Quanjiao Anhui Province on the 2017 solar construction task of poverty alleviation

Polaris solar PV net news: the town government:

Quanjiao County under the Communist Party Committee of quanjiao County people’s Government winning battle plan for poverty eradication (full (2016), 13th) documents, enabling the poor stability to increase family income, to poverty, 2017 PV poverty alleviation mandate and funding arrangements adopted by the County’s leading group for poverty alleviation and development discussions, specific task orders are as follows:

A, and poor: big Shu town 227 households 610 people 945KW; II lang mouth town 77 households 196 people 273KW; Wu Gang town 2 households 4 people 9KW; Shi Pei town 49 households 111 people 183KW; West King town 22 households 36 people 69KW; horse factory town 25 households 46 people 75KW; xianghezhen 69 households 140 people 207KW; six town town 7 households 19 people 36KW; ancient River town 6 households 19 people 33KW; County total 484 households 1181 people 1830KW.

Second, the PV of the County poor construction bundling unified bid, each town clustered and centralized management, unified full Internet access, divided and towns assume overall responsibility for construction. Poor construction of photovoltaic, County Finance and provincial and municipal special anti-poverty fund grants kW two-thirds of the tender price, poor households account for one-third; the poor raise the necessary parts are available through microcredit for poverty alleviation, support units, or helping those responsible support, social contributions and other channels.

Third, each town PV build location to do the work.

Original title: quanjiao, Anhui Province on the 2017 solar construction task of poverty alleviation issued notification

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