Photovoltaic power stations or ancillary service market losers

Polaris solar PV net news: in the power system as a whole to promote intelligent and established under the background of the ancillary services market, operation of photovoltaic power stations are facing more and more challenges.

Recently, the Henan regulatory Office of the national energy administration, Henan wind farms and grid-connected PV power plant operation management rules (draft for soliciting opinions), in which the PV power station operation and management proposed more stringent requirements, including scheduling command execution, operation-related information submitted and power associated with the station forecast, unplanned outages, and so on.

In power forecast aspects, above sought views draft provides, super short-term power forecast for each 15min automatically to grid scheduling institutions scroll reported future 15min-4H of power power forecast curve, forecast value of time resolution for 15min; recently power forecast should daily 9:00 Qian submitted next day 0-24h power power forecast curve, forecast value of time resolution for 15min, accurate rate should is greater than or is equal to 85%, is less than 85% Shi will by must of electricity be assessment.

Not unique.

In has Yu this year January 1 official implemented of Jiangsu Province released of Commission adjustable generator group auxiliary service and run assessment management implementation approach (following referred to “management approach”) in the, new increased on wind farm, and PV power station of voltage curve for assessment, assessment approach and General unit consistent, voltage curve range appropriate relaxed, to reached encourages new energy provides adjustable phase run service of purpose.

From other provinces ever released by the implementing rules for the implementation of the operation and management of power grid in power plant, as well as the implementing rules of the grid power plant auxiliary service management circumstances, most photovoltaic power plant each month to take varying amounts of peak-load regulation of compensation for other services, such as cost-sharing, which means it will face examination and double negative whammy for ancillary service market.

To power line

Henan exposure drafts issued by the Energy Regulatory Office can be divided into two, one is the rule, and the other is technology.

Rules, related to existing and grid-connected power plant-related rules and regulations strict implementation and compliance, including the scheduling of commands, information submitted, equipment maintenance, and so on, to follow the existing rules to ban electric power industry. Replaced by paraphrase as saying that although new energy PV power station power station, but as with thermal, hydro and other power stations, not specialization, full integration and meet all requirements and regulations of the existing power systems.

Specific to the technology, you generally belong to the precise control of PV power station, especially the power of prediction. For example, photovoltaic power stations need to scroll report generation prediction curves of the future 15min-4H, and accuracy rate should be greater than or equal to 90%, less than 90% will be according to a certain formula for standard deduction of electricity.

Similar aspects also include requirements for photovoltaic devices, such as zero voltage crossing, automatic voltage control (AVC), active power control systems, communication systems, etc.

Simple comparison, in respect of assessment, the Henan version of the draft basically has nothing to do with the assessment of thermal and other conventional power supply was much different. That is, the power requirements for PV power station was to power line.

Above sought views draft also provides, full network all wind farm, and PV power station unified evaluation standard; same event applies Yu different terms of assessment, take assessment power maximum of a paragraph implementation; full months no Internet power of wind farm, and PV power station, month not for assessment, and sharing; full months assessment power, to wind farm, and PV power station month Internet power total for ceiling for assessment and deductions, beyond part no longer deductions.

Double attack

The assessment of PV plants are more rigid, it will be the trend.

In Jiangsu Province, recently in the implementation of the relevant provisions, also has made it clear to wind energy, PV voltage curve assessment.

In this regard, Jiangsu said the new voltage curve for wind farms, photovoltaic power plant assessment, designed to achieve the objective of encouraging new energy with condenser operating services.

In fact, this passage gives a also include wind power, photovoltaic power stations had to face reality, that is, along with the ancillary services market gradually, in the assessment are more rigid and photovoltaic power plants will not be able to participate in the double negative of the ancillary services market environment, more and more challenges to its operations.

It is understood that similar mulls draft of Henan and Jiangsu has implemented rules, commonly known as “two rules”, popular speaking, its main function is to manage the grid connected power plants by way of reward and punishment. Assessment is a rigid, power plant standards are going to be fine and ancillary services markets, while part is a rigid part is paid.

On Jiangsu of management approach view, its provides of basic auxiliary service including once FM, and basic adjustable peak, and basic no work regulation; paid auxiliary service, is refers to grid power factory in basic auxiliary service zhiwai by provides of auxiliary service, including automatically power control (AGC), and paid adjustable peak, and paid no work regulation, and automatically voltage control (AVC), and rotating alternate, and hot alternate, and black started,.

Released from parts of detailed tables of the assessment and compensation, most major projects including the peak, automatic generation control (AGC), automatic voltage control (AVC) three.

Further, under the above two rules, for a power plant, and its results on three parts, first, the assessment of results and standards will not be penalized; the second is involved in ancillary services will be passed; the third is the costs of ancillary services to the entire system.

Simple by comparison, as a supplementary project head peak, photovoltaic power plant must not be able to participate in, and also do not get appropriate compensation. For evaluation projects, along with indicators and strict, photovoltaic power stations was deducted points may increase.

Not only that, but a bigger disadvantage is that, with the increase in secondary markets, and swap the peak demand, will also increase the demand for compensation funds, which means power plants cost-sharing would also increase.

Based on this examination, assessed two spending are likely to increase, not PV power plant support services under what circumstances, faced with predictable results.

Original title: photovoltaic power stations or ancillary service market “losers”

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