Two voices win Shan Li Hejun Mr Jin baofang Liu hanyuan Zhu and Chen Kangping

Polaris solar PV net news: starting today, officially entered the country “two sessions”, CPPCC members and deputies to Beijing from around the country perform their duties, drum of concern and call for yourself. Among these, the amusing and solar industry representatives. Liu hanyuan, Mr Zhu Shan, Li Hejun, Mr Jin baofang, Chen Kangping, China new energy Chamber of Commerce … … They stand for PV and solar thermal sectors sent voice, first to see several members at once the proposal of the representative:

Liu hanyuan: tongwei Group Chairman of the Board of Directors

Key words: photovoltaic subsidy arrears taxes heavily

In recent years, the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry by subsidies in arrears, tax issues such as heavy and carry. The current session of the “two sessions”, for 8 consecutive years of attention to the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry Liu hanyuan, Chairman of tongwei group focuses on solar subsidies, solar tax proposal.

Proposal: strengthening Government’s credit construction to speed up PV subsidies granted

Liu hanyuan in proposal in the said, “as relates China current and the future economic development transformation and energy security and the fog haze problem solution way of PV industry of subsidies problem, after years constantly cumulative, has actually became has a and arrears agricultural migrant workers wage also serious of reality problem, as long-term delay down and have not to effective solution, not only serious impact China PV industry of health, and stable and continued development, also will serious damage China Government of integrity image and paid credit problem. ”

On the surface, subsidies granted object seemingly PV links, but for the whole photovoltaic industrial chain “Mana”. If PV power station took not to subsidies, on must will arrears upstream component manufacturers payment, component manufacturers and will further arrears more upstream of raw materials suppliers of payments, to caused chain arrears, formed large of bad, and bad and “triangle”, not only led to whole PV industry in funds tight of status, also will serious impact investors on PV industry input of confidence and determination, even may led to PV industry faced more big, and disaster sex of Cliff type fell, effect China economic general run.

Liu hanyuan believes that arrears of subsidies under the national policy, the PV industry in China has been paid, the Government paid credit and honesty construction have caused significant damage.

In this regard, Liu hanyuan suggested: 1 strengthen the Government’s credibility construction, improving the basic rules governing pay; 2, simplify the subsidy funds collection and disbursement procedures.

Proposal II: in support of green industry development of photovoltaic industry tax relief proposal

At present, China’s PV industry chain link is the full tax. The main taxes involved include: corporate income tax 25% and the additional, value-added tax 17%, in addition to the sea area use fees, land-use tax, stamp duty, tax and other tax types, such as factors to consider social security, taxes and fees will be even more alarming. Calculating average according to the PV projects, pays sales tax average is 1.8 times of operation and maintenance costs, sales tax average net profits of 30%. After receiving the loan, PV enterprises should not only pay higher bank interest rates, and the cost of capital for 6% value added tax is not deductible, as the cost of a large proportion of interest 17% tax levy in full and further increase the tax burden of enterprises. In addition, the new energy subsidy funding gap of up to 60 billion, preliminary project subsidies accounted for more than 50% of total electricity revenues, and further delay, adding to the operating pressure of the enterprise.

Liu hanyuan believes that only development represented by the photovoltaic and renewable clean energy, fundamentally change China’s energy consumption structure and realization of electric power, energy consumption and electricity production cleaner, to fundamentally solve the current smog trapped. But at present, the PV industry and the air, the environment of green strategic emerging industries and the transformation of economic development pattern is closely related to, but under higher taxes, in fact, have severely inhibited the healthy development of the industry.

In this regard, Liu hanyuan suggested: 1, clean up and reform the irrational tax system; 2, all the tax relief for the photovoltaic industry.

Li Hejun: Chairman of hanergy holdings group

Key words: solar car

Development of new energy vehicles in China is of great strategic significance. XI General Secretary has made it clear that “the development of new energy vehicles is the only way our cars big country to the powers that”. Under the guidance of national industrial policy, China’s new energy automobile industry rapid development and growth, new-energy auto production has ranked first in the world for two consecutive years, the number of 1 million cars.

Li Hejun believes that solar is a future-oriented new energy vehicles innovation application form, it is recommended that strong support from the State.

Power cleaner, encourage new energy vehicle

The formulation of relevant policies, guide enterprises to “clean up” are regarded as the main direction of new energy vehicles, reducing power consumption during use of new energy vehicles, real clean sustainable development of new energy vehicles.

Second, establishing solar car

Clear solar-powered cars as a kind of new energy vehicles, into key national development plan of the “new energy vehicles” pilot project in 2018-Project Guide to Declaration.

Third, into the new energy automobile industry management

Through the advanced manufacturing industry investment fund special support for solar car manufacturing project; refer to pure electric vehicle lithium batteries subsidy program subsidies for solar cars, subsidies are not less than the subsidy program for lithium battery.

China new energy Chamber of Commerce

Haiyang in light and heat, such as groups of companies to submit proposals on speeding up the development of the solar thermal power industry, and submitted by the China new energy Chamber of Commerce.

Key words: solar thermal industry

Among the many varieties of clean energy, solar-thermal power generation best placed to replace base load thermal power play the one of the new energy, is expected to become one of the mainstream new sources of energy, has a very important position in China’s new energy strategy. “Thirteen-Five” is an important period of development of the solar thermal industry, industry’s contribution to the domestic economy will be close to a trillion. But domestic solar thermal industry is still facing high initial investment costs, operating experience lacking, and many other challenges. In this regard, the proposal recommends:

First, based on the “Thirteen-Five” plan targets, starting as soon as possible work 4GW solar thermal demonstration project

In December 2016, the National Energy Board formally issued the solar development “Thirteen-Five” plan, put forward by 2020 solar thermal generation capacity reached 5GW development goals. Considering a single solar thermal power generation projects with large investment, a long construction period, and first 1GW demonstration project from application to electricity price has introduced last year. Completed “Thirteen-Five” 5GW of planning objectives, improve core competitiveness of domestic solar thermal enterprises, proposals of remaining 4GW project started as soon as possible to declare work, encourage enterprises to participate in, projects layout properly, experts carefully selected. Also, it is recommended that countries “Thirteen-Five” pricing policy in the period remained stable, try not to fall. In addition, the solar thermal power industry has not entered the commercialization stage of development, to ensure that the industry’s orderly competition, national is not recommended during this period similar to PV tenders bids to determine the price.

Second, from the national strategic industrial land planning, priority irradiation resources quality solar-thermal project in the West, and on this basis to speed up the construction of large deployment, with complementary clean energy base

Light hot power single scale and accounted for to area larger, years run hours more long, project location Shi on Sun direct radiation DNI resources requirements high, recommends government sector in developed new energy project planning Shi, will has better site conditions of regional reserved to light hot power project construction, and from national strategy level light hot with to give tilt, do strategy industry with to planning, perfect with to policy. Meanwhile, in order to better promote the healthy development of the industry, encourage enterprises based on the existing demonstration projects to develop large-scale solar-thermal power plants, to form scale. Especially in our first solar thermal demonstration project, once completed, should speed up many complementary planning and building new energy base and better serve economic and social development and reform of the energy supply side. Put solar-thermal power and photovoltaic, wind turbine and more complementary modes of energy price calculation method and standard business practices.

Three, strong co-ordinating the implementation of the new energy policy floor

Proposed State reference to solar, wind power and other new energy industry support policies, light thermal power domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises by appropriate land, finance and tax-supported, list clear list of tax breaks, new energy policy harmonization. In addition, solar-thermal power generation is a high investment-and technology-intensive industries, 50-megawatt solar thermal power plant investment of 1 billion to 2 billion yuan, funds development of private enterprises and State-owned enterprises have become light and heat a big pain point. For support light hot industry health growth, recommends national should in new normal Xia insisted green economic development of macro background Xia, full play State-owned commercial banks, various financial institutions of of financing guide role, put light hot industry included financing green channel, including green bonds, and credit, and policy Bank, and cheap loan, and PPP,, especially to vigorously promote and promoted “two a not below”, existing policy of landing implementation, effective solution financing difficult problem.

Four, the implementation of high-tech enterprise support policies, support enterprises ‘ technological upgrading

Increased light hot power of science and the media publicity efforts, active play Enterprise subject role, encourages more enterprise participation technology development and products upgrade, especially in reflection mirror, and turbine, core equipment aspects increased support efforts, recommends national on related enterprise reference national high-tech enterprise of related policy be support, as has necessary also can included “national technology major special”, from overall Shang upgrade equipment level and technology competitiveness, makes China Light hot power industry achieved corners overtaking, eventually led global. Meanwhile, also increased at the national level to light thermal technology, standards, testing and other aspects of investment, development of industry technical standards system and project acceptance criteria for solar-thermal power generation project construction, especially at the present stage to demonstration project truly play its demonstration effect.

Five, as soon as possible, combined with heating of solar-thermal power generation projects to support policy

East on the current spread of “Haze” problem, and North Central has made clear it wants to promote clean-water heating, use clean energy to solve environmental problems as possible. Recommendations will combine heating, solar-thermal power generation project as a special people’s livelihood projects treated as soon as possible, targeted price and price policy, started a number of demonstration projects. Meanwhile, support use of peak-Valley electricity price the molten-salt thermal storage heating project construction, and targeted policies, to promote an “abandoned wind up” power in the form of thermal energy storage for effective heating use, improve the utilization of new energy.

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