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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Hebei on 2017 village PV power plant project notice of filing

2017 village PV power plant for poverty alleviation to declare range is still the country’s 45 a focus of poverty-alleviation counties filed State card a poor village, plans to build 3,000 village PV power plant for poverty alleviation, overall size is about 900,000-kilowatt. In principle, a single scale control in village-level power station 100-300 kW, voltage level of 10,000 volts and below the access in rural areas.

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2. Yunnan 2017 new benchmark PV price: 0.75 Yuan/kWh (including tax)

Forwards the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of national development and Reform Commission on adjusting the PV new benchmark onshore wind files notice clearly 2017 new benchmark photovoltaic and wind turbine prices.

Among them, the PV project, January 1, 2017, later incorporated into the annual management of the subsidies by 0.75 Yuan per kilowatt hour (tax included) implementation before 2017 record and included in the annual size of the prior years financial subsidies management prior to June 30, 2017 and not yet put into operation, implementation of the 2017 benchmark price.

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3. the 2016 General photovoltaic power plant, Anhui Province, additional construction projects list

Pursuant to the National Energy Board on photovoltaic power generation by 2016 years: notice of construction-related issues (national new energy (2016), No. 383) spirit, the province ahead of 2017-scale 500,000-kilowatt, supplementary 2016-normal PV power plant construction. On December 31, 2016, our way through open competitive selection, focus for Huainan Lake Wolfgangsee phase II PV power generation projects, 24 projects, and reports to the National Energy Board approval.

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4. Hebei Baoding on regulating PV projects using forest land, promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry views on the notification

Strict implementation of forest land use approval procedures and strengthen supervision according to law. Construction of photovoltaic power plant must go through forest land-use review and approval procedures. “Lin Guang complementary” patterns of land use, solar module array during the temporary occupation of forest land for forest land-use procedures; Office premises and other facilities by permanent occupation of forest land for forest land-use procedures. Approval of temporary occupation of woodlands, forestry authorities after examination at the county level, submitted to the municipal forestry authorities approved; approval of permanent occupation of forest land, the provincial forestry authorities for approval.

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5. Anhui linquan 2017 solar support-7000 35MW village power station power station 300 63MW

Installed in 2017 7000 households (total size of 35MW). Building vertical card filter 7000 households in poor condition of the poor, 5kW each distributed photovoltaic power generation system, is expected to increase year around 4000 Yuan per household.

2017 installed 300 villages (poor village) (63MW total). Without village-level power plant 300 villages, each village 210kW distributed PV systems, helped at the implementation of 20-25 within the village collective economy an average annual income of nearly 200,000 yuan. To facilitate the construction and later operation and maintenance management, household electricity stations are centralized and collective power station built building.

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Market review

1. the EU’s photovoltaic double sunset review zhongcai: extended for 18 months (with scale)

March 3, 2017, EU Committee released announcement said, on native Yu or checked since China of crystal silicon PV component and the key parts made double anti-sunset review end CD, ruled if canceled double anti-measures, involved products of dumping and the subsidies on EU industry of damage will continues to or again occurred, so decided continues to maintained on involved products of double anti-measures, since this announcement released of day up, on China involved products double anti-measures will extended implementation 18 months.

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2. distributed PV popular grab “roof” into industry hotspot

Clear is has on good has of roof, results was competition opponents to more offers of price snatched has; will quality of roof resources provides to PV enterprise, can get is high of royalty; Zhuhai silver long group in recently released of roof PV tender plans in the, bid enterprise in the has Enterprise opened 9.5 Yuan/square meters of price, and provides 85 percent electricity discount…… Recently, distributed PV enterprises in the “roof” of increasingly fierce competition in the field.

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3. China offers both single and multi crystalline component falling below 3 per watt barrier

Component prices are falling trend is continuing with. China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) 1.1GW set of components of total bid was launched in Beijing, attracted 25 firms bid lowest quotation for single and multi crystalline components both fell below the Yuan (the same below) 3 threshold.

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4.31 members signed a “letter”: it is recommended that policy the PV of “relax”

In recent years in the country there are many problems of PV power generation projects, the main obstacles to become photovoltaic power generation project.

On March 7, in order to solve the above problem, technology sector the 29th Group jointly submitted to the 31 members of the Committee in full on rationalizing PV project management, land tax and other issues related to recommendations on the proposals, it is recommended that straighten out the problems in the PV power plant with, support of the photovoltaic industry.

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5. the PV power station in ruins after the Gale! Where is the problem how to prevent it?

At noon on March 1, Jiangsu meteorological Observatory issued strong wind yellow warning signal. On March 1 at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon appeared more cities of Jiangsu Province about 8 Gale, netizens exposed under construction tower crane was blown, building falling glass, photovoltaic power plant was severely damaged.

Here we talk about rural photovoltaic power plant was in ruins after the storm, where is the problem? How do PV Hurricane attack?

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6. solar thermal demonstration project under the tide growing ALTs

Non-government-monopoly industries in China, it seems difficult to find a business that doesn’t compete on price. Solar thermal demonstration project construction to start, market and then is ignited, under the bidding, ALTs is there is a growing trend.

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7. PV auction could reshape the industry confidence?

In 2016, the PV industry in China under the background of the overall warming and installing, enabling fast development, new and cumulative installed capacity ranks first in the world. Meanwhile, the PV industry, many enterprises are also in the process, creating a beautiful performance. It is understood that the PV industry has revealed that 2016 annual report 31 a-share listed companies, only 2 losses in 29 growth company, 9 is expected to achieve a profit more than 100%.

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Enterprise version

1. Global Green top 200 lists: CE 71 photovoltaic business 29 (full list)

Recently, the Global 200 list is officially green enterprise.

Investment in renewable energy, photovoltaic power generation due to rapidly declining costs in recent years by more companies chase. Top 200 PV firms dominate the list of 52 seats, which the Chinese PV industry 29, top is led by Mr Zhu Shan GCL, ranked 23rd.

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2. Tesla beginning in 2017 shareholders lukewarm sales of household tiles solar panels slid

Tesla (TeslaInc) this year after the acquisition of sister company, SolarCity, before the company name “Motors (Motors)” wording is removed. This move was not Chief Executive musk (ElonMusk) on a whim. On Monday (March 6), the legendary entrepreneur, said Tesla in 2017, will start selling solar panels.

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3. rate confirmed new sunlight gradually withdraw from Crystal focus Crystal

Taiwanese solar cell manufacturers new daylight (NSP) confirmed it would exit the Silicon business. In a statement, the company said it intends to focus on more profitable single crystal products, especially PERC solar cells.

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4. Yingli set up a Special Committee to deal with the problem

China’s top-tier manufacturers Yingli Green Energy (Yingli solar energy) has remained stable in operation, but has been unable to resolve the debt problem. Yingli has been set up by the Special Committee of the Board, professional debt-related issues.

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5. the domestic PV market blowout day exploring “brand” route

According to industry projections, 2017 PV installed capacity of around 40GW, domestic PV market of 5GW, wealth capacity of about 45 billion yuan. Large brand PV companies, small manufacturers, the self-employed, have great cakes of Chinese and domestic PV market, Flock comes into play.

Regardless of the market’s popularity, a home photovoltaic plant constantly showed the quality problems: leaky roofs, the components being blown fly installers try to save power, a problem and leave the low price competition, market is flooded with competition … … How to control the domestic PV market turmoil? Become the focus of attention in the industry.

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International articles

1. photovoltaic the number 10 in Singapore increased by 10 times

In recent days, after the Singapore Government said it planned in the year 2020, to further reduce the amount of solar energy that goes up to 1000 mega Watts of peak (gigawattpeak).

Singapore Minister of trade and industry (industry) Yi Huaren announced at the Congress debate on the estimates of expenditure of the Department of trade and industry, the Government should substantially increase the amount of solar energy in Singapore, and supporting clean energy development.

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2. the European PV reaches record low 2016 installed declined 33%

European PV markets depressed demand, but PV costs have continued to decline. February 2017 the latest German PV project bids, the lowest bid as low as 6 cents/kWh. At this price projections, if lighting conditions are good in Greece where PV price could be as low as 3 cents per kilowatt hour, lowest price in history.

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Super 5GW 3.2016 India PV installed capacity reduced to 7.4 cents per kWh

MODI after the Government stepped up the development of solar energy, hovering over 2012-2014 three years, 2015 solar PV installed capacity of more than 2 gigawatts, 2016, more than 5 gigawatts.

And solar average cost is declining in 2011 from 10.62 rupees per kilowatt hour, the RS 4.96 per cent in 2016/kWh, the equivalent of 7.4 cents per kilowatt hour.

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4. the World Bank prepared for Pakistan photovoltaic power generation planning

The World Bank and Pakistan’s alternative energy development board (AEDB) announced the launch of a new solar map of Pakistan to work for subsequent layout planning of photovoltaic power generation project in Pakistan. All regions of the World Bank will help Pakistan to collect and analyze light intensity data, according to planning the future layout of PV power projects to enhance Pakistan’s ability to develop clean energy.

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5. British 2016 PV installations beyond 1.94GW

According to the UK Department of energy and climate change (DECC) preliminary statistics, England in 2016 new Super 1.94GW PV system in 2015, representing a significant drop of 4.13GW.

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