Two voices PV members representative of the drum and ii Mr Zhu Shan Mr Jin baofang

Polaris solar PV net news: March 3, 12 five-time opening of the session of the National Committee, formally opened the annual “two sessions” unfolds. The same day, Polaris solar PV network has the first CPPCC Member Liu hanyuan, Li Hejun, China new energy Chamber of Commerce on photovoltaic and solar thermal to share proposals. Other members today continue to be representative of proposals highlighting, see what voices they sent representatives of the solar industry.

First of all, I must mention is that on March 5, the 12th session of the national people’s Congress fifth Conference was held in the great Hall of the opening session, Li keqiang made the Government work report. Report, the Prime Minister expressed attitude of the Government on clean energy development, and in 2017 as the focus, this is undoubtedly the greatest encouragement and support to new energy sources such as photovoltaic.

Li keqiang: China Premier

Key words: accurate poverty alleviation China clean energy manufactured 20,251 band all the way up

A solid and effective capacity. To reduce steel production capacity of 50 million tons this year, quit coal production capacity of 150 million tons. Also, to eliminate, freeze, postponed coal-fired power capacity by more than 50 million-kilowatt to prevent resolve the excess risk of coal production capacity, improve the efficiency of coal-fired power industry, space for clean energy development.

Second, in-depth implementation of the accurate precision of poverty for poverty alleviation. This year in reducing rural poverty population above 10 million, earmarked in the central budget funds rose more than 30%. Strengthened focus on continuous development of impoverished regions, the old revolutionary, improvement of infrastructure and public services, promote the development of characteristic industries, labor service export, education and health to poverty alleviation, implementing integrated upgrade project the poor villages, enhance self-development capacity in poor areas and poor people.

Third, making strenuous efforts to upgrade traditional industries. 2025, in-depth implementation of the made in China to speed up application data, cloud computing, Internet of things, new models with new technology new formats to promote traditional industry production, management and marketing changes. As the main direction of the development of intelligent manufacturing, promoting national demonstration zone of intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing Innovation Center, in-depth implementation of the industrial base, special projects for major equipment, vigorously develop the advanced manufacturing industry, promote China’s manufacturing to high-end. Perfect manufactured powerhouse construction of policy systems, in a variety of ways to support technological innovation, promotion of traditional industry full of new vitality.

Four, real advance “along the way” construction. Stick to discuss sharing, accelerate the construction of economic corridors on land and maritime cooperation to stand, built along the customs cooperation mechanisms. Deepening international cooperation capacity, driving out for our equipment, technology, standards, services, and complementary advantages.

Five, mechanism and work quickly to solve technical problems and give priority to safeguard renewable power and mitigate water, abandoned, abandoning the wind light.

Mr Zhu: GCL Group Chairman

Key words: the law on renewable energy photovoltaic Project Green wisdom energy

Total installed capacity is leading on the one hand, and assume strategic responsibility for the national emissions reduction, on the other hand are subsidies in arrears, have sent arbitrary problems, local policy, and contradiction does not dissolve naturally with the development of PV industry in China, and under the pressure of parity have highlighted potential.

Mr Zhu Shan during the participation in Beijing proposing amendments to the renewable energy law, renewable energy development priorities more clearly, more force, both the current PV land use approval order also proposes a standard, lower taxes and other specific proposals.

Proposal: “amending the law to back them up” + “cost burden”

Mr Zhu said, China’s rapid development of renewable energy capacity, has played an important share of the energy system as a whole, wind power and photovoltaic development scale, both ranking first in the world, the renewable energy sources Act forced Internet systems, classification of fixed price system, the cost-sharing system, the quota system for the generation and system of special funds, undeniable. But, can renewable energy method in the part specification and system has no longer adapted current can renewable energy of development stage, or cannot from system Shang fundamental solution restricted can renewable energy health development of problem, its supporting regulations policy of implementation situation also does not satisfactory, exists with grid and can renewable energy development planning out, and full supportability acquisition and Internet electric price guarantees system implementation difficult, and functions sector coordination mechanism not perfect, problem, accumulated has can renewable energy abandoned electric, and subsidies serious not in place, all phenomenon, Even as the industry “the new normal” trend.

He suggested that by modifying the law on renewable energy, clean power to force Internet and priority the Internet system, assurance from the legal system guaranteeing the purchasing, acquisition can also be explored further in full path, while electricity market reform as soon as possible to adapt and meet the needs of large-scale development of renewable electricity price and subsidy allocation system, promote the renewable energy market.

Mr Zhu pointed out that current renewable energy law setting different types of legal liability for violations, but the lack of enforcement and interoperability, proposals to increase penalties for violations, strengthening the law mandatory and binding, the renewable energy sources Act, effective implementation of the relevant system.

Proposal II: standard PV use, lower tax standard

As we all know, PV enterprises in China in recent years, such as Concord Group is aggressively implementing scientific and technological innovation as the main driving force of the PV parity Act, as soon as possible out of the photovoltaic industry subsidies dependent on, upgrade enterprise technology, increasing effective cost reduction efforts, reflected in the cost per unit of electricity often was not enough to offset the irrational expenditure of contradictory policies. Such as PV land use tax, around the standard ranged from 0.6 to 12 Yuan/square meter, calculated in accordance with class II lighting 10MW photovoltaic projects, or is imposed by the different scales of the same power stations the cost difference of 0.3 Yuan per kWh, greatly affected the fair return of photovoltaic power plants.

Zhu total mountain this year again built statements straighten out PV project with to approval management: by land resources management sector led, coordination forestry, and agricultural, and planning, related sector, accurate defined land nature, established joint database and to social public; PV project with to in the except Office with room, and boost station, and factory road hardening with to zhiwai belongs to construction with to outside, other PV component array column cannot do for construction with to handle; further cut PV construction with to of charges standard, reduced PV power cost, let clean energy into do households.

Mr Zhu said, in the standard PV site, lower tax standard, support for solar and other renewable energy development, at all levels of Government, land management is promising, as the Government of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region on new energy industry, with the notice and other documents in the implementation of encouragement and support to photovoltaic power generation project to give a degree of flexibility, and is worthy of nationwide demonstrations.

Proposal III: Green wisdom energy should become a “featured small town” common features

Featured towns can blossom, green wisdom energy must become “standard”. Talked about is national range within hot spread of features small town foster work, Zhu total mountain said, for features small town construction of energy problem, energy of supply to “green”, this is on general environment of guarantee, energy of configuration and consumption to wisdom, this is on energy using efficiency of guarantee, features small town is to all town of different situation and “special” of, and green wisdom energy of using is all features small town construction of common “special” points, special in low carbide, and new energy more big share using, and ecological more friendly.

For implement Central, and State on advance features small town, and small town construction of spirit, implementation economy and social development 13th a five years planning platform for on speed up development features town of requirements, July 1, 2016, housing urban and rural construction, and national development reform Board, and Treasury joint issued notification, decided in national range within carried out features small town foster work, developed has to 2020 foster 1000 a around features small town of target.

Mr Zhu believes that construction of the characteristic town of focused industry development, to introduce real industries, especially high content of science and technology, low environmental impact, can effectively solve local employment industries, upgrade its level of output and the profits and taxes for the town’s other cornerstone role in career development. Focused industry against blind town-building, large-scale town-building, resulting in hollow town. He suggested that the lead industry, clear type, industry, industry funding, local government and the development and Reform Party may authorize the construction of the characteristic town of implementation.

Characteristic small town construction and sustainable development of energy. At present, the worldwide facing energy innovation, China is in reducing carbon emissions, promote green energy development an important occasion of wisdom, in 2016, 0.2% control the growth in global carbon emissions, carbon emissions in China falling at about 0.5%, in 2017, will start the “carbon credit” trading system, carbon emissions will be subject to more stringent control. Mr Zhu Shan called for approval of construction in the construction sector indicators, set characteristic small town new energy utilization ratio shall not be less than the overall energy consumption of the 20%. Take advantage of green wisdom energy, makes small town construction in green point, will enable the construction of small town stood on the starting point for high efficiency and low consumption, will enable the construction of small towns truly pleasant and livable.

Mr Zhu said, early on in the construction of the characteristic small town, need to be more flexible and stronger policy support. First, the national characteristics principle refers to the town of small town construction, at present, has been included in the model construction of the characteristic small town is allocated according to the administrative division of the town, in fact, extra city, Center City surrounding areas needed more characteristic small town construction, share the functions of cities. Early in the construction of the characteristic small town, this location also makes it easier to feature the successful cultivation of the town. Secondly, the characteristic small towns need to seek special funds financial considerations, using PPP, financial loans, direct subsidies or flexible ways such as issuing local government bonds, investment in social capital construction of the characteristic small town. Again, the characteristic towns land index in construction, planning systems, infrastructure construction and other areas need to be given some preferential policies, recommend indexes, planning priorities, infrastructure investment by small town total investment ratio to be put in place.

Mr Jin baofang: JA Solar Chairman

Keywords: PV PV of financing poverty alleviation

“Along the way” initiative under the boot, PV enterprises “going out” the accelerating pace. According to statistics, at present, China has put into operation an overseas cell and module capacity 3.2GW and 3.78GW respectively, building and expansion of above 3GW production respectively. Chinese PV industry in the process of internationalization, however, also encountered a lot of problems. Among them, the overseas construction financing is particularly prominent.

Mr Jin baofang introduced, financing difficult main because most domestic bank system put PV loan divided to by limit regional, and by Europe double anti-, and subsidies continued declined, factors effect, on PV future development confidence insufficient, on PV overseas project know how doubts; PV industry overseas investment dispersed, peer Zhijian and Shang middle and lower reaches of enterprise Zhijian lack linkage sex and collaborative sex; on overseas investment environment not familiar, due to prepared not full, risk prevention measures not full, and not system,, easy appeared blind investment, risk is big ; System of China’s overseas investment is not improving, management more policies dispersed. China’s overseas investment system is not perfect, and management more policies dispersed. , System of China’s overseas investment is not improving, management more policies dispersed.

In this regard, Mr Jin baofang recommends:

One or more PV enterprises “going out” funding policy.

Photovoltaic industry into the production capacity of Chinese and foreign cooperation priorities support projects, and provide financial incentives for PV companies, tax incentives, increase credit support for overseas investment of PV industry and, if necessary, by the financial guarantee; the establishment of national “going global” investment and financing service platform (such as photovoltaic overseas investment funds), improving overseas investment insurance products.

Second, leading photovoltaic companies hold “out to sea”

Full play industry organization, and Government institutions of guide role, encourages PV Shang downstream enterprise joint out of to; active guide PV enterprise in outside established trade cooperation district or settled trade cooperation district, and encourages outside trade cooperation district promotion distributed PV power station, priority by China Enterprise construction and using China products; encourages in main PV market built a outside PV manufacturing industry Park and the capacity cooperation model base, formed industry gathered and resources integration.

Third, increase the PV business “go” early guidance

To established big data information platform, for PV industry enterprise “out of to” provides political environment, and legal regulations, and industry policy, early guide; active promoted Government between established capacity cooperation mechanism, towards and more national and international organization in goods clearance, and personnel immigration, and currency settlement, and judicial, and tax cooperation aspects established more bilateral of cooperation mechanism, for PV Enterprise create good of investment environment; further strengthening outside security risk warning and monitoring system, perfect outside security risk prevention and emergency disposal work mechanism, Protection of foreign investment security.

Four, improving overseas investment system.

Open a green channel, greater decentralization, standardizing, streamlining, procedures and responsibilities, establishment of overseas investment, “one-stop” joint approval authority; overseas talent and training, investment, information consultation, bridges built for China PV companies to provide more comprehensive support services.

PV was one of ten precise poverty alleviation projects for poverty alleviation, in 16 provinces in China as early as 2014, 471 counties launched a pilot run, introduced around nearly two-year PV pro-poor policies, further accelerating the photovoltaic process of poverty alleviation. However, the seemingly promising PV poverty alleviation, but in being exposed “stuck”

In this regard, Mr Jin baofang believes that the implementation of PV in the process of poverty alleviation, local defects on PV cause obstacles for poverty alleviation, most of the electricity used in poor areas lead to dissolve space is small, large surplus of power needed to send more high-voltage power grids, grid implementation in such remote areas need to enlarge. Meanwhile, higher land use taxes lead to photovoltaic power generation costs rise, is not conducive to the development of PV.

Mr Jin baofang recommends:

, Perfect PV subsidy policy, subsidies or to give priority to poverty alleviation projects, ensuring that the interests of users.

Second, to strengthen the construction of network infrastructure, optimize network structure to enhance the transmission capacity, for companies to set up barriers, ensure the quality of projects, the “leader” item access standards is a very good case. PV land use tax the Government need to give clear guidelines and regulations, and tax breaks for PV power station construction site or offers, establishing a sound credit system in the financing market, ensuring that investor interests are guaranteed.

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