year of bid programme big proportion select has crystal component to get technology score, in Crystal capacity insufficient of situation Xia caused supply tension, price gains high, is expected to “6.30” Hou decreases also big, oblique “n” type of price trend in the Crystal of upper and lower range big, more crystal is relative flat. Estimated quarter of 2017, with black silicon and polycrystalline diamond wire cutting capacity speed, single-crystal price/performance gap, the market dropped from 2.5:7.5 to 2:8 single crystal.

Original title: oblique “n”-shaped photovoltaic industry consolidation

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