Qinghai Internet action to implement the advice smart energy in the focus area

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Qinghai provincial government issued on actively promoting “Internet +” suggestions of action, speeding up Qinghai province “+ Internet” action, promotion and integration in all areas of Internet innovation and development, economic quality and efficiency upgrades, create a new engine for economic and social development.

According to the comments, in Qinghai province, “Internet +” action will start in 13 key areas, including innovation, collaborative manufacturing, intellectual livelihood as well as photovoltaic energy. “The Internet +” smart energy actions as follows:

Innovation relies on the Internet to promote energy production and consumption patterns, improve energy efficiency and promote energy saving and emission reduction. Promoting the integrated energy network infrastructure, improve security, stability, and reliability. Promote the transformation of energy access and collaborative construction of regulating facilities, encourages relying on smart grid home energy efficiency management and other new businesses. Steadily advance the reform of marketing electricity side, means to cultivate the market.

1, to promote renewable energy manufacturing intelligence. Encourages the construction of intelligent wind turbine, smart PV and other facilities, as well as running cloud platform based on the wisdom of the Internet to realize intelligent production of renewable energy. Encourages users to side of building combined cooling heating and power cooling, heat pumps integrated energy infrastructure, improve the level of distributed renewable energy utilization. Promote the collaborative production of renewable energy and fossil fuels, promote inefficient fossil fuel such as coal-cleaning alternatives. Building the renewable energy market measurement, trading, settlement, and other links access and support system.

2, building a collaborative integrated energy network. Building the smart grid, and promoted it with heat pipe and gas pipe networks, transportation networks and other types of network interconnection.

Promoting the transformation of energy access and coordinate regulation of infrastructure construction, promoting the standardization of different energy network interface equipment, modular construction, supports a variety of energy production and consumption facilities “plug and play” and “bi-directional” to boost renewable energy, distributed energy and diverse load capacity.

3, promoting the fusion of network and communications infrastructure. Application of smart meters in the province, strengthen the construction of intelligent building, green, energy saving building control platform. Relying on smart grid, home energy efficiency management and many other new services, home energy efficiency evaluation, energy use visualization management, energy analysis, appliance control, energy-efficient target prediction and control, optimization and energy management decision support. Enhance the integration of energy systems and information systems infrastructure construction, promoting the 4G wireless communication, the application of power line carrier communication technology in intelligent power station.

4, cultivation of new energy new model of Internet business. Fostering flexible green energy trading market model, encourage social capital with mixed ownership, wholly-owned invested to build a new offering in the form of electricity, recruit micro-grid system of electricity trading, lead water supply, gas supply, heating and other public service sectors, energy service companies provide electricity sales business, support or qualified high-tech industrial park economic and technological development zone set up for sale. Development of provincial new energy in the Internet format, and encourages the developed provinces such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang advanced energy production and services enterprises invested wind, photovoltaic energy data operation platform for energy resource assessments, site optimization services provide professional services.

“The Internet +” intelligent energy projects

—Feng Shui River basin of complementary projects: in Gonghe county, Hainan Prefecture, Tara Beach-building of longyangxia water and complementary 550,000-kilowatt on-grid PV power station in three phases; relying on the upper reaches of the Yellow River, goat song, CI HA Gorge hydroelectric power station water light complementary projects.

Qinghai new energy automobile application engineering—: pilot application of new energy vehicles in the province, to Xining, haixi Prefecture, haidongshi and other cities into pilot new energy; green circular low-carbon public transport system, public procurement and corporate priorities in the field of new energy vehicles, increased advocacy of new energy vehicles, to raise community awareness.

—Energy industry demonstration base in Qinghai engineering: building in the province’s energy research, development and demonstration base of Internet and high-tech industrial park, creating new technologies and models model, construction of energy flow, information flow and business flow widely interconnected energy-optimized configuration and intelligence public service networks, innovative service mode of grid operations. Strengthen cooperation with Shanghai in the fields of new energy and new materials, such as cooperation in investment and technology cooperation.

—Qinghai green energy trading platform engineering: in province carried out construction based on Internet of green energy flexible trading platform, encourages wind electric, and PV, and hydropower, green energy and power user Zhijian carried out directly trading; mining green energy of environmental benefits, build special of energy derivative products, oriented different user groups provides differences of of green energy package; development based on Internet platform of green certificate trading and settlement mode, achieved green certificate of securities of, and financial of trading, foster third Fang Yunwei, and Point to point services such as energy green energy production, consumption and trade to the new format implementation for grid-connected renewable energy projects in the power generation system and guaranteeing the purchasing power in full.

—New energy vehicle charging station (piles) network construction project: haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, to the West Sea town optical storage and integration of electric vehicle charging station for the pilot gradually in Xining city, Qinghai Lake core areas, such as the construction of new energy vehicle charging station (piles); build a charging network booking platform, promote multiple locations, multiple charging intelligent scheduling and time-sharing use.

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