Solar thermal demonstration project total demand over millions of square meters

Polaris solar PV net news: list from last September, China’s first solar thermal demonstration project has been announced in recent months, several projects (mainly of State-owned enterprises for investment projects) in nearly period of EPC contracting, part of the main tender for equipment procurement, in April this year into the construction phase of the project to lay the Foundation of substance. Meanwhile, private investment in projects such as controlling solar, first energy and Tianjin Binhai light and heat, and because of its EPC for the project, which has now set out to mirror work, procurement of key equipment such as tube.

EPC is scheduled for more demonstration projects identified, with the construction of demonstration projects, the purchase of the products and equipment of the first demonstration projects in China will start mass.

Solar thermal power plant system is extremely complex, various purchasing categories, some huge amount of procurement of key equipment. For equipment suppliers, and market demand for this demonstration project release is an opportunity, but also a challenge.

First demonstration projects will bring China’s solar thermal power generation chain of shuffle for the first time, currently, suppliers are well prepared in the planning layout, through such initiatives as capacity expansion, early stock preparations, in order to grab more market “cake” to avoid being washed to a market edge.

To help sort out the status of key supply chain products and equipment, and provide a reference for demonstration projects to be launched large-scale purchases. CSPPLAZA will supply chain of several key products and equipment capacity, cost, availability, hot topic series.

–Mirror article–

Total demand over millions of square meters of demonstration projects mirror the latest by July under a single

Mirror as solar-thermal power generation system in one of the largest amount of core components, performance and quality of their products to light thermal power station in operation had a direct impact. Reflector is the domestic solar thermal power generation market one of the most competitive products, this is due to the layout of mirror manufacture of many manufacturers, is represented by FlabegFE and Rioglass foreign brands, on the other side is in Yang Chande and sea Daming glass, glass Hyatt, the rise of solar domestic manufacturers represented.

Centralized procurement requirements when released?

According to the documentation requirements of the National Energy Board, the first demonstration project should, in principle, at the end of 2018 completion, this time node, centralized procurement requirements of the mirror when released?

Sao Tome solar believes that mirrors the centralized purchasing is expected in 2017, March-April, this year it will be difficult to install mirror fitted for outdoor time in the Northwest. International mirror manufacturers Rioglass is considered one of the first to start earlier since March began the procurement process of the project, and centralized procurement times are expected to appear in the second half of the year.

Several major mirror manufacturer capacity?

Mass concentration of procurement needs, several manufacturers of production capacity is able to meet the overall needs of demonstration projects?

CSPPLAZA reporter, current capacity of the main mirror manufacturers are as follows:

Solar thermal demonstration project total demand over millions of square meters of the mirror at the latest by July under a single

Minimum requirements with a 50MW power station accounted for roughly 500,000 square meters mirrors, the first demonstration project to mirror the total demand will be more than 13.5 million square meters, under ideal conditions, these manufacturers ‘ capacity and to meet the procurement requirements of demonstration projects.

Price rises of about 20% for project investment budget has no effect?

Reportedly, since 2016 second half of yilai, China of bulk commodity material price will continued rose, especially metal, and glass, and cement, material and fuel of price are appeared sharply rose, which, solar reflection mirror of raw materials one of floating method glass of quotes has improve has 20% around, addition as nitric acid silver, raw materials price also in rose, this on reflection mirror manufacturing brings of effect is price about rose 10%~20%.

This led mirrors than ever before to have a more substantial rise in manufacturing costs. According to preliminary calculations, currently on the market mirrors the prevailing price up by about 10%~30% has been compared to early 2016.

Daming glass said, with growth for the domestic market once capacity is in short supply, the demand situation, the normalization of those custom-made products, its costs have further to rise.

Rioglass says, this situation will not affect owners the ultimate purchase price too much. Because, from the perspective of market conditions in recent years, mirrors the price has decreased substantially, even if the recent rise in raw material prices, relative to the original offer, prices are expected to continue to fall, there will not be too much impact on the overall procurement budget to the owners.

FLABEGFE aspects accordingly recommends, based on can foreseen of years demand, suppliers and EPC, and developers reached long-term supply agreement can optimization supply and demand both of cooperation, all participation parties are can according to long-term of agreement to action and plans, dealer also willing to investment optimization its production equipment, such, not foreseen of raw materials price fluctuations, such as silver, and copper, and crude oil, of price floating can was offset even get additional compensation.

Procurement lead time advised by July at the latest to confirm the order

Despite the differing views on the impact of rising product prices, and gives the best sourcing time waits (from April to July this year), but all the manufacturers almost unanimously pointed out that to complete the project, the EPC manufacturers or owners mirror purchasing work should start early, and the sooner the better.

Raw supplies seem to be mirror the biggest uncertainty factor of production. Hai Yang Chande said domestic customers increasing demand for the reflectivity, you can choose fewer and fewer original manufacturer, reflector production according to requirement of clients ‘ original manufacturer, which can provide the high standards of the original manufacturers for foreign manufacturers, prices and payment terms are very important. Owners of its recommendation to assess the overall economy, realistic project requirements.

CHAN Tak said, is limited by the original film, recommended mirror manufacturers stock as soon as possible, so as to avoid market concentration over the same time period, resulting in delivery cycle delay. Mirrors most secure BACS in about six months.

FLABEGFE, which can be obtained in a short time these ultra high-performance materials, even so, the plans earlier, technical and commercial terms for all parties to reach, the better.

Expressed a similar view on the Daming glass, due to reflection mirror manufacturing needs of chemical raw materials (such as paint), as well as special quality white glass, are not conventional products, vendor options are very limited, and the vendor are not 12 months throughout production, supplier arrangements must also be considered. In case of missing one of its production cycle, may need to wait about 2-3 months time, which will mirror the great risks associated with delay in delivery. Therefore, for the production of mirrors as soon as contracts will be better and safer.

Daming glass believes that mirrors the procurement process must be completed before July 2017 order confirmations and contracts signed, so delivery times will begin September 2017 at the earliest. Plus the transportation time, time on site will be in October 2017, which is to be finished by 2018 project construction schedule, is already the night time.

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