Polaris highlights solar network on March 28 2017 reviews

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary highlights March 28, 2017 national PV targets beyond 11GW used prematurely, the National Energy Board: steadily promoting photovoltaic projects, issued by the national development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang 2017 family construction of rooftop PV annual guidance programmes, as follows:

2017 national PV Super 11GW advance use of indicators

The National Energy Board: promoting photovoltaic projects

Issued by the national development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang 2017 annual guide of the family rooftop PV building plans

Shaanxi Yanan 95MW will be poverty alleviation projects in the first half through a review

EU PV double reverse negative impacts limited companies to explore overseas emerging markets

Panasonic will be to “clean up” losing businesses to consider restructuring the Japanese PV plant

State grid (Hubei) 2017 new Sun is bidding for poverty alleviation (151713 batch) winners

Yanliang district Xian second batch of distributed solar power projects by expert trial

Norwegian scientists invent new Nano solar sunlight utilization will rise to 40%

Iran will increase 700MW power

Britain will raise the roof solar panels tax

Australia launched the world’s first household solar power deal

Assists Hawaii storage 100% of renewable energy power generation

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