Inquiry terminated by SSE 1 8 billion yuan larger Quartet shares talk contract

Polaris solar PV net news: in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, has always been no shortage of all kinds of “flicker”, the Quartet this 1.8 billion yuan of shares big huyou contract is just another farce. Quartet shares the evening of March 1 announcement said the company subsidiary has signed a 1.8 billion yuan of solar equipment supply contracts, for both buyers and sellers “do not fly” advance payments, buyers within the term specified in the contract, the company decided to terminate the contract.

This great single PV industry shock

This is a cases involved amount 1.8 billion yuan of contract, is by Quartet shares holding subsidiary Beijing Quartet create can photoelectric technology limited and million in the Foundation new energy Yangzhou limited in this year January 11 signed, which intends to former procurement 360MWp Copper Indium Gallium se film solar power component production full online production job equipment, contract agreed has related contract entered into force terms, which including contract signed Hou buyer 20 a days within paid contract total price of 60%.

Is said this cases business vibration PV industry, not only because the contract amount huge, and according to industry research people introduced, Copper Indium Gallium se film solar this items technology difficulty very high, in domestic can independent development production of very less, basic was abroad technology monopoly, so big capacity of more is less of and less, only has minority several enterprise can completed, which most famous of leading enterprise is Han can film, but Han can is relies on acquisition abroad Enterprise completed technology breakthrough of, remaining of enterprise are for purchase abroad line completed production task.

Although the results show that this is a big trip on contract, but after the signing of the contract was announced, the Quartet shares on January 16 after the resumption of share prices rose on January 17, managed to hit trading, share prices also rose from 9.79 Yuan before the suspension was the highest to 11.96. However, on March 1, the Quartet shares notice to terminate the contract, on March 2, the shares fell 5.5% to close at 10.49 Yuan.

Contracts do not fly is targeted by SSE

This single huge contracts eventually could not implemented. With thousands of built in Yangzhou advance payments the company within the term specified in the contract, the Quartet on March 1 shares the Board of Directors to consider a decision to terminate the contract.

In fact, on this particular dubious signs the contract, signed in the contract information is published, January 17 Quartet shares issued letter of inquiry as evidenced in the SSE.

Letters of inquiry, SSE actually points to the key to the contract: whether the seller and have the capacity to carry out major contracts to the?

Letter of inquiry from the SSE: built in Yangzhou is a company on December 30 last year was established, with registered capital of 50 million yuan of company, by the end of December last year, Foundation controlling shareholder in Beijing built in management consulting limited unaudited total assets only 15664, net worth of only 90; 2016 revenues of only 15262.14 Yuan and net profits of just 90.

And on SSE asked to of Quartet create can previously whether has carried out same business and the class business of scale accounted for than situation, Quartet shares of reply disclosure has which exists “big flickers” situation: original Quartet create can except this times and million in the Foundation signed of this copies contract outside, currently only in a still in trial also never foreign made had sales Copper Indium Gallium se film solar scale line performance of company, while Quartet create can failed to provides its performance capacity of feasibility report.

Built in Yangzhou, the financial strength of the company, shares of the Quartet acknowledged there is a big risk, including failure to understand universal inheritance of Yangzhou’s company has engaged in similar business experience and abilities, nor learn its experience in the business of similar size and capacity, through the Quartet will call for the implementation of this item not returned.

Original title: Quartet shares inquiry terminated by SSE talk contract

Zhejiang Yueqing 66 late 2016 distributed PV project received special funds

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, Yueqing city development and reform Bureau, Yueqing City Finance Bureau publicity Yueqing, second half of the year 2016 financial subsidy for special funds to be distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, projects a total of 66, be subsidizing electricity 1,967,129-kilowatt, electricity subsidy of 590230 Yuan.

Reads as follows:

In late 2016, Yueqing city, distributed PV special funds subsidize project publicity

According to Yueqing Government on support distributed PV power of several views (Le political sent (2014) 29th,), and Yueqing finance Yueqing development and reform Council on issued < yueqing distributed pv power application support special funds management approach > of notification (Le fiscal enterprises (2015) No. 271,) file spirit, now will 2016 second half of Yueqing distributed PV power financial special funds intends subsidies project be publicity, accept social from all walks of life supervision. Publication start/end times on March 2, 2017 until March 8, 2017, for 7 days.

All types of social organizations or individuals such as public projects won’t agree, during public hours to reflect to this Council in writing. Reflect the problems, to seek truth from facts, to reflect on behalf of the Organization, please affix the official seal on the material; reflected in his own name, encouraging them to use their real names and contact.

Tel: 0577-61882131 (municipal development and reform Bureau)

0577-57571188 (Municipal Finance Bureau)

Yueqing city, Yueqing city development and reform Bureau of finance

The March 2, 2017

Yueqing city, in late 2016 financial subsidy for special funds to be distributed photovoltaic power generation project fact sheet

Liu hanyuan members of the two sessions proposal heavy impact of direct subsidies

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) in 2013, the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry since the benefits from national policy support and favorable environment for development, China’s PV industry expanded rapidly. Nearly 4 years, PV-an average annual growth rate of more than 60%. According to Department of energy statistics, by the end of 2016, photovoltaic power generation capacity in China to 34.54 million-kilowatt, a total installed capacity of 77.42 million-kilowatt, new and cumulative installed capacity for the world.

However, in parallel with the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, also showed heavy subsidies, tax arrears and other ills. For 8 consecutive years of attention to the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry Liu hanyuan, Chairman of tongwei Group on March 2, the “two sessions” press conference focuses on the photovoltaic subsidy, photovoltaic tax proposals.

Liu hanyuan in statement in the said, “as relates China current and the future economic development transformation and energy security and the fog haze problem solution way of PV industry of subsidies problem, after years constantly cumulative, has actually became has a and arrears agricultural migrant workers wage also serious of reality problem, as long-term delay down and have not to effective solution, not only serious impact China PV industry of health, and stable and continued development, also will serious damage China Government of integrity image and paid credit problem. ”

In fact, the photovoltaic subsidy arrears period is one to two years, longer then two or three years, the industry has been badly hit, some enterprise capital chain rupture, many enterprise capital chain rupture of edges. On the surface, subsidies granted object seemingly PV links, but for the whole photovoltaic industrial chain “Mana”. If PV power station took not to subsidies, on must will arrears upstream component manufacturers payment, component manufacturers and will further arrears more upstream of raw materials suppliers of payments, to caused chain arrears, formed large of bad, and bad and “triangle”, not only led to whole PV industry in funds tight of status, also will serious impact investors on PV industry input of confidence and determination, even may led to PV industry faced more big, and disaster sex of Cliff type fell, effect China economic general run.

It can be said that arrears of subsidies under the national policy, the PV industry in China has been paid, the Government paid credit and honesty construction have caused significant damage.

In this regard, Liu hanyuan members recommendation: strengthen government integrity, improve basic pay rules to simplify the subsidy funds collection and disbursement procedures.

Apart from the installed capacity topped out, rapid decline in the cost of the PV industry chain, forming a characteristic “PV speed.” According to the Photovoltaic Industry Association statistics show that 8 years, the component cost/W/W dropped to 35 cents from 60 cents; inverter from fell to 0.3/0.7/w w system “bare cost” (not including land and send) fell from 8.5/w about 6.2/w. Components, systems, inverters, electricity prices 8 years respectively, 91.5%, 90%, and 77.5%.

Although the PV “hard costs” is decreasing, but PV such as corporation tax, land tax, “soft cost” creating pressure for PV companies.

It is understood that the current PV industry in China from the upper reaches of the Silicon raw materials, into middle silicon wafers, cells, modules, inverters and other components, production of primary attachment, to downstream photovoltaic, full tax. The main taxes involved include: corporate income tax 25% and the additional, value-added tax 17%, in addition to the sea area use fees, land-use tax, stamp duty, tax and other tax types, such as factors to consider social security, taxes and fees will be even more alarming.

In terms of financing, photovoltaic industry due to the one-time amount, high investment costs and long recovery period, making PV enterprises difficulty in financing not only difficult to obtain credit and limit space is too small.

Liu hanyuan, the “PV project data measuring on average, pays sales tax average is 1.8 times of operation and maintenance costs, sales tax average net profits of 30%. After receiving the loan, PV enterprises should not only pay higher bank interest rates, and the cost of capital for 6% value added tax is not deductible, as the cost of a large proportion of interest 17% tax levy in full and further increase the tax burden of enterprises. In addition, the new energy subsidy funding gap of up to 60 billion, preliminary project subsidies accounted for more than 50% of total electricity revenues, and further delay, adding to the operating pressure of the enterprise. ”

Liu hanyuan said that with China’s rapid economic development, the haze problem has become more serious in recent years, has had a significant impact on China’s economic and social development and pose grave threats to people’s health. Taken in this context, pressure to cut emissions, restrictions and other measures can only slow down, reduce emissions, and cannot fundamentally eradicate smog. Only by vigorously developing PV-representative of renewable and clean energy, fundamentally change China’s energy consumption structure and realization of electric power, energy consumption and electricity production cleaner, to fundamentally solve the current smog trapped. But at present, the PV industry and the air, the environment of green strategic emerging industries and the transformation of economic development pattern is closely related to, but under higher taxes, in fact, have severely inhibited the healthy development of the industry.

In this regard, Liu hanyuan members recommendation: clean up and reform the irrational tax system; all the tax relief for the photovoltaic industry.

PV industry as a national green industry, its healthy development, national and enterprises to work together, Chairman Liu hanyuan’s advice not only on the development of industry leading companies and care, is also a powerful booster of industrial development, to promote PV industry towards a brilliant future.

Miit Announces 2016 run PV industry in China

Polaris solar PV net news: PV industry is semiconductor technology combined with the new energy demand of emerging industries of strategic importance, it is also an important field of international energy competition. In 2016, the PV industry in China continues the warming trend in the last year, the industrial output reached 336 billion yuan, an increase of 27%, good overall health. First, the industry continues to expand the scale. 2016 poly silicon productions from 194,000 tons, an increase of 17.5%; wafer production 63GW (GW, the same below), an increase of 31.2%, photovoltaic cell production is about 49GW, rose 19.5%, photovoltaic module production is about 53GW, and rose 20.7%, grid-connected PV system annual installed capacity reached 34.5GW, an increase of 127%. Production industry chain link accounted for more than 50% in the world, continues to top the world. Second, business conditions remained robust. Five polysilicon companies average gross margin over 20%, average gross margin over 15% top 10 components, part of the production margin even more than 25% of auxiliary enterprises, access to standard component average profit margin rose 3%, 31 public PV companies, 9 more than 100%. Third, industry development order become more reasonable. Industrial and information technology continue and the announcement of the fifth instalment of the PV manufacturing industry conditions list, received much attention in the implementation, industry standards linked with the credit credit cooperative strengthened, gradually standardize the development order. Facilitated by the Ministry of industry and information technology, intelligent manufacturing continued to promote PV companies, production automation, digital level increases, decreases in employment per unit of output. Merger and reorganization of enterprises willing to, market-led integration of resources to accelerate such as easy as new can successfully restructure LDK LDK, longi shares acquisition of Sun Edison (SunEdison) Malaysian factories. Four is the accelerating industrialization of advanced technology. Advanced crystal silicon battery technology development times break world record, black Silicon business velvet, and back passivation (PERC), and n type double, a efficient crystal silicon battery process technology industrialization accelerated, has built capacity over 10GW, Crystal and more Crystal battery average conversion efficiency reached 20.5% and 19.1%; polysilicon production process get further optimization, backbone enterprise production energy has declined to 80 degrees electric/kg of international advanced level. Five is the product costs continue to decline. Technological advances and economies of scale under the two-wheel-drive, advanced polysilicon production costs in China have dropped to 70 Yuan/kg, crystalline silicon solar module production cost dropped to 2.5/Watt, better resource area of PV power cost decreased to 0.65 Yuan/degree level, and closer to parity, low quality of photovoltaic products make a great contribution for the development of the global PV market. Six were “going out” was accelerated. “Along the way” strategy under the guidance of companies setting up factories abroad, has spread over more than 20 countries around the world, has been built outside the capacity exceeds 5GW, globalization of production was evident. In 2016, the wafer, cell and module exports about US $13.84 billion, down 11.3%, mainly under the influence of overseas enterprises to set up factories in China. Emerging markets such as India, Pakistan, Turkey, Chile exports significantly improved, exports to the traditional markets in Europe and America accounted for below 30%, further reducing the US and European “double reverse” effect.

In the industry to pick up at the same time, development of PV industry in China still has many problems. First, the manufacturing competitiveness is weak. Domestic support policies on the upstream support, enthusiasm for innovation and development of enterprises is not high, the industrial structural contradiction, high-end production capacity is still unable to meet the demand of the domestic market, compared with foreign advanced level remains the key process technology gaps, particularly in the core areas of photovoltaic equipment, new technology such as thin films, heterojunction develops slowly, innovative capacity needs to be improved. Second, the insufficient linkage related policies. The operation of the PV manufacturing industry conditions lack of linkage with downstream applications and other related policies. Parts are not strong, has not entered the standard notice of enterprise applications can still get subsidies, export tax rebates and other offers, mergers and reorganization of affected industry and the survival of the fittest, not conducive to the backward production capacity exit. Third, trade financing, financing your questions still outstanding. Under the influence of early industrial loans, financial institutions credit for photovoltaic manufacturing group there has been no improvement, enterprises are often difficult to get financial support from financial institutions, or taking over 6% or even 10% of the loan interest rate. Financing financing your restricts corporate investment in research and development, technological innovation and industrial restructuring and upgrading. Four domestic demand fluctuations. Fast frequency adjustment of electricity price caused stage volatility in the domestic market, does not match the pace of supply and demand, greater impact on the manufacturing industry, subject to the development of manufacturing industry of inertia, it is difficult to quickly adapt to market fluctuations. First half of 2016 in the aftermath of the Fiery “6.30”, the PV market in the third quarter a vacuum, leading to product prices, most of the enterprises in the red. Five is the application of the market system needs to be improved. Renewable additional funding a larger gap, PV subsidy arrears is serious, non technical factors including photovoltaic, PV costs significantly higher, accelerating the encroaching technological advances. PV annual plans for national and local development planning, uncoordinated, North-West of PV power seriously, distributed PV implementation site, tariff recovery difficult, project financing constraints, greatly affects the enthusiasm of distributed generation projects. Six is the increasingly complex international trade environment. Europe, Japan and other countries not to recognize China’s market economy status, Chinese PV “double reverse” should work more difficult. The European Commission has decided to continue to extend our photovoltaic products to take the “anti-dumping” measures. New US Government trade protection of the atmosphere is also more intense, increasing Sino-US PV “double reverse” reconciliation more difficult.

From the perspective of global renewable energy development, photovoltaic industry is still the main priority areas for national development, the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries in accelerating the layout of national PV industry and application, promote the manufacturing industries back to Thailand, India, Vietnam, and also use its cost advantage to make a difference in this area. In order to further standardize China’s PV industry development, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, Department of industry and information technology, the next step will focus on the following: first, further strengthening PV policy linkage. Thoroughly implement the PV manufacturing industry standard terms and the further optimization of PV industry opinions on mergers and acquisitions market, enhance coordination between departments, promoting industry standards linked with the power plant construction, payment of subsidies and other policies, and to facilitate corporate restructuring through market mechanisms. Is the PV manufacturing industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the second. Integrated policy and funding resources, support in the industrial transformation and upgrading capital photovoltaic business critical technology development and industrialization, encourages PV enterprises to speed up the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, improve core competitiveness of PV manufacturing, to continue publishing the roadmap of China PV industry development (2017) and lead the industry on health and sustainable development. Three global competitive advantage is to accelerate the expansion of China’s photovoltaic industry. The implementation of the national “along the way” strategy, use of PV industry development of export-oriented advantages, promoting photovoltaic companies accelerate international cooperation capacity and application process, actively explore emerging markets such as South America, zhongxiya, Africa, promote industry globally, and enhancing the industry’s global competitive advantage in China. Four is to promote photovoltaic applications diversification. Introduce new industrialization demonstration base for renewable energy assessment approach, promoting the application of distributed photovoltaic industrial park, play the role of green energy in the green zone, green plants. Exploration in sewage treatment plants, residential, stadiums, highways and other independent regional applications, promote the application of new energy photovoltaic system charging facilities for the pilot. Five is to optimize the environment for industrial development. Cooperate with related departments to promote photovoltaic subsidy system and mechanism innovation, and establish electricity price subsidies with the installed capacity and power cost adjustment mechanism. Guide social capital to reasonable financing, ease the financing of PV industry difficulties. Speed up the PV industry standard systems and photovoltaic applications, testing and certification of public service platform construction of case base.

Comprehensive analysis and forecasting, 2017 overall development of PV industry in China will remain stable, but faced increasing uncertainties both inside and outside. 2017 on the one hand of PV on-grid price adjustment installing, PV power station construction index advance overdraft caused by fluctuations in the domestic market, and the “double reverse” continuing market uncertainty caused by fermentation, would have greater challenges for sustainable development of manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, merger and reorganization of enterprises and integration will be accelerated, enterprises with technical, financial, management and industrial layout and other advantages will further seize market opportunities, promoting industry accelerate the survival of the fittest.

Original title: 2016 run PV industry in China

Green certificates needs new energy quotas support

Arctic star solar PV network news: recently released of on pilot can renewable energy green power certificate issued and the voluntary subscription trading system of notification, on green certificate of issued and trading, made provides, green power certificate since July 1, 2017 up official carried out subscription work, notification clear wind electric, and PV power Enterprise sold can renewable energy green power certificate Hou, corresponding of power no longer enjoy national can renewable energy electric price additional funds of subsidies. In case of clear voluntary participation, how to arouse the enthusiasm of purchasing green power certificates, is the key to promoting green electricity certificate.

Present goal is to non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption by 2020, increasing its share to 15%. To meet this goal, despite the current weak growth in demand for electricity, but some time in the future the Government will strongly support the policy level wind and solar energy development. According to the 2017 national energy work Conference goals, to achieve new wind power installed capacity in 2017, 20 million-kilowatt and PV installed capacity 15 million-kilowatt. China renewable energy development goals clearly, policies supporting strong, and China has the manufacturing capacity to accomplish this goal. But how to accomplish set goals effectively and economically, depends to a large extent the Government’s planning and policy design.

With the rapid growth of wind power, solar scale, abandon light wind up becoming the core issue in China’s new energy development. Statistics show that in 2015, China abandoned the wind up when the total was 38.6 billion-kilowatt, up wind up is 14.6%. 2016 1 in June, when China abandoned total wind up of 37.1 billion-kilowatt, close to the annual level of 2015, abandon light wind up is 19.6%. With prorated all of 2016, when China abandoned wind up light up to about 70 billion-kilowatt. From the perspective of power on hours, 2011-2016 wind power generation hours decreased year by year, hours of wind power decreased 1920 hours from 2011 to 2016 in 1742 hours PV from 2013 1368 hour in 2015 to 1133 hours.

Judging from the current situation, the new energy price subsidies have been able to meet the cost of renewable energy development, subsidies will be reduced year by year in the future, new energy subsidies lag issues are relatively easy to solve. Main conflict focused on new energy development abandoned wind up light, light background and the need to abandon wind up on a large scale more quickly expand the scale of difficulties.

First, the oversupply of power industry as a whole is an important factor now abandon wind up. 2015 national average utilization hours of power generating equipment of 3,969 hours, the lowest since 1978 in 2016, will be further reduced. Electric power industry, new energy industry’s profits will be sorely tested. From the point of view of electricity demand, the need to reduce the new energy development goals.

Secondly, the abandoned wind up despite some technical reasons, but even more crucial is the market. Abandon wind up at this stage the paradox of light generation and load spaces do not match. Northwest Territories rich in renewable energy endowment, but demand is limited, cannot scale to eliminate new energy power in the region. The “Thirteen-Five” plan has been clearly put forward “new energy East” strategy, new energy generation in particular photovoltaic development priority gradually slopes towards the distributed, to the Eastern and central areas. East Central region market capacity, capable of carrying larger volumes of new energy power generation. However, the new energy resources are relatively limited in the eastern region, the need to develop distributed, distribution difficulties, distributed development goals set by the Government are often out of reach.

Therefore, in order to complete the proportion of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption by 2020 15% target, needs in the context of low power demand remains the rapid growth of renewable energy, relying on voluntary green power certificates obviously difficult to solve the abandoned wind up phenomenon, you need to consider implementing a more robust measures.

Therefore, the notice clearer since 2018 initiate renewable electricity quotas check Enforce constraint and green power certificates trading. In the electric power industry as a whole under the background of oversupply can really effective measures to deal with abandoned wind up light is the implementation of renewable energy quota system, and the certificate of the trade quotas can provide flexibility, reduce the costs of mandatory quotas.

It can be said that the quota system (green power certificate) and price subsidies to support two mechanisms for new energy development. Electricity price by directly pricing allow investors access to stable and predictable earnings and quota system (green power certificate) more through market mechanisms will guide enterprises to develop new energy at the lowest cost. Online pricing policy generally applies to the initial stage in the development of new energy, and quota system more suitable for mature stage of development, we support the development of new energy in the future should be the on-grid price policy used in conjunction with a quota system.

Renewable energy quota assessment and green power certificates to enforce constraints required to consider the following aspects: first, from renewable energy quota system bearer, bear the principal can be a power plant or power supply enterprises. If it is a power plant as a bearer of, generally take the form of buying renewable energy certificates, quota compulsory costs transfer to conventional power plants.

Power sector reform currently under way, the core is opening electricity sales market, which as bearer of the basic conditions for power supply enterprises. Sale under the condition of electricity market opening, as a bearer of power supply enterprises to adopt a more flexible approach would cost quota obligations through the end sale price for guidance. Second, in the allocation of quotas for renewable targets, need more resource conditions, regional economic development, as well as the region’s power grid. Third, support for renewable energy development, the operation of the quota system more flexible mechanisms, based mainly on electricity market mechanisms to regulate.

Of course, the operability of the quota system will also be under the influence of electricity market reform process, because the quotas and green power certificates through the market operation mechanism is required to ensure quotas effective transactions. China new energy development clearly has gone beyond the initial stage and entered the stage of mature development requires coordination of electricity market reform, energy policy by the new single price subsidy policies towards price subsidies and quotas implemented. Particularly in the context of relatively sluggish growth in electricity demand, quotas can improve the competitiveness of renewable energy, effectively abandoned the wind up. Moreover, the quota system through market means, allowing additional costs to transfer to the consumer end of the market, reduce the impact of changes in subsidies for new energy development.

Original title: green power certificates requires new energy quotas support

Of the economy and a half hours Hubei caught in the middle of the ATD PV

Polaris solar PV net news: following last December’s “CCTV news broadcast” broadcast the stuck “PV poverty” after section, the economy and a half hours and will focus on PV on poverty alleviation, the reports of suizhou, Hubei PV poverty reduction.

Click on the picture to watch the video.

Of the economy and a half hours, Hubei: caught in the middle of the ATD PV

Original title: the economy and a half hours of Hubei: caught in the middle of the ATD PV

2017 solar thermal market Outlook

Polaris solar PV net news: large scale solar thermal power plants and steam power plant development is relatively slow. Still, Bloomberg new energy finance to see the development of highlights.

Solar thermal installed capacity of historical and forecast data:

2017 solar thermal market Outlook

Solar thermal development of most worthy of attention is 5GW goals set in China in the year 2020, and to provide 1.3GW capacity $170/MWh subsidy price. But according to specified objectives, which must be served at the beginning before 2019. If so, the likelihood that the target is also doubtful.

In addition, Morocco, Israel and South Africa and other countries have begun to build solar thermal power plants. GlassPoint Power Company is building a $600 million worth of Oman greenhouse building complexes, aims to enhance oil recovery and the production of steam. Once the success of the project, you can copy the pattern in other parts.

Compared with PV, solar thermal power station’s main selling point is that such a facility can provide distribution and baseload electricity. However, in the case of storing 4 hours, photovoltaic generating units match the battery’s design seems to be more competitive, the combination of electricity costs only about $185/MWh and is expected to continue to fall. Compared with real base load power plants, lower cost of solar thermal power stations, but in order to get peak power capacity, many countries are still willing to pay higher prices.

Here are a few groups of data:


At present, the scale of solar thermal power generation


We predict that by 2020, solar-thermal power generation capacity


So far, STEG power plants the lowest price possible

Original title: 2017 solar thermal market Outlook report

Sichuan province in 2017 will slow wind solar development pace

Polaris solar PV net news: 2016 when abandoned hydropower in Sichuan province reached 14.1 billion-kilowatt, up year by year. Meanwhile, in hydropower and enrichment areas in Sichuan province plans a lot of wind power and photovoltaic projects, leading to industry for “wind-water” fight fear. On February 24, the reporter learned from the Conference on energy in the province, Sichuan in 2017 will slow the pace of development of wind power, photovoltaic projects.

Wind, Sichuan province will re-evaluate and revise the Liangshan Prefecture of wind power base for planning, further optimize the development timing, controlling wind turbine construction outside base. 2017 for new construction of wind power plants installed capacity 700,000-kilowatt wind power project in Liangshan Prefecture.

Photovoltaics, giving priority to support distributed photovoltaic power generation, with the focus on PV anti-poverty projects 31 counties in the three States.

Slow wind solar development rhythms at the same time, Sichuan province will also actively explore ways water to dissolve. Clearly stated promote energy alternatives in 2017, focus on Chengdu, deyang, Mianyang, Leshan, Meishan, Ziyang, industrial production, and coal-fired boilers in the area of energy alternatives. Chengdu high-speed Beltway all coal-fired boilers in the city closed or alternative reconstruction, usage fell 50% coal-fired boiler.

Will also enhance power demand side management, market and peak-Valley electricity price, fully tapping the potential of regional power in the province, promoting Sichuan power delivery, increase the proportion of clean energy consumption. In 2017, the total primary energy consumption control in Sichuan province in about 211 million tons of standard coal, energy consumption per unit GDP fell by more than 3%, raise the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption to 34%, using natural gas, increasing its share to 13.3%.

Original title: Sichuan in 2017 will slow wind solar development pace

BYD s Solar business is still under pressure

Polaris solar PV net news: BYD’s solar energy business remains under pressure. According to BYD 2016 annual results disclosed this information in the letters. Recalling BYD’s previous annual reports for three consecutive years, and its solar business is losing money.

BYD's Solar business is still under pressure

BYD company limited (hereinafter “the company”) without an accounting firm audits released letters show the performance of 2016, the reporting period, BYD 2016-gross revenue to 1039. 7.4 billion yuan, an increase of 29. 95%, operating profit was 60. 600 million Yuan, an increase of 89. 11%, belonging to the shareholders of listed companies ‘ net profits of 50. 4.3 billion yuan, an increase of 78. 63%.

Reports also show that BYD’s new energy cars and SUV models in 2016, there was continued selling of the group, mobile phone parts metal parts for assembly operations business also continued to grow rapidly.

According to the data released by the company, in 2016, car sales totaled 48. 90,000 vehicles, an increase of 11%. Among them, new vehicle sales to total sales of 20% energy, new energy booster +SUV product sales growth. According to the plan, BYD in 2017 to put paragraph 7 deals SUV, MPV and car products.

However, with rapid development of new energy vehicles and SUV business is different, as BYD’s Solar business of the first dream, still let under operating pressure. BYD is stated in the report, “solar energy business, under the influence of falling product prices and sluggish market demand at home and abroad, three since the last quarter of the year of the solar business is still under pressure. ”

Combs BYD 3 years annual report found that disclosure of information about the solar business for losses.

2013-report says “Group continued to increase marketing efforts and accelerate existing projects, and take advantage of cost control measures, losses continued to shrink. ”

2014 report says, “are subject to fierce market competition and the impact of declining prices, the Group’s Solar business during the reporting period is still a big loss. ”

2015 report, BYD is giving a positive signal, but still lost money, “multiple solar projects in the United States, Germany, Britain and other countries to operate successfully. Due to the continuing market development, expanding sales, Sun is losing business to continue to narrow. ”

It is understood that BYD panorama network interaction platform says, in the short term, the company’s Solar business may have some loss, but in line with strategic direction. However, in the long run, will be from non-renewable energy supply and serious pollution of fossil energy transition to renewable, pollution-free, clean energy, solar energy is one of the most efficient renewable and clean energy, and may be the core of the future global energy supply and development direction.

Original title: BYD’s solar energy business remains under pressure last year’s net earnings of 5 billion yuan

Reward list for distributed solar power projects Beijing third batch

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission issued on issued < distributed pv incentive fund management in beijing approach > notices are to be incorporated into the reward list for distributed solar power projects in Beijing (third batch) of distributed solar power projects of publicity. Publicity on February 23, 2017-March 1, 2017 (5 working days).

Among them, corporate units and 9 total size 7986.3kW, natural, 1207, size 10074.5kW.

Reward list for distributed solar power projects, the Beijing city (corporate unit, the third batch) list

Reward list for distributed solar power projects, Beijing (third batch)

The reward list for distributed solar power projects in Beijing (natural persons, and the third group) list (click to preview)


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Beijing development and Reform Commission on public Beijing reward list for distributed PV (second batch) notice

Beijing municipal development and Reform Commission announced on reward list for distributed solar power projects, Beijing (first batch) notice

Original title: publicity Beijing reward list for distributed solar power projects (third batch) notice

Polaris solar PV NET week news highlights 2 20 2 24

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. National Energy Board 2017 energy issued guidance: continuation of PV leader in action

National Energy Board issued the notice on 2017 energy issued guidance, (hereinafter referred to as the notice), the requirements of the notice, to develop solar energy. Continued implementation of the photovoltaic power generation “leaders”, give full play to the market mechanism, push the cost down. Adjusting the PV power plant development, strict control of abandoned places added scale, over 5% province to abandon light suspension arrangements new photovoltaic power. Steadily advancing the first solar thermal power generation demonstration project.

For more details

2. the reward list for distributed solar power projects, Beijing (third batch)

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission issued on issued < distributed pv incentive fund management in beijing approach > notices are to be incorporated into the reward list for distributed solar power projects in Beijing (third batch) of distributed solar power projects of publicity. Publicity on February 23, 2017-March 1, 2017 (5 working days).

Among them, corporate units and 9 total size 7986.3kW, natural, 1207, size 10074.5kW.

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3. Henan grid-connected wind farms and photovoltaic power plant operation management rules (draft for soliciting opinions)

New wind farms, photovoltaic power stations since the first Typhoon turbine or grid-connected inverter date after six months into the rules of appraisal management; expansion of wind farms, photovoltaic power stations since the first Typhoon turbine or grid-connected inverters that date, to set update parameters, these rules are automatically incorporated into assessment management, eliminating technology due to expansion combined with main station during debugging management assessment.

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4. Hebei regarding release of the second batch of village PV power plant grid planning and construction of photovoltaic projects notice on work

This instalment arrangement village grid-connected photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation plan 88, 25,800 kW total, involving 88 villages, helping the poor: 5165. Project are meet on active advance village level PV poverty power station (containing households with) construction of guide views (Ji Fa modified energy (2016) 1201th,) about requirements, and by the city development reform Board, and poverty do joint declared, and to County for units prepared has implementation programme, clear has village level power station construction locations, and construction shipped dimension enterprise and each households corresponds to 5-kilowatt, annual not below 3000 Yuan, and continuous 20 years poverty standard.

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5. the Yulin on doing photovoltaic power generation project management notification (draft for soliciting opinions)

Record permission: using fixed buildings roof, and wall surface and the subsidiary places construction of PV power project and all spontaneous use of ground PV power station project, 300-kilowatt following of distributed PV poverty power station project, by the County District (industrial zone) sent modified Council (by sent Council) record; ground PV power station project by city sent Board record (including scale not over 20 MW, and to 35,000 v and the following voltage grade access grid, and Electricity generated by pressure swing district to dissolve and outlets distributed PV PV and agricultural greenhouses).

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6. the yuexi County, Anhui Province issued on 2017 PV project plan of

Raise funds from multiple sources. In accordance with the “household PV power plants each province subsidizes 8000 for poverty alleviation, poor households account for 8000 Yuan, remaining part of the city and County support” principle, the various villages and towns hold poor households raise the necessary funding in place, self-financing difficulties can apply for microcredit for poverty alleviation. Villages village collective photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation self-financing social support, corporate donation, apply for a financial discount loans, and other diversified funding, reduce the economic pressures of villages.

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Market review

1. China PV industry development road map (2016)

A few days ago, the Ministry of electronics and information Division issued the China PV industry development road map (2016), (hereinafter referred to as the roadmap), the road map covering all aspects of PV industry chain, involving bar/ingot/wafer, polycrystalline silicon, Silicon battery components, systems, components, balance and other aspects of the 62 key indicators.

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2. Hebei published 2017 distributed PV-adjusted price standard: non-roof roof 1.05 Yuan/kWh for full Internet 0.85 Yuan/kWh

Recently, the Hebei provincial departments issued price pipe “2017” 4th policy document on the 2017 distributed PV-adjusted pricing standards. Paper, full Internet access of distributed solar power projects, accepting applications after January 1, 2017, or 2017 before accepting the application but have not been completed prior to June 30, 2017-grid, project for implementation of the 2017 full Internet pricing. Full Internet access on the roof 1.05 Yuan/kWh, non-roofed 0.85 Yuan per kilowatt hour, plus VAT.

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3. the representative of the global Internet road map due to solar energy for clean energy to do what?

What exactly is a global energy Internet? Most people facing such a large and complex concept is still puzzled. But according to some estimates, building a global energy Internet able to pull the world’s investment of more than $50 trillion, and related industries including high-end manufacturing, new energy, new materials, electric cars and so on.

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4. micro-grid PV industry debut “big fuss”?

With large-scale development of new energy, photovoltaic power generation installed capacity, will be indispensable to the grid system impact, including the corresponding grid capacity and distribution network investment and reverse peak capacity requirements.

Existing policies and activities, for the resolution of these issues, the main approach is based on two legs to walk. Investment is to increase grid transmission and load capacity, enable the grid to adapt to the new energy requirements; the other, is new energy’s own solve problems of instability, including micro-grid construction, storage facilities applications.

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5. solar project of the war

National Energy Board releases the latest figures show that by the end of 2016, photovoltaic power generation capacity in China 34.54GW, a total installed capacity of 77.42GW. Scale soaring is behind the rising demand for land, land shortage, in particular photovoltaic transfer pattern to the population is concentrated in the East, limited land availability, land issues will become even more prominent.

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6. new energy and electricity trading “Johnnie”: the abandoned light was cut?

The measures in the new provinces are basically energy to dissolve stress, help at the same time, issues related to “water”. According to the relevant data show that from 2015 in Gansu’s two “new alternative energy generation enterprise-owned power plant deal”, due to the large capacity of new energy enterprises, abandon light wind up seriously, new energy only by repeated price cuts, alternative trading has become a captive power plant of reaping huge profits “flesh”.

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7. trade the grim 2017 PV why export promising?

Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association recently released data show that from September 2016 onwards, photovoltaic products in China’s total exports fell significantly, with exports to the US fell for the bluff. Under the backdrop of the severe situation in 2017, trade, and industry insiders have a good attitude about the export situation, which is why?

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Enterprise version

1. sharp “Hon Hai” operating OK? Can be seen from the photovoltaic business

Sharp business reconstruction has made progress. On February 17, sharp announced a rise in 2016 fiscal year (ended March 2017) performance expectations, consolidated ordinary profit and loss of 9.9 billion yen profit (192.4 billion yen loss last fiscal year). Appear only in the main sectors in the photovoltaic cell business operating loss of Taiwan’s Hon Hai precision industry implementation of the procurement reform has yielded results. But photovoltaic cells and liquid crystal panel the competitive environment remains very tough, sharp’s overall reconstruction remains subject.

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2. easily into new end buy, LDK LDK

Last night, easy into new can released announcement said, company intends through issued shares and the paid cash purchase Jiangxi game dimension LDK Solar hi-tech limited 100% equity and game dimension LDK Solar hi-tech (Xinyu) limited 100% equity, for objective environment and the regulatory policy occurred changes on company this times major assets restructuring programme produced major effect, by company and trading parties friendly consultations, intends terminated implementation this times major assets restructuring matters.

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3. the Tesla’s performance improved solar business will pick up the task

Mr MASKEY said the end of the year, we hope to finalize the Tesla 3, 4 and 5th Super factory plant locations. This means that, together with its solar panel plant in Buffalo, New York (2nd Super factory), Tesla company finally will have 5 Super plant.

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4. the Chinese PV market introduction of foreign capital “to seize the” DSM’s acquisition of local companies innovative technologies

Benefit from renewable energy policy to support China PV industry reconstruction “blowout”-type growth, good prospects to attract foreign investment “to seize”. Multinational giants Royal Dutch DSM announced here on 16th, through the acquisition of technical layout of the expanding PV market in China.

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5. solar warming yiheng technology make over 50 million a year in cash flow is negative?

Ban company yiheng, new technologies recently released its 2016 annual revenue of 313 million Yuan, an increase of 81.53%; net income of 56.1233 million Yuan, an increase of 183.51%, but its cash flow remained negative.

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International articles

1. EU PV producers prepare to take legal action to protect its right to future PV Application sunset review

Mlex2 9th professional legal media coverage. If the European Commission decides to photovoltaic product double-extension of the implementation of countermeasures against China 18 months, SolarWorld and other EU PV product manufacturers will put the European Commission to the European Court. The European Commission may be trying to ensure that the measures be extended to 18 months after the termination, however, SolarWorld said, will take action to protect its right to apply for the sunset review.

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2. the United States solar industry at their peak are expected to become natural gas alternatives

GTM Research Institute and the American solar energy society reports, 2016 solar installed capacity reached the peak of 14.626MW, compared with total installed capacity 2015 7.5GW a 95%. All new power sources, solar accounted for 39%, up from 26% of the 29% of natural gas and wind power.

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3. start 300MW project bidding information on March 20

Riyadh News: the world’s biggest oil exporter Saudi Arabia, the Department of energy issued a statement on 20th, announced the launch of solar and wind power project bidding. These renewable energy projects included in the northern provinces of Saudi Arabia to build 300 megawatts of solar thermal power projects and build 400 megawatts of wind projects in the North-Western provinces.

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4.2017 Middle East solar-thermal power total installed capacity up to 1.3GW

Recently, the solar energy industries Association in the Middle East (MESIA) latest research report shows that in 2017, the Middle East and North Africa region to develop projects on solar thermal power installed capacity will reach a total of about 1.3GW.

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5.2016Q4 photovoltaic solar module shipments down 5%

JPEA data show that as of the end of December 2016, solar cell and module shipments in Japan 1.7GW. Compared to the third quarter shipments 1.8GW, 5%.

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Some PV enterprises in Henan development and Reform Commission on electricity

Polaris solar PV net news: Yu change tubes (2017), 189th

Anyang, xuchang and luohe and sanmenxia, zhumadian city, and the national development and Reform Commission, the provincial power company, related to power plant:

Linzhou ja solar photovoltaic power generation limited for the price of six power plant applications received. In accordance with the relevant State pricing policy are hereby notified as follows:

A, and linzhou Crystal o PV power limited mining sang town (20MWp) project, and Anyang in the Hao PV power limited Honghe Tun Xiang ecological agricultural big shed shed top (20MWp) project, and yuzhou Swiss Chang new energy technology limited xingshan (19.9MWp) project and Shao Loucun (10MWp) project, and dance Yang Zhen sent new energy technology limited di Qing Lake (20MWp) project, and Henan Association pass new energy development limited suiping (20MWp) project, According to procedures have been incorporated into the 2016 annual guidance and law compliance completed grid, according to the program after the Declaration included in the list of renewable energy subsidies, from the date the unit grid power price performed as 0.98 Yuan per kilowatt hour.

Second, Datang, shaan East Village wind farm wind power limited liability company (145,000-kilowatt), legal compliance and network into, according to the program after the Declaration included in the list of renewable energy subsidies, from the date the unit grid power price performed as 0.61 Yuan per kilowatt hour.

Third, Xiang Hao PV power in Honghe, Anyang Tun canopied roof of ecological agriculture (20MWp) project and new energy technology of wuyang zhenfa di Qing Lake (20MWp) projects, net work to the subsidies by 1 per kilowatt hour price performed synchronously.

Original title: linzhou, Henan provincial development and Reform Commission on ja solar photovoltaic power generation company and other enterprises of electricity price and net benefits notice

Zhejiang xiuzhou household model the solution to distributed PV application

Polaris solar PV net news: “it’s a baby, as long as the power generation, there is income. Remove installation subsidy would have 6000 Yuan, after the village came forward to a loan from the Bank, even without cutting the 6000 Yuan. Return of the first 4 years will be able to pay off the loan, after which all can turn into real money! “Che town, xiuzhou district in Qian Jia Qiao village, farmhouse roof PV power station was built, villager Xu calculate their own this account is.

Yesterday, xiuzhou district from development and reform Bureau, xiuzhou district to explore the unity file access area, management services, unified “three unification” household models of xiuzhou district, cracked distributed PV application problem, and the conditions for future large scale, distributed PV applications to establish a leading benchmark for household use. In 2016, households with distributed grid-connected PV power generation projects in the autonomous region 1517, completing the tasks of the 116.69%, installed capacity 6.4 MW, exceeding the annual plan.

It is learned that clear all PV company’s market access threshold in xiuzhou district, in the family rooftop PV enterprises in xiuzhou district, jiaxing city, must be of a certain size, there is a fixed place and after-sales service, selection of PV modules and inverters must be an approved certification body accreditation and compliance product and warranty period of not less than 10 years. This ensures the quality and safety of power stations at the root, has been recognized by people.

Meanwhile, towns, national high-tech zone in accordance with the village of xiuzhou district, community zoning, according to PV record access the strength of enterprises and to promote, with a new concentration in rural areas as the core, and 2 to 3 near villages, communities divided to the PV companies, prevent solar company in robbery and vicious competition in the market. In addition, it is recommended that every 5 or so solar company responsible for advancing responsibility subject selecting plant radiation area, promoting the area, documented access defined by the PV of the liability of the company in the region to intensify their push, not free resources across the region competing for the roof.

Each town, xiuzhou national high-tech zone of real-time tracking of photovoltaic companies entering the area, the record entry of solar companies out of business, in a half months no contracts, no new construction or slow progress of photovoltaic companies, cancel the record access, again select an eligible quality enterprises, so as to accelerate the pace of household projects promoting. Distributed PV project of House, in 2016-grid, after it has been found, installed a one-time 3/watt subsidy (6000 Yuan for). Up to now, the household allowance the region has 1124, a total of 7.1 million Yuan.

Now, with maturity and perfection of xiuzhou household model, photovoltaic applications in a variety of ways into the villages. These farmers built the roof “power station”, farmers ‘ income has become a new channel, expand new ways of village collective economy. Case study of Qian Jia Qiao village, the villagers of this village 66 install rooftop photovoltaic, in addition to their own requirements funded outside the 16 farmers, 50 families in the village are Hecheng rural commercial bank launch “PV loan”, not a penny in the construction process. After the completion of each year of power station generating proceeds of about 1800, 4 years to pay off the loan, plus interest, according to the service life of 20 count, 16 years after the return into the net profit for the farmer.

Sheng Feng village, roof project 0.052 MW of installed capacity, using a 750 square meters standard workshop, a total investment of 492,000. “These costs superior benefits of 70%, the village only 100,000 yuan. “The village Committee officials said that the power station the first 3 years of tariff revenues each year, about 65,000 yuan, about 50,000 yuan a year later, brought new fixed income to the village collective economy.

Original title: household model solution to distributed PV application problem

Why trade situation 2017 PV export was optimistic about

Polaris solar PV net news: China PV industry association recently released data show that from September 2016 onwards, photovoltaic products in China’s total exports fell significantly, with exports to the US fell for the bluff. Under the backdrop of the severe situation in 2017, trade, and industry insiders have a good attitude about the export situation, which is why?

China PV industry association data showed that in 2016, China’s photovoltaic products exported 14 billion US dollars, up down 10.3%, 1-August, exports were down 0.53%. Starting from September, exports fell for a year. Among them, the decline in exports to the United States in particular, September-December, exports to the United States for about $140 million, only about 1-8 10% of the month’s total exports.

Photovoltaic Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua said the collapse in photovoltaic products exported to the United States starting in September, one reason for this may be under the influence of us elections. In addition, the industry reflected, PV international market prices fell, from the export of components in the collection of anti-dumping, anti-subsidy tax competitiveness is also an important cause of sustained decline in exports to the United States.

Trade protection and the PV exports fell under the background of 4 consecutive months, respondents were bullish on future exports.

On one hand, Chinese PV companies overseas has a certain amount of capacity, which exports are not affected by trade barriers affect production, have not been included in the export data, which means that export figures do not reflect the actual size of overseas shipments. Jinkosolar, rising in the East and other overseas factories of business leaders told reporters, and its continued growth in overseas shipments, components and other products in short supply. Public information, at present, there are about 7 and 8 enterprises built factories overseas schemes have been implemented, already in operation overseas capacity exceeding 10 million-kilowatt, planning capacity of more than 8 million-kilowatt. In Thailand, India, Malaysia and other market is taking shape in China’s PV industry-leading PV manufacturing.

“If Southeast Asian countries want to take off economically, needs a more open, stable and continuous policy of attracting overseas investment, to stimulate local economic development. Almost all of China in the construction of the South-East Asian countries for efficient assembly line, believe that the local Government will give stability and continuity of support policies. “Ja solar holdings co Vice President Sun Guangbin said.

Meanwhile, though the collapse in exports to the United States last year, but in the context of continued demand from emerging markets is bullish, global demand growth will remain stable for a long time. Wang Bohua said the Paris agreement ratification and entry into force for the global photovoltaic market developments set the tone. In 2016, India and Brazil photovoltaic demand grew rapidly, rose 79.9% and 832.1%, respectively, among them, the percentage of China’s exports to India reached 17.9%, photovoltaic products export in China’s second-largest state of India. The next India, the United States, Japan, Europe and other markets will still maintain a certain scale, rapid growth in emerging markets such as South America, the Middle East.

In the context of fast-growing demand from emerging markets, global demand has “decentralized” trend. In 2016, China mainly exported to the United States, Japan, India, Malaysia, Brazil’s export growth respectively,-28.4%,-24.8%, 79.9%, and 832.1%. “Uncertainty in global trade increased, new energy policies may change in background, a single large fluctuations in overseas markets will become the norm. World demand ‘ decentralized ‘ trend, individual fluctuations in overseas markets will be more difficult to have an impact on total export. “Polled industry insiders have said.

Original title: 2017 PV why export promising?

List five key global energy Internet technologies

Polaris solar PV net news: global energy development cooperation 22nd in Beijing issued the global energy white paper on Internet development strategy of the transnational and TRANS-Zhou power network interconnection technology and prospect of the global energy development and prospect of Internet (2017), outlined the coming decades global energy development path of the Internet, made clear a list of key technology for the first time.

Global energy development cooperation organization President Liu Zhenya said the current, build global energy of the Internet resource, technical, economic and political conditions have been met, such as resources, developed only five out of 10,000 global clean energy resources to meet global energy demand; technically, UHV, smart grid and other key technology matures.

But in 5 main areas, there are still many difficulties to overcome. Clearly on the white paper,

In special high pressure field: main conquer ± 1.1 million v above special high pressure DC lost variable electric technology, speed up equipment development and engineering application; breakthrough special high pressure DC Harbour cable technology, solution across sea transmission problem; speed up development very cold, and very hot, special environment Xia special high pressure core equipment manufacturing and the application technology; breakthrough ± 800,000 volts high pressure multi-flexible DC, and super high pressure/special high pressure flexible DC, and high pressure DC circuit breaker device, technology, and can control series fill, and can control parallel reactor device, special high pressure flexible exchange transmission technology.

Smart grid: the main conquer cover power generation, power transmission, power, power distribution, power, scheduling all aspects of intelligent technologies, adapt to various types of flexible access clean energy; research grid and cloud computing, big data, Internet, mobile Internet technology depth of integration of new technologies and new equipment.

In the field of clean energy: the main capture parameters of large capacity, high fan, low cost and high efficiency photoelectric conversion, large marine power and other clean energy technologies, breaking wind, solar and other clean power virtual synchronous technology, improve the economics of clean energy generation, stability, and security.

In the field of energy: improving energy density energy storage devices, research and development capacity, long life, low cost, high security new energy storage technologies, and power system for large-scale energy storage needs.

In the field of power grid operation control: main conquered large AC and DC hybrid power system safe and stable operation mechanism and characteristics analysis technology, construction of simulation platform for next-generation power grid, improve the efficiency and accuracy of breakthrough network technologies such as automatic fault diagnosis, recovery, and reconstruction, upgrade of cascading failure, extreme weather or external damage under the condition of network defenses.

Original title: global energy Internet key technology list released

EU PV producers prepare to take legal action to protect its right to future

Polaris solar PV net news: professional legal media reported Mlex2 the 9th. If the European Commission decides to photovoltaic product double-extension of the implementation of countermeasures against China 18 months, SolarWorld and other EU PV product manufacturers will put the European Commission to the European Court. The European Commission may be trying to ensure that the measures be extended to 18 months after the termination, however, SolarWorld said, will take action to protect its right to apply for the sunset review. SolarWorld Vice President nizixike said that as long as the European Commission on the future of the sunset make any discriminatory decision, it will be immediately appealed to the European Commission the European Court. Nizixike’s comment is mainly directed against the European Commission the Commission meeting yesterday decided to double countermeasures of PV products to China extended by 18 months, instead of the proposed two-year period. Dimomansi European Commission Vice-President said yesterday, PV countervailing measures will gradually be abolished, but it did not identify the specific meaning and how to phase out. To avoid future legal proceedings could turn to the European Commission according to “EU interests test” clause to cancel the measure, considered taking measures to protect the interests of the European Commission is less than the result of taxes to the importer losses and the impact of EU gas and renewable energy target policy measures have been cancelled. Ambassador to the permanent missions of States members of the European Union or similar-level officials next week to discuss the European Commission’s new proposals and vote on new proposals to the European Commission to make a final decision.

Original title: EU PV producers prepare to take legal action to protect its right to future PV Application sunset review

Solar warming yiheng technology make over 50 million a year in cash flow is

Polaris solar PV net news: new Board company yiheng technology recently published 2016 annual report, achieving sales of 313 million Yuan, an increase of 81.53%; net income of 56.1233 million Yuan, an increase of 183.51%, but its cash flow remained negative.

It is understood that the laminating machine, yiheng technology photovoltaic equipment, laser equipment intelligent, high-speed rail and environmental protection equipment development, production and sales, greatly influenced by fluctuations of the photovoltaic industry and raw materials.

Yiheng technology in its orbit revealed that since 2011, photovoltaic industry, “double”, “solar module production capacity surplus” and other factors, is in a dismal state, yiheng technology operating income also dropped sharply. 2012 yiheng technology revenue of 320 million Yuan last year fell to 92 million Yuan, 2013 annual revenues continue to drop to 11.82 million Yuan.

Solar warming yiheng technology make over 50 million a year in cash flow is negative?

Screenshot yiheng open transfer instructions (dig Bell network with map)

As 2014 photovoltaic industry has begun to pick up, taken together with the formation of new products have been sold, yiheng technology performance are also improved, 2014 and 2015 respectively, revenue 76.617 million, 172 million Yuan.

Yi honing technology in its 2016 annual report in the said, 2016 net profit sharply growth of main reasons is PV industry warmer, downstream customer PV component shipping volume sharply increased, led PV package equipment needs sharply increased, Yi honing technology do for PV package equipment of main suppliers, by market warmer of effect, shipping volume and sales also with of increased; addition, Yi honing technology American subsidiary Sunspark of business gradually on track, 2016 yiheng technology from the PV module revenue growth in overseas markets, reaching 90.9825 million Yuan.

But it is worth noting is that in 2016, significant growth in both revenue and net profit, and net 56.1233 million of cases, yiheng technology’s net cash flow remained negative.

Dig shellfish ban Institute, new data show, yiheng technology year 2015, 2016-cash flow-21.0705 million and-18.7955 million respectively, are negative.

On this, Yi honing technology explained said, main is because report period within sales income increased, and corresponding back paragraph more lag, corresponds to of should accounts receivable paragraph also with of increased; while, in report final, Yi honing technology large orders influx, for completed production need, increased has business activities of cash outflow; addition, report final to Bank issued bank acceptance formed 11.44 million yuan of margin (by limited funds), by limited funds of increased brings has cash net outflow.

Original title: PV warmer yiheng technology make over 50 million a year in cash flow remains negative

Hebei released the second instalment plan and PV grid connected photovoltaic

Polaris solar PV net news: relevant municipal development and Reform Commission, poverty alleviation Office, State grid electric power company in Hebei province and State grid power company in North Hebei province:

According to national on issued first batch PV poverty project of notification (country can new can (2016) No. 280,) and I province on organization declared village level PV poverty power station project of notification (Ji Fa modified energy (2016) 1343th,) requirements, now will 2016 degrees second batch village level PV poverty power station project grid plans (see annex) be issued, and on do PV poverty project construction about matters notification following:

A, second principle of village PV power plant project scale for poverty alleviation and

2016 50 solar export growth Fujian

Polaris solar PV net news: according to statistics from the Xiamen customs in 2016, cumulative exports of solar cells of 150 million Yuan, Fujian province, an increase of 48.2%. Exports for December 15.34 million Yuan, an increase of 2.3 times, jumped 5 consecutive months. As an important new export industry in Fujian, exports of solar cells growing strong.

According to Iran, Pakistan and the ASEAN Fujian solar cells are the main export markets. 2016 exports of 30.19 million Yuan respectively, 24.42 million, 21.49 million Yuan, an increase of 96 times and 1.8 times times, down 41.4%, the three accounted for exports of solar cell 50.1%, Fujian province, in the same period. According to analysts, benefit from the abundant resources of sunlight and policies frequently blows warm air, the PV industry rapid development in recent years, but the ensuing wave of expansion or lead to overcapacity, recommends companies focus on the Middle East, Africa and other emerging markets, seize the fast-growing market opportunities.

Original title: 50% solar export growth last year, Fujian

Zhejiang Jinhua roof mounted photovoltaic power plant leaks select manufacturers

Polaris solar PV net news: old villager Zhao from mazhai town couple, wanted to pass on his roof top solar power station, Sun sold power grids, receiving State subsidies, pension financing. But it is useless to one year, on a rainy, Leaky, find the installer could not find the destination really miserable. No hotline found journalists asking for help through love.

Event review: PV Endowment project worry about leaking roofs

Earlier this year, the village came up a few do home roof sunlight power products salesman, up arch in the village to promote PV pension, send a brochure explaining the benefits of PV. Said after the installation can continue to make money for 25 years, as a money-making machine has been installed on the roof, is good when older people used to the old-age programs. Installing such a system on the roof more than just more than 20,000 pieces. Murakami’s narrative work outside all year, and Chinese New Year coincided with this thing. Want to dress up a power station, honor thy mother, asked for Pocket money. But unexpectedly, after Xiao Zhao out, got a call from parents in less than six months, said the roof is wrong. It turns out that because of improper power station construction, cause damage to the roof, rain water, makes the elderly’s life is not safe. Xiao Zhao quickly before you contact the salesman, they repeatedly shuffle, then simply do not answer the phone, small home according to the address on the brochure to find dealers, and shops closed. In this regard, small regrets, he’s supposed to be older parents, good for parents with a roof and the Sun power stations, put parents at ease in the House-pension, subsidized, and good intentions bring bad things and causing so much trouble to their parents.

Press enquiries: improperly leaking sun roof power station power problems

Narrative follows reporters found other professional installed PV power station master, came to the scene to find out why. Professional chef found the cause turned out to be utility when installed in the concrete roof PV mounting systems, embedded bolts, expansion bolt destroyed the original waterproof layer and cause leaks, professional water treatment needs to be done. While chef also relies on professional background, out shade shelter problems power components, product identification behind vague components there are many scratches can be observed with the naked eye, lax connection cable package, distribution box there is rust and corrosion. Support plant bracket, material apparently cut corners, did not use the wind load, in case of strong wind and heavy rain weather, there is a big security risk. Baker told reporters, installers should have this power station is a power station Builder, buying all kinds of low-quality products, patchwork of photovoltaic power stations, not only the quality can not be guaranteed, and construction and installation of professional level is not high. Listening to professional instructors explained, journalists and small suck the breath, did not think a PV pension sunshine power station, there are so many problems. Finally after waterproofing and renovation of professional instructors, Zhao finally restored the use of old power station.

Extended concern: State-subsidized projects to buy the installation should pay attention to

This reporter has learned over the past two years, as State subsidies to encourage local Governments responded positively to, rural family roof Sun power are rising rapidly. Rural idled and the roof fitted with power Board, not only their own power do not spend money, won’t be sold to power network, send back the State and local subsidies, draws a lot of rural people in hot pursuit.

But, reporter reminded consumers, although installation PV is national policy encourages of, is a self-interest Lee sons of good things, but everyone in purchase Shi, must to open big eyes see clear, select has strength, visibility high of big brand, installation ready sets of system, products consistency high, and to detailed understand local installation business qualification and after-sales service strength, believes “a points price a points goods”, more to online check check brand name and see is CCTV list brand, after all PV power station is a need long-term returns of products, Not cheap, not more about the hasty decision to purchase.

Original title: Zhejiang Jinhua: roof mounted photovoltaic water optional power caution